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  1. Boomerang

    Unsafe Areas?

    Hey its been 9 years since that was posted . fair bit of water has flowed under tge bridge in that time huh
  2. mikel

    Citrus Suites bkk soi 6

    Stayed for 3 nights (Th-Sat) in a 1 bedroom executive booked through agoda (w/bfast $93). It's new, the location is 50m from soi 4 turning left & a right turn takes you to Suk & Nana bts in a matter of minutes. If you head straight rather than follow the bend the alleyway takes you to soi 8. Check in was a breeze even though the desk was unmanned at first and I was soon up to my room. You need the keycard to activate the lift. The room was spacious and well designed. The sofa was large enough and firm enough to accomodate two doing more than sitting... Large bathroom, decent hot water although the cold tap came off in my hand! There is a bum gun. The lighting around the mirror could be better but no major problem. Bed was large & very comfortable. Pillows are soft. If you want the room made up there's a button to the right of the bed. Two tv's (samsung smart). The choice of channels was poor and the signal frequently dropped out for minutes at a time. My guest thought the wifi less than impressive too. Staff are great and it's LB friendly. They didn't ask for id. Breakfast was average. Egg station out by the bar. Usual Asian choices, some cereals, terrible coffee. Lack of fruit too. I was the only BM with breakfast companion but it was no problem. The pool on the roof is deep enough and ok for an 7 or 8 stroke lap but I noticed a huge overflow from just me. Don't put phone, clothes or paper on the ground when it's in use. Jacuzzi works fine. The sun is off the water at 1pm. The gym looked ok but I was too lazy to use it. The bar hasn't been finished which is a shame - could be a real winner with some thought. The front bar is ok. Usual big screen showing soccer. Overall I'm glad I picked it now as it is still fresh. Can imagine it will look tired in a couple of years (some of the tiling & grouting was very thai & the cupboard doors neede ten goes to fully shut and turn out the light). Similar story to Galleria10. The location is a winner for a short stay.
  3. Hi All Just thought would post this link here for those interested . https://www.avert.org/professionals/hiv-around-world/asia-pacific/thailand
  4. osflak

    Grand 5 Hotel - not guest friendly

    Just trying to be helpful so if somebody searches it in future it’ll pop up.
  5. The Dick

    Ladyboy Nat

    Anyone know the whereabouts of Nat?
  6. That sounds really gay.
  7. flipflops

    Recents Stats etc on HIV Thailand

    As sobering as these statistics are .... don't forget to support ladyboy water volley ball lbwvb.com
  8. OneTrueSaxon

    Grand 5 Hotel - not guest friendly

    I thought I’d seen Siam Man do a review of here. Things must have changed these days
  9. OneTrueSaxon

    Citrus Suites bkk soi 6

    Excellent review ! Thanks Thinking of giving it a go next trip as I’ve enjoyed the other Citrus hotels in Soi 13 & 11
  10. I love Thai food and I can do spicy but at the same time I don't want to get overly brave and ruin a night of LB and GG action!! A dose of the shits when every night is precious is not cool!
  11. Best advice is go to the ground level of the shopping arcades , Robinson is around about soi 15 there you can purchase coupons and choose from about 20 different stalls all doing proper Thai food for Thai's. You can cash back what coupons you dont use. This applies in pretty much all shopping centres and arcades. You wont get better choice or value.
  12. black5569

    Ladyboy Nat

    She may be out somewhere getting fucked Sent from my SM-G610F using Tapatalk
  13. nikki666

    Dynasty Grande Hotel Soi 6

    Been staying here for past week. building 1 , closest to front desk/Soi 6 is being renovated. Very light construction noise during the day. Looks like they are almost finished. Some rooms on upper floor already have beds and curtains. Now installing lights on balconies. Still need to tile the balcony floors. Should be done by end of October... maybe. I always liked this hotel... enjoyed my stay....
  14. with a big enough crowd you could employ a ladyboy to serve drinks and change the videos
  15. Youngone

    Suvarnibhumi Airport lockers or storage

  16. oliver17

    Galleria 10 & 12 in Sukhumvit, Bkk

    I have stayed at Galleria 10 twice. Mikel gets it right. A couple of things to add: The lobby restaurant tends to get overwhelmed at breakfast. It's often hard to get a table quickly and it takes a while before tables are cleaned. The wi-fi on upper floors and at the pool can be dodgy. It's a 5 minute walk up to Sukhumvit or CIB. Galleria 10 gets very little traffic out front, so if you need a taxi to take you and your luggage to the airport, be prepared to wait 15 or 20 minutes for the bellhops to fetch you a cab. Don't know if this is important to you, but they do not take IDs of guests at the front desk. While you don't have anything to worry about with girls from CIB or Why Not, you may want to keep this in mind if you bring in a freelancer.
  17. mikel

    Galleria 10 & 12 in Sukhumvit, Bkk

    G10 is guest friendly. The rooms are ok- the last remodelling was five years ago and it shows in places. The pool is a large bathtub but the roof area is cool and the bar does some good 2 for 1 deals. The breakfast is ok. For the price and location it's good value.Parking a car in the underground carpark is an experience. In two visits (2013 & 2016) I never saw the golf buggy work but it's a reasonable walk to Suk (if you can make it past CIRB!)
  18. inmasret

    Long thin cocks

    This is Arm, I took her a few times in Phuket , she stayed in Rawai but came over to Patong. I took these photos maybe 18 months ago.
  19. davvvid

    Hotel prices

    I work in this industry. And technically he is not wrong. By contract if the hotel allows online travel agents (agoda, expedia, booking.com, etc) to sell their rooms, neither party is allowed to reduce the stated price but they are allowed to offer extras such as free wifi, free executive lounge, free upgrade, etc. The way agoda and booking.com attract their customers is by loyalty discounts. If you are a member of either of these online travel agents and use them to book frequently, they will occasionally throw in some sort of discount. This is not breaking the contract at all because the base price of the room is the same, but because your account has been credited some sort of discount, allowing the price to be cheaper than the website. When I book hotels, I very rarely use online travel agents and only use booking.com for price and location references. What I usually do is to email the hotel or give them a call, let them know my travel details and tell them that I will book directly with them if they give me a discount. This works occasionally because the hotel knows that if I book through an online travel agent that the hotel will have to pay 5% to 15% commision to the online travel agent depending on their agreed contract. By asking the hotel to give me a 10% discount or something of the sort, the hotel still makes more money. Ask them to throw in some more benefits like airport transfer, executive lounge, etc, and this is the reason why I always book with the hotel website.
  20. mardhi

    hotel private access/ discreet entrance

    The street level entrance of the Sheraton Grande is also discreet. The lobby is on the floor above. You can go to the ground floor lift and their is only one suited security guy (as opposed to in uniform). You can then go directly to your room avoiding the lobby. The security guy never says anything other than good morning etc and holds the lift open. Pretty sure you can do the same at the Landmark by entering into the Basement and walking around that level (same as Huntsman Pub) to the main elevator bank. Lobby is also on floor above but you don't need to stop there.
  21. bigmick22

    Unsafe Areas?