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  1. RadgeArse79

    Best Hotel with Balcony & Pool Bar

    good stuff thanks. i'll go here next time i book. i need a balcony on holiday
  2. RadgeArse79

    Best Hotel with Balcony & Pool Bar

    All rooms have a balcony? or is it just the expensive ones? I've stayed at galleria 12 and it was crap
  3. Well I'm looking now to Book from the UK to Bangkok for 20 nights. Tears are forming in my eyes and the high cost. If I book right now it's 1k return. The hotel cost is extreme too. Now I'm not shy of cash for my trip, but the increase is not sitting well with me. Has anyone else booked recently? or see the increased price? obviously different places in England and the UK have different prices but where I am it's not good.
  4. RadgeArse79

    Guest Friendly Hotels In Bangkok

    looks alright there. I'm thinking here for my next trip - Hotel in Bangkok | Resorts in Bangkok | Budget and Boutique Hotel in Bangkok (aspirahotelsandresorts.com)
  5. probably the best thread I've visited on this forum. Those dishes are gorgeous
  6. RadgeArse79

    Dream Hotel

    I’d have to take it. 7 hours lurking around after a 11h flight. That will be hell!
  7. RadgeArse79

    Dream Hotel

    Never had that before anywhere in the world.
  8. RadgeArse79

    Dream Hotel

    Just found out that because my flight to bkk arrives around 6am. no room till 2pm unless I pay half a day to rent an early check in room. that’s not cool, you’d think they’d have your room sorted or make it ready if requested.
  9. That dough doesn’t look that good but I guess a taste test is best
  10. RadgeArse79

    Dream Hotel

    chilling by the pool is what I do for a few hours every day. the November trip I done was too hot and need to cool down. I wonder if you can night swim at this hotel? my last hotel, the pool shut at 9pm
  11. RadgeArse79

    Dream Hotel

    I'm staying here feb 2020 for 2 weeks can't wait, looks like a decent hotel