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Where do you bring your dates?

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Where do you bring your LB dates (ThaiFriendly/Craigslist etc.) for a Thai dinner, without getting stinky eyes from the staff or tourists? How much do you normally spend for a night out before the fun part back at the hotel?

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On 9/9/2018 at 2:55 AM, fuckoff1 said:

Straight to my room. Wouldn't think of taking a hooker from the net that I've never met out for dinner and a night out before shagging them. For a couple reasons:


1. Spending more money unnecessarily and opening up the potential for the date to backfire. You might find things you don't like about her or she might find things she doesn't like about you that leads to either you or her not looking forward to the later encounter. Even worse is if the ladyboy thinks that you're courting her because you're looking for more than a fuuck... then you've got a paid date that doesn't want to leave, bugging you on messaging apps, jealously, etc.

2. Filling a ladyboy with food and then going out for the night doesn't sound like a good idea when someone is about to get fucked in the ass later. Eating and drinking gets the bowels moving... A lot of ladyboys plan their diet out to eat at certain times to keep their pooper as vacant as possible during their usual playtime. Probably not going to have much affect if you eat and then go straight back to the room, but eating, going out for a few hours... things are going to be starting to move from the stomach to the intestines in a few hours. Sure, the ladyboy can shoot a few gallons of water up their ass to clean as much shit out  as possible, but I think you're just creating more room for leakage, gas, smells, etc. ... Nope


I'm not saying to not do go out and eat and take ladyboys out for a night out, but it's better to do it with someone you've met before and know you have a connection with. It'll probably be a lot less embarrassing if either of you have an accident after a big meal and a night out if it's someone you've been with before. That's not something you want to happen on a first time encounter IMO.

Never after taking a ladyboy out for dinner have i had the problems you desrcibe . Actually it may be a help as steak & chips might smell better than curried bugs & crickets bghahahahaha . :cabaret:

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