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  1. Geronimo42

    Thailand cracks down on Viagra for foreigners

    Love it Mikel! This is one if the reasons i rarely go to Nana much rather explore around soi 22/24 and china town. I have seen hong king go from a get anyhing place in the 60s and Bugis St in Singapore dissapear in all but name. Everything is still available in these places you just have to look. Speaking the language helps. Adventurous! I get the feeling that’s a dirty word these days !!
  2. Geronimo42

    Thailand cracks down on Viagra for foreigners

    think the big and cheap Chinese-Thai pharmacy next to Bully's pub on Sukhumvit near Nana has also closed it's doors or is about to close????? why do you think that? They are a licensed pharmacy!
  3. Geronimo42

    Vaccination clinic recommendations

    Sorry SAG got to disagree quite forcefully here on points 1 and 2. I write from the perspective of someone who lives in the Australian bush and snake bites here are a fairly common occurence. If someone tried to kill a snake after being bitten they will in all likelihood be bitten again this double or trebles the amount of venom in their system. Couple this with the effort of trying to kill the thing and the person has a real good chance of dying or being very very sick for a very long time. Tourniquets are a big no no, a compression bandage or wide strip of clothshould be used. The person should be kept CALM and the wound left unwashed so that the snake can be identified. The following site run by the Australian government gives some good protocolshttps://www.healthdirect.gov.au/snake-bites i think the average monger has about as much chance of being bitten by a snake in bkk as being mugged by a visiting martian. Be careful what you pass on as truth, it could end up with someone dying. No black mambas here but a good variety of other nasties. I have always found that by leaving them alone they leave you alone. The vast majority of snake bites here are caused by people trying to kill them. Sorry to ramble on but I think it’s important that people have the right information in this case.
  4. Geronimo42

    Testosterone tablets

  5. Geronimo42


    Absolutely, so better get used to it and just accept it as a fact of life!
  6. Geronimo42


    That was quick Davidd
  7. Geronimo42

    Hey anyone see this PINOY gem

    No you're right Davidd, I remember the same reviews; although if she was in bkk whilst I was there I could well be tempted to try. I am not normally a fan of Filipina Lbs or GGs.
  8. You can sure say that again Oliver17!. A barbers shop on the footpath down there at night time could make a fortune!
  9. Geronimo42


    Thanks I seem to recall that Davidd posted about this or a similar site a couple of years ago. I can't find the post but maybe Davidd will come to your rescue. Certainly some nice looking girls here. I will be in Bkk in a few weeks I will try out a few and see what happens.
  10. Geronimo42

    Mimi (african lb) bkk

    Absolutely i said hi one day outside Cascades and thats as far as i took it!
  11. Geronimo42

    Air bnb

    Lotus I used Airbnb about two years ago and the place itself was a dump the only thing that matched their photos was the view from the bedroom balcony. I did my dough and moved out after only one night. The only way I'd use them again is if I had seen and inspected the property my self before booking. Mikel's concerns are also very relevant!
  12. Geronimo42

    Royal President Bangkok

    Many thanks Oliver!! A really good site!
  13. Geronimo42

    Royal President Bangkok

    Just bumping this up on the hope someone has stayed in the Junior Suites ag the Royal President. Need to book soon going over on 15th August. thanks guys
  14. Geronimo42

    Super Gonorrhea

    Fuckoff My experience is some what different than yours I got a dose of gonorrhoea back in the 70s and it was definitely not from oral. over the years I have had many friends an acquaintances who have contracted stds and none of those were from oral. so not sure where you are getting those gigantic numbers.
  15. Geronimo42

    Royal President Bangkok

    Agree mate. I tried the new suites in the Grand but lack of any windows was a deal breaker for me. Might give the Royal a go the crowds now on Soi 11 are definitely not to my liking! Thanks for the ingo!