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  1. I use Skyscanner which is an aggregator, but it has some traps such as cheaper flights that don't include luggage or all fees. Especially for regional travel, full service airlines can be better value than budget airlines as they are typically an 'all in price' listed on skyscanner.com and budget airlines still have fees to be added in the booking process, sometimes can come close to 50% of the originally searched ticket price.
  2. That's called Laad Na Moo for pork or Laad Na Gai for chicken. They come in wet or dry variety, these pics look like a westernised version however, the typical Thai version has only one green vege and a thicker sauce with burnt flat noodle. It's a popular dish at Markets (Talad) so try find the shops at a Thai market for a real one, you wont be disappointed.
  3. Ropey

    Hotels with large bedside mirrors

    The curtain section I've been too, but not the upstairs ones as I use the carpark
  4. Ropey

    Don Mueang Fast Track Immigration

    I have a visa type that allows me to use the fast track lanes but as often as not, the fast track lane at DMK is as long or longer than going through the public lanes, because there is typically only one lane open and they divert all the monks, elderly, families with young kids etc into that lane along with the elite/business/diplomatic travelers. I find the most significant wait time can be for the taxi, so if your ticket number is too far back, head upstairs and hail a cab from departure area.
  5. Ropey

    Hotels with large bedside mirrors

    PB Hotel short time rooms have recently been renovated, mirrors behind the bed plus angled ones to the side as well as on the ceiling.
  6. Ropey

    Dream Hotel

    Are you expecting a free minibar too? I don't want to be the one that disappoints here but..
  7. Ropey

    Dream Hotel

    Would you? Where in the world does this? Cos I've never been there.
  8. Ropey

    Makkasan to Nana - Taxi or MRT/BTS?

    Plenty of taxis driving by at any given time, but it's slower than bts, can even be significantly slower depending on the time of day - except Sunday, Sunday is the only good day on the road in bkk.
  9. I've a friend who visits for long stints, and while he's on PrEP, he's constantly down for the count with other nasties picked up from barebacking pros.
  10. Ropey

    Free Hospitals ?

    Nationwide afaik
  11. Ropey

    Travel Cameras

    The other good reason for buying in Aus is the consumer guarantees act, which Singapore and other Asian markets tend to not have. It often means the product delivered to Aus is of a more robust spec than the model released for Asia as the retailer is liable for replacement which is not the case in Asia who will push you off to the manufacturer, who will then decline a fix or replacement as you didn't fax in the warranty within 7 days or some other silly reason.
  12. Ropey

    Travel Cameras

    Pics? We're looking forward to the movie now!
  13. Ropey

    Travel Cameras

    My last laptop purchase I flew to HK and ferry to shenzhen and had a dodgy weekend there, then purchased my laptop in HK and flew home to bkk, and broke even on the cheapest of that laptop I could find in Bangkok. Thailand certainly isn't even good value for higher spec electronics.
  14. Ropey

    Travel Cameras

    Duty free is a rip for electronics, the only real savings you make will be on items where extra duty is applied such as booze, tobacco and perfume. Check out http://www.staticice.com.au/ Plenty of options for the Canon you want http://www.staticice.com.au/cgi-bin/search.cgi?q=Canon+sx430&spos=3
  15. Ropey

    Travel Cameras

    Smells of 1995 in here. Surely you just use your phone and/or laptop? Unless you're an enthusiast I guess, then I prefer the JVC VideoMovie, because you can insert the VHS directly from the camcorder into the player with no adapter required.