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  1. fucking hell , nine years ive been on this forum. Anyone still about who has been here longer ? 


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    2. cutefarang


      2013 for me.   Wish this site was still active like it was in the old days.   What ever happened to Siamman?  He used to have the best TR's. 

    3. OneTrueSaxon


      still about seen him in a year and half back in both bkk and Pattaya 

    4. taaseesanuk


      There is often BM's that post occasionally on this site but are more prolific on the pattaya forum

  2. lotusguy

    Air bnb

    Any one used air bnb. had a look and some great deals around. more private and way cheaper than hotels. think i will give it a go as staying for nearly 3 weeks over xmas.
  3. Ben taking to many clubs reastraunt and bars with ladyboys , never a issue. More fun going to there choice. You get to go to many places you would never think about going
  4. lotusguy

    Three Hotels I Need Some Info On

    I’m booked into the best western. Can’t see it not been guest friendly as it on suckhurmvit. To close to all the dirty going on in bangkok for it not to be. Will let you know , if I have to change hotel on the second day.
  5. lotusguy

    Undetectable equals Untransmittable

    Bag up ladies
  6. Hi mate when you in bangkok 

  7. lotusguy

    Rembrandt Hotel

    Thanks mate if you stayed there must be guest friendly , hope your well mate
  8. lotusguy

    Rembrandt Hotel

    Hi guy im looking at moving on from the current hotel I stay at. I’m interested in any feedback on Rembrandt hotel on Soi 18. Guest friendly ect . thanks lotus
  9. I’ve ordered the ten , don’t pay as the phone company I use, always upgrade me when a new iPhone comes out. Would not buy myself at 2200nz
  10. lotusguy

    Dentist and doctors

    Mate we said we would never talk about that again , you did look ok in your schoolgirl outfit . But your lipstick was not that good
  11. lotusguy

    Dentist and doctors

    Just finished my second session at a new dentist on 7-1 . Just opened and have opening discounts , great results and the dentist are amazing. Will post more details later
  12. lotusguy

    Dentist and doctors

    Guys I need some dental work and a doctor for sleeping pills . Staying Soi 7 ... any help gets you a free bar , but not me .. 555555
  13. lotusguy

    Carry on items

    Apart from the shitty emirates food of course lol. Emirates business class food is great , plus the bar at the back
  14. Chap I hate to say I'm 49 next year and was thinking about getting a retirement visa when I hit 50 Would like to ask a few of the older members a few question I was involved in a schuffle and ended up in court , Long story but while I was in hospital getting stitched up the other person got to the police first and that's when all hell broke looose , luck should have it I got a warning style discharge. So my question is can I live in Thailand with a conviction Second part as age brings health isssue , does that play a part on the application , no worries now but you never no Thanks for the help guys Lotus
  15. lotusguy

    Mandatory STD testing in LB bars?

    I can 100% agree with this . Maybe drugs but HIV its up to the girls and you to cover up every time.