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  1. I've recently stayed at the Styles. Here's my personal, subjective review: The Styles hotel is a relatively new addition to the accommodation market in the lower Sukhumvit / Nana area. I think it opened in late 2017. It's a nice three stars hotel. As it's located in the same building as the more upscale Novotel, you don't feel you've booked a cheap hotel. It rather feels you're staying in a standard room in a quality, upper middle class hotel. Also, despite being located so close to the naughty nightlife scene, the majority of guests are "regular" people visiting the "normal" tourist attractions of Bangkok (Wat Po, Wat Arun... ). It doesn't give you the feeling of being in a "mongerer hotel" such as the Dynasty Grande or perhaps the Nana hotel also. Seems many guests came from places where smaller room sizes are more common than in the US for example, such as Japan and the European countries. There's a free shuttle service from the hotel to BTS Nana that departs every 30 minutes from the front entrance. Though it's only a 7-8 minutes walk it can be useful when it rains (and it does so occasionally in Bangkok I've heard...) or during midday heat. You can use the "inbalance" gym of the Novotel on the 7th floor. I didn't venture in so cannot comment any further. On the ground floor there's a lobby bar and the "food exchange", a good looking restaurant. The standard room that I had booked looked spacious, at least bigger than the official 21 sq. m. it supposedly only had. It didn't feel small. When I'm in Bangkok I basically need a room only for sleeping and going to the bathroom, taking a shower etc. The rest of time I'm out and about. For this purpose the room was absolutely sufficient. Everything you would need or want is there: bum gun, electronic safe, quiet a/c, queen size bed (upon request), mattress not too hard but also not too soft, hairdryer, liquid soap and shampoo. It also had a small fridge (empty). The big screen telly had a million channels or so (IP TV). You get daily two bottles of water for free. Everything worked except for two sockets (no power). But that was quickly fixed by hotel maintenance. Once you get used to the characteristic, unusual style and decor of the room, it feels almost like home away from home. Its main advantages are: - Hard to beat location just 5 minutes on foot from NEP, the gravitational center of the ladyboy nightlife universe. - Great value IMO: price range depending on season, demand and day of the week: standard rooms (21 sq. m.) with queen size bed go for I think about 2000 - 2500 Baht, superior rooms (26sq. m.) for about 700 Baht more. - It is almost new: it shows almost no wear and tear (yet). - It has a fantastic infinity pool and an exciting rooftop bar that you "must" visit with an awesome view of "downtown" Bangkok - Wi-Fi worked without a problem in the room as well as in the rest of the hotel. - I didn't see any tour groups... - Breakfast was included in the room rate. Breakfast room in the "strEATS" restaurant on sixth floor is for Styles guests only (not for Novotel guests). It is open until 10:30 h. Food is good for a 3 star hotel. There's no egg station. But your stomach will get full, don't worry. - Girl friendliest as can be (can also be a disadvantage...). If you despise the walk of fun and shame, you can enter the hotel through the entrance of the (often empty) "food exchange" restaurant or through the carpark which is located on floors 2-5. That way you'll avoid walking right through the front desk areas (which however is also no problem at all). I personally prefer ST rooms anyway and take back girls to my hotel room only occasionally and only if I know her well enough and only for LT. So this aspect of the Styles was not so important to me personally... Disadvantages: - I didn't notice them proactively checking girls' IDs. If for security reasons you want to register your LB, you have to walk up to the front desk (there's one for the Styles and one for the Novotel) and have her registered. One night I saw a middle aged Japanese man trying to sneak in a girl, telling her to stay close behind him so that no one could see her. That was hilarious as I think no one, I repeat: no one, neither staff nor guests, could have cared less... You get two room key cards so you can give the extra one to your LB girlfriend... - The hotel appears to be in high demand, so might be sold out by the time you book... - As I had an early flight out of Bangkok, I went to bed earlier and until 3 o'clock in the morning could hear noise from the street... - The tears you will shed on the departure day when you have to leave this fine hotel... You can book on the usual sites such as sexpedia, so sorry, Expedia, Agoda but also on the Accor site I am a sucker for nice swimming pools. I don't want to visit the tourist sites and shopping malls so much anymore (ya know: been there, done that...). I'd rather now stay by a nice (!) pool and recover from the previous night's debaucheries and get some rest for the next wild night ahead. So that infinity pool was particularly important to me... On previous trips I'd stayed at the Dynasty Grande (DG, a **** hotel) and the Citrus Suites Soi 6 (CS6, also a **** rated hotel), both just a minute away from the Styles. Both are fine but the DG's pool is cold and most of the time in the shade. The CS6 is much more modern but also more expensive than the DG as it has recently become more expensive than it used to be (I think) - and I don't like their pool... I personally clearly now prefer the *** Styles when I want to stay in this area of Nana with it's excellent PVR and would not go back to any one of the other ones mentioned - unless the Styles was full. Even though it's just a 3 star place it didn't feel like a downgrade from the two 4 star hotels mentioned, except for the room size. BTW: This was not an attempt at writing an objective review. It was just my personal impression of the hotel that I wanted to convey... It's not even meant to be a recommendation, just a review. Okay? Thanks :-) Standard room: Location on Sukhumvit Soi 4 and 6: View of "downtown" Bangkok at night from top of hotel: Styles' breakfast room on 6th floor: Infinity pool area with a wow view (inspired by Marina Bay Sand's Singapore?) Red Square rooftop bar:
  2. Gympy

    Buying SIM card after landing?

    I've found it cheaper to keep the same sim and top it up online and then just buy a data package. You can get 5GB for a week for 149 baht from DTAC which was plenty for me and I found the 4G coverage in both Bangkok and Pattaya from DTAC was excellent with very good speeds. I used it as a hotspot for my other devices (laptop and tablet) and it was perfect. There is a DTAC app for the phone which makes adding a data package and checking usage very easy and it's all in English . I've had the same "tourist" sim for 5 years now. Actually I did have to have it changed at one stage to a nano Sim when I got a newer phone and I had to visit a DTAC shop to do that where they also took my passport details as it was not required when I got the sim originally. But I kept the original number. The big advantage of keeping your number is that you don't have to reinstall Line, Wechat, whatsapp etc. I know you can transfer your IDs when you change phone number but it's much easier to keep the same number all the time.
  3. Only ever been to see a game in CM. Thai's are very knowledgeable and passionate about their football. It lacks the same intensity and atmosphere of back home and it is a bit like a pop concert at times with the Thai teens shrieking at the star boys.....on the positive there is never a pissed up loser who runs from the crowd and lamps one of the players!
  4. daftdraft


    Just FYI I have done a fair amount of homework on finfin since I last posted. I have attempted to contact many of the gg and lb locally to me. About 70% are no responses. Whether it is because my written Thai is non existent (working on it....spoken Thai is fair) or because they have moved on I don't know. Of the 30% that have got back half of them are time wasters. HOWEVER.... I have visited 1 very sexy lb (one of the best blowjobs I've ever had and great sex too) and 1 gg (stunning little thing..20ish) from this. The price quoted was honoured on both occasions. Certainly paying off for local excursions!
  5. hkaus72

    S15 Hotel, Sukhumvit Soi 15

    Hahahah I had something similar a few months ago at Radisson Blu. I was waiting for a guest to arrive and I'd been fcking around with notes in my pocket and then placed the payment in the bedside table for later. I'd intended to get some extra towels and took B100 out of my wallet and shoved that in my pocket as a tip for the cleaning lady. Then I locked away all my valuables in the room safe. Anyway, I asked for the towels, minute or so later there's a knock at the door, I accept the towels, I then pass the cleaning lady the folded up tip. Her eyes go as wide as dinner plates, which I thought was weird, but just shrugged it off. I had a hard cock due to arrive soon, so had other things on my mind. Guest arrives, deed done, make payment, guest leaves. I'm standing there looking at the tv, slip my hand in my shorts pocket, pull out my B100 tip for the cleaning lady. I'm very confused at this point, "Why do I still have B100 in my pocket?", I say to myself. Go to the safe, grab my wallet and quickly realised I'd palmed her B1,000........and immediately her surprised face popped into my head. I had a good chuckle about it, what can you do? Nothing, just learn from you rsilly error. She was obviously extremely grateful for the large tip, as when I came back to my room after lunch the following day I discovered that she'd left me 14 bottles of water!! Again lots of chuckles.
  6. Thanks

    Hotel Icon Bangkok?

    I've recently stayed for two nights at the Icon on Sukhumvit Soi 2. As usual I first checked the hotel's own website for promotions and deals and then compared it to some hotel reservation sites such as Agoda and Expedia. To my surprise, the best deal I could find wasn't available on the hotel's own site but on zenhotels.com. Price for a "superior" (standard) room w/o breakfast was 2100B including taxes. Officially a **** hotel, it looked more like a very good *** hotel. Anyway... doesn't really matter... The hotel has opened I think in 2014 and still looks and feels rather new. There's some minor wear and tear here and there but overall it's okay. A little bit of mold in the shower cubicle but really nothing dramatic. Reception / check-in was friendly and quick. I didn't get the desired upper floor room but instead a quiet second floor room away from the street. One of the front desk ladies is a ladyboy! There are two elevators (lifts). No key cards necessary! There's a 24 h security guard so when bringing back a girl he'll ask you to register her. Definitely no joiner fee for the first girl. I think they said they charged for the second girl - but am not sure. BM Madchild mentioned 800B for the second guest in a previous post. The room was bright and looked very nice to me. The hotel's favorite colors seem to be pink and white. I liked the large window front and the natural light that came into the room. Didn't watch TV so don't know what and how many channels they have. My room had a queen size bed that was very comfortable. A bit hard perhaps but not too much so. 2 soft and 2 firm(er) pillows. Room was very clean. Housekeeping lady was very helpful but didn't speak much English. I needed an ironing board and it was quickly delivered. A 10% service charge is automatically included in all bills. The pool area on the 6th floor was too small for all the people there. A big big minus for me... At least the pool bar had some cold beer available... I didn't eat there so cannot comment on the restaurant on the ground floor. I just know that brekkie can be had from 6:30 - 10 am. WiFi very good. A/C excellent. Location was the big plus: it's just 5 or 6 minutes on foot to NEP!! When leaving the hotel, I asked for a metered taxi. The taxis that are waiting on Soi 2 however are all fixed priced taxis. So they took me and my suitcase on a golf buggy cart up to Sukhumvit. One of the hotel staff even successfully hauled me a metered taxi! That's service! For the price (2100B incl. taxes) the hotel was okay.
  7. Guys, Both this and the Pattaya forum are having some server issues at the moment. We are currently running on a backup server, the forum may look a bit strange with missing functions while this is resolved. please bear with us.
  8. Totally agree, I'm just not buying it, I know the Thai mentality all too well and playing or receiving a BDSM role play just isn't really their thing. The only pain they like is when the six chillies kick in when their eating somtum.
  9. Am I the only guy who thinks that SE Asian gals make utterly unconvincing BDSM enthusiasts? They always look out of place and their bored facial expressions say "What do you want me to do now, farang man?". They don't convey any sense of danger or pain whatsoever. It's just......lame. It's like the BDSM equivalent of non-alcoholic beer. What's the point of it? Same-same goes for the "lesbian" encounters at places like Eden Club.
  10. Now that looks like fun, I never really thought of Thai's getting into the pleasure and pain thing...pleasure and eating is more their thing!
  11. I went to see Bangkok United play Thai Port a few years back at a stadium out in Thonburi that the taxi found by luck. Big crowd, ice cold beer in plastic bags, battalions of cops all preening in their sunglasses (nightgame) and doing nothing as a ruck developed on the far side. There were bands and loud hailer wielding rabble rousers and the heat was massive. Sat with some expats and had a great laugh. The football was ordinary but the experience was fantastic. The Port fans left en masse on their scooters in a huge convoy. I think it cost 80b. Walking up the main road after I had some of the best food at a roadside market then took a taxi back to Saphan Thaksin and eventually made it to NEP (what a surprise....)
  12. Boomerang

    Phone in Thailand

    via a battery
  13. SAGuy

    Dream Hotel

    That's the strange thing, both buildings have the same address and so the only way to avoid ending up in the annex is to state upfront that you want to be in the main building. I have been in the annex once and it wasnt terrible, but the main building is better and this is where breakfast is served, so its more convenient. Cheers SAG
  14. daftdraft


    @Thanks Yep, they have changed. There is a lot of trawling to be done. Nonetheless the result is discreet liaisons that have been clearly defined prior. Much more relaxing. Now, I have to go out to the area where that amazing BJ lives but I'm passing that cute little gg spinner.....choices....choices ;)
  15. taaseesanuk

    Ibis Styles Nana Sukhumvit Soi 4 / 6

    Not thought of it like that, I can see what your saying, just once I am settled in I can't be arsed to up sticks again!
  16. I know most pharmacies are lax about things like prescriptions but are they really handing out ARVs over the counter? I'm assuming you do test for hiv on a regular basis. If not then do yourself a favour and go test. Taking Truvada on its own if you were hiv positive would be a bad mistake. In silom pulse, if you come armed with a couple of recent hiv tests showing you are negative and you take a quick pin prick test they will give you Truvada there and then. They will take a blood sample and email the results of your liver function test within a day. It's not exactly as rigorous as the red cross I suspect but it's better then nothing. Sent from my SGP712 using Tapatalk
  17. Thanks

    Paradiso Boutique Suites, Soi 10

    Paradiso Hotel 2 weeks ago. The building next door is obviously now being completely refurbished (the one with the green building protection or whatever that is):
  18. KendoUK

    LBs who have have AIDS, HIV or any diseases

    Outing girls health status, or trying to is a big no-no.
  19. ssmurry


    สาวสอง.com is another website which has local Thais and a variety that you can't find on TF/CL/bars. As davvvid mentioned there's plenty more challenges involved but if you're living here/staying here a while it's nice to switch it up a bit. Personally been dabbling on dating websites such as Badoo lately- admittedly much more time consuming but scored a number of non-p4p hookups recently. Not always as glamorous as the working girls but often a better connection, less mechanical and of course less jaded personalities.
  20. farangkeenok


    I know language is an issue for many. But I don't believe for a second that any on TF are scared of meeting foreigners Many are just the same as taxi drivers...they'd prefer to sit around doing nothing all night, hoping hit the jackpot - a newbie they can take to the cleaners. Instead of offering a fair price and and having more customers. Even if that means they earn less overall As an added bonus, they can then brag to their mates later about how much they got, in order to gain face
  21. Grant81

    Novotel Sukumvit 4

    I stayed there in December and i sent the same email asking and got the same response as you mespicy but i brought back 1 GG and 2 LB to my room and they didn’t’ ask for any ID at all. We just walked right passed reception, no questions asked.
  22. oliver17

    New site LadyboyPlay Produce by Ladyboy Thippy69

    My sex dreams never get to the part where I blast a girl with cum, because at that point the clock alarm goes off and it's time to get out of bed and go to fucking work.
  23. AoChalong

    Dentist and doctors

    I suggest any of the BM's who read your comments read the article and do the math! Personally, I'm good with those odds! In fact, I'm far less likely to get HIV than winning the lottery, or getting in a car crash to use your example. After reading the article I am of the opinion that you are a "concern troll", not unlike the anti-truvada groups that see their funding going downhill due to the 99.99% efficacy of PrEP in preventing HIV infections, which cuts into their business models of an ever expanding customer base. Nothing in life is 100% sure, except that you don't get out alive... should I be concerned?
  24. scottie1954

    Nana Hotel..my first time

    I used Nana hotel as a day base for those Lk gentlemen transits from late morning to catch a midnight flight.I am usually staying a majestc grande that is another league of course Nana fits a prurpose for those budget minded, but still on the mid high, seen that the real budget minded target less than 1000bht. Friends reported the swimming pool is good and has quite some sun exposure, can't say that of majestic grande, I am afraid. Rooms at NH are old and tired same as some bathrooms. There is a set of rooms with refurbished bathrooms, but not many. A lottery to get them. Staff, as you say, seem to be there since the openings, and so are some porters. Despite being such used venue for mongering base, the reception and cashier behaves like a 5+* hotel in terms of handling everything.. there is a relatively old lady as a cashier that surely has seen the whole history of the hotel. And the guests.... the guests are a reason to call in that place. You will see some Vietnam war survivors for sure and there is none of the corean war for the simple reason age has taken their toll. A few of them I see anytime I am around (I use the inhouse MP for special "hairdown" shaving and haircut, still old way of barber shop): they must live there no other reason or coincidence. One guy, with a cowboy hat, on a wheelchair is always on the smoking terrace surrounded by a few aged WG. Others do chat about their times (and I do mean decades ago if you listen to them) in the confortable soft armchairs and sofa of the lobby. You can watch the traffic go by. ST Visitors and LTR of old men and their similarly old teerak, more of a nanny in some cases. A few metres away is the heart of the BKK nightlife as known. Get out of the lobby and a bunch of taxi drivers offer you to take you to Pattaya, no matter what time of the day or night. The car park entrsnce is still seeing the patrol of young ladies doing their trade, mixed with other kind of girls probably having more business than the genuine ones. Sign of today trend. Since a few months a corner of the csr park, against the wall separating to the gas station next, there is a van hosting a sort of Mexican bar serving food too. You have it all. Long life to Nana Hotel. The last of the Mohicans by all means.
  25. dude2220002002

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    I can add one more the Royal Ivory soi 4 just ask for id of guest no charge. Has a great breakfast buffet too.