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Citadines soi 8 & 11 (updated 2014)

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40 minutes ago, Ted135792468 said:

I just finished up a stay at Citadines 11. Here are a few of my observations:

Book through their website. Expedia wanted 4000 Baht a night for my one bedroom condo unit. I booked it through their painfully slow website for 2350 Baht per night after taxes. There are lesser rooms, but I was only in town for two nights, so the extra 350 Baht per night upgrade was not a big deal.

The one bedroom unit of mine was spacious, clean and well maintained. It had a functional kitchen and a split bathroom. The only complaint that I listed with them was the toilet room. It had the porcelain throne and a small sink. But the throne was damn near against the wall/sliding wood door. You can see a huge void in the corner where the old shower used to be. But they never relocated the throne to the center of the wall to make more room for the user. It is fine if you are 50 kgs, but I am double that. So I had to sit at a slight angle when having deep thoughts. Across the hall was the large basin with mirror and a full size tub/shower.

I had a corner unit on the seventh floor. I could hear the night clubs nearby and there were complimentary ear plugs on the safe. But as a monger, bedtime was 3am to 4am, so it was not an issue.

A breakfast buffet is included in the price and it was decent by western standards. The restaurant is open 24/7. It is packed at 4am with mostly Westerners.

The living room and the master bedroom each had a 42" flat panel TV. Most places only give you one.

You can send your laundry out for ungodly prices, carry it over to the 24hour laundry shop across the street (down an alley, look for the signs) that is priced by the kilo, or go up to the 9th floor. The gym and pool are up here. It costs 90 Baht for one token. It takes 2 tokens to do a load. 1 for washer, 1 for the dryer. They are full size units. The laundry soap & fabric softener is included when you buy the tokens from the front desk.

This place is within walking distance of Check in Bar, Nana Plaza, Terminal 21 mall and splits two of the BTS stops. There is a ton of street action on Soi 11 and on the strip down towards the Westin Hotel. The Westin sidewalk was overflowing with LB talent.

The hotel is LB friendly. I had Beam come over on her day off and stay overnight without any issues.

My cab ride to the airport using Grab at 11am was 400 Baht plus 78 Baht in tolls. You can take the BTS to the airport line for cheap, but I had a full size suitcase, a full size gym bag, a fully loaded computer backpack and my CPAP bag. I was not in the mood to haul all that down 7 blocks in 93°F heat just to save 400 Baht.

I was brought up by hired car from Pattaya, so I do not know what that cost would be from the airport.

Depending on how long I plan on staying im Bangkok next year, I will plan on booking here again.

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Excellent review, especially the tip on booking via the hotel website for a decent discount.

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