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  1. Drove past the other day, the gas station and buildings surrounding it including the ladyboy restaurant have been demolished.
  2. The review process has ceased since the borders closed. Because the criteria includes things like an on the ground trip report, hotel review etc generally being able to help others based on your reports which can't really happen at the moment. Fingers crossed for March, Thailand is experiencing a wave of infections currently and Thai logic dictates some random OTT policies will be introduced in the coming weeks.
  3. What if your basement catches fire and burns the lot?
  4. Not quite, looks like Phuket is open for minimum of 30 day stays. (includes 2 weeks of quarantine though and you probably need another 2 weeks on return to Oz)
  5. Ropey

    Paradiso Suites near CIB

    Probably what Markm said. Loads of hotels are closed in Bangkok at the moment.
  6. I'll visit one day and let you know. I think it's probably just a ladyboy owned restaurant.
  7. It's possible that a ladyboy owns the restaurant and these are her friends on opening night. Where did the pics come from? I don't see any bar or restaurant like this in that location when using the map code or searching 'ladyboy bars', closest I could find was 'Mama's Bar' near the location.
  8. Ropey

    BTS Skytrain Bangkok

    Mask use is fucking hilarious, I watched a worker at Foodland take hers off to cough all over the vegetables in the produce section, then replace it, several times. Many people wear masks with their noses out, or just have it wrapped around their neck. Some taxi drivers are using masks that look like old oil rags, I had a driver today who was picking his nose and wiping it on the edge of the mask. Mainly farangs aren't wearing masks, I only do to not rile up the locals as a dirty farang spreading the Corona...
  9. Ropey

    Embedded Facebook videos

    On my mobiles, automatically embedded links fill the page, and load if I try to swipe pass them, so when there's a lot of videos auto-embedded, they all play and crash the browser. Manually embedded videos are a smaller screen footprint and allow space to swipe without touching the embedded video.
  10. Firefox is likely your issue, simplest solution is to just browse this site with Safari. It will also help with you not being tracked by ad networks for adult content on Firefox, so won't influence any personalised campaigns if you use FF browser for normal browsing and safari for your adult browsing. You can reset your advertising ID which ad networks use to track your browser visits and sell to advertisers to reset your personalised ads too.
  11. Does the same thing happen when running Safari?
  12. Ropey

    Re entry question

    It's always been my opinion that the Thai govt would lessen the impact of the lack of tourists and keep Thai safer, if they extend the visas of anyone with a valid short term tourist/business visa in the kingdom currently, as they did with the Chinese. That way those requiring visa runs will stay without the need to risk going into a potentially more dangerous country and bringing it back, as well as those tourists who may have planned to go on to Singapore/Malaysia etc but changed their mind and would now stay and spend in Thailand for longer. I would hope this or similar would get implemented sooner rather than later, the economic impact now is starting to take its toll on businesses that don't just survive hand to mouth.
  13. Ropey

    Hiv In Ladyboy Scene

    The testing bias is most likely to be for the professionals, the ones the BMs here are most likely to meet. Another positive for prep before you come. I would assume that it refers to those they tested rather than over ladyboy numbers, because the data on that would be very sketchy.
  14. Ropey

    Hiv In Ladyboy Scene

    Yeah that's very true. Plenty of guys here are what I call femboys which is probably a looser term than on this board, they wear makeup and a girl's hair style is all, but this is a fluid as the seasons in Northern climates, Thais have 10 descriptions for different types of gays though farangs only have LBTQI. When I think ladyboy, I mean dress and act like a girl, not a guy in drag, but a guy who lives life as a girl. My experience here leads me to believe the bar scene most familiar with board, is but a tiny % of those who are around the country. While I do know ladyboys in professional jobs, and some that are self employed, most are employed in the services/sales industry so probably more forward facing as that's the type of industry that suits that type of outgoing person too.
  15. Ropey

    Hiv In Ladyboy Scene

    555 I wish! I live/work in the suburbs of Bangkok and they are everywhere. This is definitely the lowest number I've seen reported before, I had some stats last year from another post someone made, I'll have to try dig it out.