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  1. The smart move is to let the LB choose a place. Chances are you will end up at a modest Thai restaurant with communal dining tables, often outdoors. It will only cost you a few hundred baht. Don't try to take them to some dressy farang-oriented Thai restaurant. The atmosphere will be uncomfortable for them and they often won't care for the taste of the food. The food is apparently too salty for their taste in the fancy places. Afterward for desert, take them out for ice cream. They all love ice cream, and going to Swensens or wherever is always a big hit with them.
  2. This is one good way to see a side of Thailand many tourists miss. The food is much better when you get off the beaten farang path. Food is a very social event for Thais. After living here 3 years I have a hard time eating farang food. I feel stuffed and bloated when I eat farang food... so they will too. It also makes them feel good to know you have an interest in Thai culture. And ask her about Thailand (if she is Thai) and Thai food.
  3. Youngone

    Suvarnibhumi Airport lockers or storage

  4. Straight to my room. Wouldn't think of taking a hooker from the net that I've never met out for dinner and a night out before shagging them. For a couple reasons: 1. Spending more money unnecessarily and opening up the potential for the date to backfire. You might find things you don't like about her or she might find things she doesn't like about you that leads to either you or her not looking forward to the later encounter. Even worse is if the ladyboy thinks that you're courting her because you're looking for more than a fuuck... then you've got a paid date that doesn't want to leave, bugging you on messaging apps, jealously, etc. 2. Filling a ladyboy with food and then going out for the night doesn't sound like a good idea when someone is about to get fucked in the ass later. Eating and drinking gets the bowels moving... A lot of ladyboys plan their diet out to eat at certain times to keep their pooper as vacant as possible during their usual playtime. Probably not going to have much affect if you eat and then go straight back to the room, but eating, going out for a few hours... things are going to be starting to move from the stomach to the intestines in a few hours. Sure, the ladyboy can shoot a few gallons of water up their ass to clean as much shit out as possible, but I think you're just creating more room for leakage, gas, smells, etc. ... Nope I'm not saying to not do go out and eat and take ladyboys out for a night out, but it's better to do it with someone you've met before and know you have a connection with. It'll probably be a lot less embarrassing if either of you have an accident after a big meal and a night out if it's someone you've been with before. That's not something you want to happen on a first time encounter IMO.
  5. TopTSjanarah

    TopTs Janarah now in bangkok

  6. TopTSjanarah

    TopTs Janarah now in bangkok

  7. oliver17

    Contact Information Ammee and Kawaii

    It's helpful if you can post pics of the LBs in question so guys here can identity them. You don't want contact info for the wrong girls, do you?
  8. Youngone

    The 5th capital sin...

    Last night a non BM friend, Shyguyuk and myself made the pilgrimage to Savelberg ( https://www.restaurantsavelberg.com/ ) on Wireless ( Witthayu) road. The restaurant is located about a 10 minute walk along Wireless road from Phloenchit BTS station on the side of the US embassy and is within the compound of the Oriental Residence. Plush surroundings but the staff were quite relaxed and were not overly formal as can happen in Michelin starred restaurants ( Le Normandie at the Oriental Hotel is a good example of that). The place is owned by Henk Savelberg ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henk_Savelberg ) , a relatively famous chef in The Netherlands who has relocated to Thailand to start a restaurant here. All 3 of us were well impressed with the quality of the food which by western standards is very good value, the only dish I found overpriced and disappointing was the cheeseboard. The wine list is extensive, not cheap but I wouldn't say overpriced either due to the high import duties Thailand charges on imported alcohol. Return factor: High. A look inside the kitchen from the table. Amuse 1: the silver ball was filled with crab meat. Amuse 2: a very light foie gras mousse My non BM friend was keen on the caviar dish so we asked if we could share a portion: no problem the waiter said, instead of 30 grams you'll get 15 grams each . It was served on crème fraiche and surrounded by a potato mash. Most excellent! Starter: Lobster, tasted very light and refreshing. Main dish: Veal & Foie Gras, very delicate and an outstanding combination. The let down for me was the cheese board: 700b for 4 tiny pieces of cheese is terrible value for money when compared to a place like No Idea where 8 large pieces are charged at 590b. Mango dessert, again very light and refreshing. We had 3 bottles of wine with the meal: a terrific Chablis ( 4500b) to accompany the caviar and lobster, an outstanding Saint Estephe (5000b) to accompany the veal & foie gras and we treated ourselves to an unbelievably good Chateau d'Yquem (15000b) as a dessert wine. Both the Chablis and the Saint Estephe were recommendations of the sommelier and he was spot on.
  9. TopTSjanarah

    TopTs Janarah now in bangkok

    You wanna be analed by 7” tanned skin Ladyboy?
  10. OneTrueSaxon


  11. kaypop

    Long thin cocks

    1500 to my room. You will be happy if you hook up with her - good luck!
  12. OneTrueSaxon


    Yeah met her four or five years back. I wont post a picture but will send one to see if it’s the same Honey I know
  13. Ben taking to many clubs reastraunt and bars with ladyboys , never a issue. More fun going to there choice. You get to go to many places you would never think about going
  14. mikel

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    It's excellent and has been lb friendly in the past but I would have your lb dress appropriately.
  15. sornierob

    Ladyboy Arm

    Tap on this link. It will lead you to the beginning of a thread in which Arm is mentioned several times I was one if the “gentlemen” you mentioned. I had a fantastic session with Arm last December. I wrote a report and posted pics in that thread. I intend to contact Arm on my return in November. Cheers.
  16. Ratutant147

    Contact Information Ammee and Kawaii

    Hmm thats right sorry. Here is Kawaii. https://shemalemodelstube.com/models/2676/kawaii-ladyboy-.html probably Ammee is the same girls im not sure. https://m.ashemaletube.com/videos/358027/teen-ladyboy-ammee-fucks-as-real-slut/
  17. oliver17

    Three Hotels I Need Some Info On

    Just email them and ask "Can you tell me what your guest policy is? Can I have a ladyboy friend stay with me at night?" Make sure to mention "guest policy" and that the guest is a ladyboy. If they fail to answer, scratch them off your list. If you make a reservation, reserve for 2 guests (won't cost any more than 1 guest) and there is no need to provide a name for the 2nd guest.
  18. whitecck

    Undetectable equals Untransmittable

    this is true - regarding HIV only! There are plenty of other nasty STD`s to consider, including Hep, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, warts etc etc. So Undetectable does in fact = Untrabnsmittable of HIV ONLY! Enjoy! :-)
  19. oliver17

    Citrus Suites Sukumvit Soi 6

    Almost all hotels are going to have tourists and families, but so what? If you are getting LBs out of bars, chances are you will be going through the lobby with a girl in the wee hours - not too many kids in the lobby at 2:00 am. Besides, if some housewife from Melbourne or Chicago on holiday is mortified by the sight of a ladyboy, who gives a shit? If she lets that ruin her vacation, that's her problem not yours.
  20. park taehee

    I'm Thai mixed Korean, cute ladyboy or shemale

    Line ID tidatidapron Kakao ID tidatidapron Wechat ID parkhyerim Whatsapp +66626986599 Sent from my vivo 1723 using Tapatalk
  21. oliver17

    Blowjobs & Mouth Ulcers

    I can't answer your question, but I do know that you will surely get more reliable advice from a dedicated STD site than you will from this board. We are just a bunch of pervs here, not doctors .
  22. KendoUK

    Beware of this one Ladyboy in NANA ... HIV +

    Pics removed. You cannot post a ladyboys health status on the forum.