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  1. torques_hit

    Where do you bring your dates?

    Last trip I took 5 of the lovely lbs from “Why Not Bar” to The Sky Bar at The Lebua Hotel for drinks/cocktails, then out to dinner. We all had a great night and they were so excited and appreciated it so much. Mind you they aren’t use to drinking champagne and cocktails. As we were leaving a couple of young Arab guys got in the lift, they looked at the gals, looked at me, looked at the gals again and looked at me again, and then I said to them “Never try never know guys” We got out of the lift and one of the lbs tripped over spread eagled over the floor laughing, 30 seconds later another one goes over and snaps one of her high heels and decides to put both shoes in the bin - I turned to her and said “You’re such a bloke” Yes it did cost a bit but it was so much fun and the gals loved it. Say no to grief
  2. Hi mate when you in bangkok 

  3. torques_hit

    Taxi service from Sukhumvit to Pattaya?

    100% correct I did too. I will be using them for future trips Say no to grief
  4. torques_hit

    Citrus Suites Sukumvit Soi 6

    Dynasty Grande is a great hotel If you’re happy there why change ? From my understanding the wing with the bay windows is being renovated and not the wing with the balconies. If that is the case just stay in the wing that isn’t being renovated. Problem solved Say no to grief
  5. torques_hit

    Citrus Suites Sukumvit Soi 6

    Mate if your after something discreet then I would say Soi 6 is not for you. Soi 6 is a very busy Soi it has a number of hotels and apartments on it and thoroughfare for foot traffic from Soi 4 to Soi 8. Say no to grief
  6. torques_hit

    Hotel near cirb

    Just catch the BTS it will be quicker and so much cheaper Say no to grief
  7. Several good restaurants in soi 8 - Monsoon, viva, via vai Say no to grief
  8. torques_hit

    Dynasty Grande

    So true 555 Say no to grief
  9. torques_hit

    Dynasty Grande

    balconies are a great size compared to others in Bangkok Say no to grief
  10. torques_hit

    Dynasty Grande

    It’s cheaper booking directly via the hotel Say no to grief
  11. torques_hit

    Dynasty Grande Hotel Soi 6

    I never commented on the price. I stay there when I'm in Bangkok. I like what the hotel has to offer compared to others that I have stayed in. I like to enjoy my holidays so I'd rather pay a bit more for something that I like. Say no to grief
  12. torques_hit

    Dynasty Grande Hotel Soi 6

    The gym is also great and also some nice restaurants close by on Soi 8. Say no to grief
  13. torques_hit

    LB ads in Craiglist - Nicky

    Be careful she claims to be only 19. Say no to grief