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  1. Youngone

    The 5th capital sin...

    ShyguyUK and myself had promised ourselves to start 2019 with a culinary feast, so to that end we made lunch reservations at Le Normandie; the Mandarin Oriental's flagship restaurant. https://www.mandarinoriental.com/bangkok/chao-phraya-river/fine-dining/restaurants/french-cuisine/le-normandie The restaurant has great views over the Chao Praya river and has been awarded 2 Michelin stars 2 years in a row. In the past the dress code was quite strict with compulsory jacket and tie for men, but luckily they have relaxed their dress code a bit; business casual for lunch and just jacket for dinner. Anyway, we ordered the 8 course Menu Degustation together with the wine arrangement ( 5 glasses) and what followed was exactly what we had in mind: a culinary feast . I'll let the pics speak for themselves
  2. So as part of my promise to give back to the forum that has been so helpful to me, this is my first new topic. I started visiting the LOS in 2009 and this was the very first hotel that I stayed in in BKK. It was booked as it was close to where I was working on Soi 13. I stayed at S15, which is part of a small chain of 3-4 hotels for 3 visits between 2009-2010 and it is a great location, right on Sukhumvit and in walking distance of Robinsons and Terminal 21 and also the fleshpots on lower Sukhumvit. The hotel is very clean, serves a decent breakfast and is guest friendly. As this was my introduction to life in the LOS, the 'walk of shame' also wasn't too far LOL. I stopped staying there after midway 2010, as their rates kept climbing to around THB 3,500 per night and they weren't interested in a corporate discount deal. I still use the lunchtime buffet from time to time, as it changes every day and its a good venue to take a mixed group of people, with different dietary requirements. This hotel is also the scene of one of my favourite newbie mistakes, of which there have been many over the years, which I'll document in later posts. After checking in I tipped the hotel porter what I thought was THB 100. (It had been a long flight and in my defence I was unused to the Thai currency). Later that night I realised I had actually given him THB 1,000! Even in the States and Europe that would be an extraordinary tip for carrying one bag and also explains the smile from ear to ear that he had! So what do I do? I can't really ask him for THB 900 back? On the other hand, it just didn't seem right to let him get away with it. So a plan was hatched... After a wash and some food shopping I went to see him again and explained the situation and advised that he now needed to do me a favour. He could keep the THB 1,000 but had to procure me a decent looking GG. (Yes I do realise it was a newbie mistake, but it was my first night in BKK and little did I realise that there were GG a plenty literally outside the hotel or down the street outside the Ruamchit Hotel). This was before the days of Holly Coffee, which is also a great pick up spot. So I expected him to take about 30 minutes to 'procure' one, but within 5 minutes he was knocking on the room door with a great selection of 3! This is when I realised that BKK was like no other city I had ever been to before and its when I coined the phrase "you are never more than 10 metres away from a potential jump." Afterwards I also laughed at the difference between BKK and the big London Hotels, where the concierge would use the code phrase "would you like an extra pillow for your room Sir?" It was on my second stay at the S15 that I broke my LB cherry with Eye, from an escort agency, so happy memories! So in summary, S15 is a good hotel, in a great location, but is a bit pricey for what you get and some could find the rooms to be a bit austere. I swapped in 2010 to start staying at the Dream Hotel further down Soi 15. But that's another story and another hotel review. Here ends my first ever proactive post! SAG
  3. Also went past it several times a day a month ago, to and from my hotel. Never ever many people in there. But they blared some great 80s tunes on their outdoor speakers. I love Mex, Tex-Mex etc, but can get really authentic eats here in states - when i am flying 9,000 miles to LOS its all Thai street food for this hombre.
  4. oliver17

    Solitaire Bangkok on Soi 13

    Yes I stayed there last week. Walking to Nana is quite a hike and it would take longer than 15 minutes. What google maps don't show are the crumbling sidewalks, Indian trinket booths, food carts, Arabs families loitering, beggars, etc that you have to navigate on the way. You can take a motorbike taxi to Sukhumvit for 20 baht, and then connect whatever way you want from there. There are also cabs and tuk tuks available. If cab is on the meter, NEP would be about 50 or 60 baht. My room was a bit on the smallish side, a mid-priced room I can't remember what is was called. However, the bed was the largest I have ever seen - much larger than a king size. I had 2 LBs spend the night with me a couple of nights and we could have easily accomodated a 3rd girl for 4 people total. The bathroom had very little counter top space, which is something I hate. I like being able to put all toiletries on the counter top next to the sink, but I couldn't do that. The closet was tiny and there really isn't anyplace to store undershorts or socks except in your luggage. 24 hour room service is not available, which is another negative. The restaurant itself is nothing special, but the food is decent both in quality and price. I know this comes off as a negative review, but I wouldn't have any problems staying there again. However, if you want to stay in this area at a similar price you can get more bang for the buck at Grand Swiss on soi 11 or In Residence on soi 13. One last thing: they don't take IDs of guests, which is something to be wary of if you plan on bringing a freelancer to your room.
  5. Not sure it has been proposed as a thread here or on Pattaya forum, at least in a thorough and descriptive way as I intend it. I’m a sinful devil bastard and I don’t let lust overwhelm my gluttony. I’m a serious foodie and I’m planning my short trip in September (18-24) accordingly. 3 nights in BKK, 3 nights in Pattaya, I’m almost set. Back home I read a lot on the subject and I’m always on the lookout for the latest gourmet novelties, be it higher-end places or cheap holes with exceptional love for what they do. I’m an Italian after all. We talk about food even when we are eating. In BKK I already enquired for a table at Gaggan, voted World’s best Asian restaurant and I put on my list some of the places A. Bourdain (RIP and Respect bro), visited. I was wondering if some of you sinners would like to share some tips on gems to be found while in BKK and Pattaya. I’m not afraid of experimenting strangest things as long as it’s really tasteful... the same goes for what arouses me in bed I suppose... Thanks for your insights!
  6. Thanks

    OTS's Hotel reviews

    Another excellent hotel review, OTS! The relatively nice pool (for a 3 star hotel that is) is a big plus for me to shortlist this hotel for my upcoming trip to Bangkok in a few weeks. And there must have been some roadworks lately on Soi 13, so that this stretch of the road down to Sukhumvit is now asphalted I believe. They have a special offer in cooperation with a neighboring restaurant: 1.500 THB per night including brekkie. That's about 150 THB cheaper than the official rate on their website for my travel dates (including breakfast) and about 200 THB cheaper than the other hotel booking sites that I was checking.
  7. dav662

    Suvarnabhumi Airport Services

    It has a lot to do with Aerothai who provides the air traffic services in Thailand. But it's getting overcrowded and the slot coordination committee has to be given credit for maintaining discipline and not giving to airline demands for timings that could mess the whole thing.
  8. SAGuy

    Dream Hotel

    This is the second hotel that I used as my home from home when working and playing in BKK. I stayed there approx. 12-15 times between 2010-2015. It is located about 300 metres into Soi 15, from Sukhumvit and they do run a free tuk tuk also, but I never used it. The hotel is really nice and relaxed and the rooms are very comfortable. Its guest friendly and normally after about 00.00 you don't even have to sign visitors in. Its marketed as a boutique hotel and its USP is that there are blue lights in the rooms, which supposedly assist with sleeping. If you decide to book here, be aware that there is the main hotel and also the annex across the street. The main hotel is the nicer building and this is where breakfast is served. Just around the corner there is a sub soi which leads to Soi 19 (there is no Soi 17). There is a good massage place called Cha Cha Massage almost next door to the Dream Hotel on the sub soi. Cha Cha massage is a legit place, so no 'hanky panky' that I am aware of, but it is very good and reasonably priced. The hotel pool is located on the roof of the annex building and there is also a bar up there, but its not really a 'go to' bar. The staff were really accommodating there and I never had a complaint. If you walk to the end of soi 15 (about 700 metres?) you get to the canal and there is a canal boat stop there which you can use to catch a ride up to the palaces and museums etc. I did that a few times and it was a lot of fun. The reason I stopped staying there is that they raised the rates about THB 3,000, which became too pricey for a 20-25 night stay. One final tip is that if you walk about 150 metres down soi 15 and reach 7/11 on the left, there is a cutting through the building which leads you to soi 13. Then there is another cutting which takes you to soi 11, so its a great, but not well known short cut. Cheers SAG
  9. I walked past the location one afternoon maybe 2 months ago after stop at Villa supermarket. I was surprised they are still going. Have to say though that wooden entrance door is awesome. Need to find wood shop able to make similar for my house.
  10. The owner, a really nice guy from Texas in his early 60s, said they broke even the first year already. Highlighted the quality of the food and the food ingredients and that there weren't any other authentic tex-mex restaurants around. They must have lots of fixed / overhead costs but seemingly they are still profitable even at way less than 50% capacity utilization rate, even on weekends. Said that regular / returning guests would make up lion share of his business, compensating for not so many "typical" soi 4 tourists. The US embassy isn't that far away either (don't know if they are also doing deliveries there) and they are surrounded by 10 hotels. The Hilton DoubleTree Ploenchit (ex Majestic Grande) down the alley looks almost finished and should open in Q2 / 2019. Also, the Marriott, where many Americans stay, is also basically just around the corner. Americans just love Tex-Mex! They have pool billiard tables at the Mexican, always popular in Bangkok. Staff is nice and look after their guests. The ambiance in general and the Mexican themed furnishings are also good IMO. Didn't see (m)any Thai guests and not a single Thai lb anyway. Tex-mex is probably really not such a popular food with Thais - as mardhi already pointed out. Didn't try much food there but the bar is well stocked and their spirits I think are the real deal and they don't cheat with quantity either. As Youngone already said, it ain't cheap though... Anyway, I would give it a shot when you're craving for something authentic US style in Texmexkok.
  11. nikki666

    Dynasty Grande Hotel Soi 6

    They will actually deliver your clothes to the DG and you can pick them up at the front desk.... for the truly lazy....55555
  12. nikki666

    Dynasty Grande Hotel Soi 6

    Very in depth report on DG , since I have stayed here many times , a few comments/critiques of your review. In the past I simply signed their card and presented the credit card I used to pay for room along with my passport. I think their system works fine , pick up the phone and order. A copy of the menu is there for you.... I have seen a lot of folks eating and drinking by the pool. Did you bother to ask for another card ? Never realized a hotel's star rating included availability of an ironing board..... many guys who come to Thailand wear comfortable clothes that do not require ironing. Unwarranted accusation.... you should be ashamed of yourself. Perhaps no actual " bar " , but the attached restaurant does sell drinks and the tables outside are nice , but Soi 6 is quiet so not great for people watching. Excellent coffee.... limited food.
  13. Thanks

    Chateau de Bangkok or Dynasty Grande?

    Chateau der Bangkok Well, the story about the CdB is quickly told. When I wanted to book a room, 3 days before arrival, all the booking sites I looked at said that it's sold out (high season). I therefore had to book a different hotel. However I did pay a visit to the CdB one afternoon. The distance from Nana Plaza to the hotel on foot is less than 15 minutes, perhaps even a bit less. However the street the hotel's located in, the boring wireless road (official name is "Soi Ruam Rudi" I believe, enter where the Novotel Ploen Chit is), isn't such a fun place. 20 - 30 year ago that must have been different: there must have been street walkers at night there. But no more! I did check out the lobby of the CdB. The guests I noticed there were middle eastern people and farang couples. The building itself looks impressive. And the better suites I think are equipped with jacuzzi features in the bath tub - a definite plus for bringing back the ladies. The CdB is probably not the most obvious choice for a fun holiday. But I shall keep it on my list for future travels. Thanks for reading. Thanks :-)
  14. Eddyseybrew

    Couple looking for other couple

    LB and male couple looking for another couple to party together. Both versatile seek anyone fun and easy going but kinky as well is ideal. PM only please
  15. The Dick

    Ladyboy Nat

    Fuck. That's disappointing. I would have thought better of her. Alas!
  16. Problem with the songtaews at the bus station is they are now a bit picky about where they will drop off so it's not exactly door to door. Last time I used it they wouldn't turn into Soi Lengkee and dropped me on Third Road instead.
  17. The bus station in Pattaya while in the city is not on the 'strip'. I can't think of anything worse than walking it even without a suitcase. Just use the baht bus for probably 20-50b to get to your hotel. The bus from Ekamai is fine and safe. Allow 2-3 hours though. Ive never done it any quicker (aside from a car direct).
  18. Youngone

    The 5th capital sin...

    When it comes to restaurants Bangkok wins it from Pattaya by a country mile in my opinion. Pattaya for me is a bit of a culinary desert whilst the possibilities in Bangkok are endless, from simple inexpensive food to Michelin starred restaurants. Recommending restaurants is always a bit tricky though as different people value different things, but I'll take a stab at it... Since we're in Thailand I'll start with a Thai restaurant. Osha on Wireless Road offers terrific Thai dishes in a very pleasant setting and is surprisingly affordable. Great place to take a date with a good value for money factor. http://www.oshabangkok.com/osharestaurant/ Masu Maki on Sukhumvit soi 39 is a very simple little restaurant that serves high quality sushi for very reasonable prices. Perfect for a quick lunch or simple dinner, not so perfect to bring a date though. You'll struggle to spend more than 1000b here which for Sushi is a great deal.
  19. milhouse21

    Long thin cocks

    Wow....definitely have a new recommendation! Her name is First and works at Casanova, she just got my attention as I walked by early in the night. Went inside for a drink and check out the goods. Such a sweet girl, great chat with her and out came the gear. Really nice about 6.5 inches and solid, solid, solid. Made an arrangement for her to come by my room later and she was bang on time. Grabbed a shower together where she thoroughly cleaned everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Think she is versatile but she wanted ass. Great size and width, arrow straight and very tasty. Her nickname could be Jackhammer as she pounded and pounded and pounded.......fucking spectacular. She came in my mouth then I was ready to pop so stuck my dick in her mouth until I returned the favor. Really nice girl and very horny.
  20. fuckoff1

    Long thin cocks

    Eve, chili bar https://i1.wp.com/barenakedshemales.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/barenaked-asian-shemales-eve-01.jpg
  21. AoChalong

    Long thin cocks

    Zara has a long thin cock and likes to top. She said I could post her Line id: jjj08j The first time we met, she fucked me before we went to sleep, then in the middle of night she fucked me again, and finally in the morning she fucked me again in the shower... and came all three times. She is very slender with bolt-ons and only about 5'4" tall, but her cock while not thick is long enough to hit bottom.... at least I could feel it and had to position myself to keep her from going too deep while she was jack-hammering my ass Be nice to her, she is not really a pro, but she needs the money...
  22. oliver17

    SkyTrax Best Airline of the Year 2017

    Am shocked that Lufthansa is in the top 10. Last time I flew them 2 years ago (Chicago - Frankfort), their IFE had very little to offer and the seats were fairly dated. Things must have changed since then. I also think Japan Airlines is better than ANA in almost every way, but that's obviously a minority opinion. One of the Arab airlines - Etihad, I think - claims Skytrax awards are rigged and I thought they were refusing to participate in the voting.
  23. tugga

    Paradiso Boutique Suites, Soi 10

    No problems bringing visitors back.Reception also phoned to check things were Ok before your guest left. Didn't notice an unusual amount of Asian tourist's. I just thought Paradise was a bit outdated That's all.
  24. DeepnHard

    Long thin cocks