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  1. Ropey

    Visa Run Question

    If you know the answer to that, Im quite keen to know.
  2. Ropey

    Tommy Emmanuel

    I think you'd be surprised, Bangkok Thais are big fans of this type of music and many thai restaurants have solo acts similar to him playing over meals/drinks. Isaan/Laos country music you may be more familiar with because many ladyboys from upcountry tend to like it and blare it from their phones.
  3. I've been to Talad Rod Fai a few times, it's a good night out if you like memorabilia and antique sort of things. It's a mix of locals and tourists, the ladyboys I've seen have been with bfs walking around or working in the stalls. The bars are tiny and not really a place to go for. I've been to rock bar a few times in coco walk, I've not seen any ladyboys in the area. The problem you'll have here and many Thai orientated places is that they go out in big groups and don't really mingle with others outside their groups. Western style bars are popular for P4P and singles looking for farang because they allow random people to meet, Thai bars are more for groups of friends to drink/sing together, there is very little interaction outside their immediate group. I haven't been to Udom Suk nightclubs but there's plenty of these sorts of locations dotted around Bangkok, for some reason they tend to have the best food too. They're all girls as far as I'm aware, you'd need to go to a gay area to find ladyboys for local guys. Places imo you would be more successful : RCA - loads of ladyboys go here for fun but it's hard to break them away from their groups they go in. Bring a card with your line ID on it to slip to them. Ratchada Rot Fai Market - just up Rama IX is the newer version of the old Rot Fai market, bigger bars and apparently there are ladyboys there according to another BM in a thread from a year or more ago. Thonglor - there are plenty of Thai nightclubs here, I've seen ladyboys in groups when I've been out and about too. But again, breaking them from the group will be challenging. Saphan Kwai - near saphan Kwai bts is a straight and gay gogo bar area aimed at Thais. Bound to be ladyboys there, but not sure where exactly. The straight area is on Suttisan Winitchai Rd around soi Inthamara 2. The gay gogos are opposite side of Phahonayothin Rd down Soi Pradiphat 20 - near Embassy Hotel. As a tourist, you will have limited success with any non P4P ladyboys, as they generally are more interested in building a relationship (whatever that relationship may be) than a one night stand with a tourist who may never be back. So I agree with Flip-flops comment above, if you're going to go to the effort to meet them in these places make sure you let them know you're not just a 'one hit wonder'.
  4. Ropey

    Citrus Suites Sukumvit Soi 6

    Privacy vs Security is a fine balance and one may not realise how important Security is until one needs it.
  5. Ropey

    Citrus Suites Sukumvit Soi 6

    How was your trip? Did you stay here?
  6. Ropey

    5-Star Hotels Nearest To NANA PLAZA

    Landmark Hotel would be the closest. Afaik all the 5 star hotels in Nana vicinity accept LB guests. It's much harder to find hotels that dont.
  7. Ropey

    5-Star Hotels Nearest To NANA PLAZA

    Do you use a cane or walking trolley thing? Because that may may exclude the closest one given it has a steep rise to its entrance, or several stairs to negotiate through a restaurant area is the alternative entry.
  8. Ropey

    5 star hotel with live music

    Sheraton Grande Sukhimvhit has nightly live Jazz played by inhouse musician Randy Cannon and his band of local muso's. https://www.randycannonjazz.com
  9. Ropey

    Visa Run Question

    I've had one friend refused entry because of too many visits in a year, he's a serial business traveler so was flying out several times a month and basing himself here, in the end he bought an elite visa. The real pros who know the ins and outs of this are at thaivisa though.
  10. Ropey

    Visa Run Question

    You will find all the information you need at www.thaivisa.com
  11. Ropey

    Vaccination clinic recommendations

    LOL typical Thailand - get your injections done and check out the snake farm out back once youre done. My barber also runs a dentistry from the same chair, if I asked him to replace my cars alternater, he probably would.
  12. Jesus, get a room you two.
  13. In my view, I treat everyone GG or LB like they could have everything under the sun. I bring my own condoms (Thai ones are tiny), bring my own lube (lbs frequently use spit or baby oil which can tear/degrade the condom). I'm a top only, if I was bottom I would probably use PrEP too. I usually ask the GG or LB if they do ice/ meth, etc and avoid those who do. Some of them advertise the fact using snow emojis or saying PnP (Party and Play). I stay well clear away from these people as imo the risk is too great of any issues that could come up with them, or BiB because of them.
  14. Ropey

    Digital nomad courses in BKK

    You mean something innovative, that caters for the needs of the students and not just the govt set curriculum? It's called a Thai gf, a bit more expensive than the standard course but could be good for 3-6 months of study, then switch it for a new one to validate what you've learned from the first one.
  15. Ropey

    Digital nomad courses in BKK

    If you must do it in BKK, better off learning something Thais excel at: Cooking Thai Food, Muay Thai, Massage or Thai language courses.