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    Pcr test Bangkok, fit to fly

  2. After lots of fucking about I settled on a 2000 baht test at Dr Donna Robinson's clinic. I called to make an appointment but was told to do it online, medconsultbangkok.com The online booking system won't accept bookings within 24 hrs so I called back. No problem just turn up as a walk in, pretty sure I've read they are doing appointment only but I'm up for trying. If you do the test before 10am it is results that evening, between 8 & 10 pm 15 mins walk from Phrom Phong BTS and I'm there at 08:40. Bit busy and manic as a couple of large families are just in front of me but as I'm a walk in there's an online application to make. After that join queue to pay and although it clearly says cards and electronic payments only they are definitely taking cash. By the time I've paid I'm straight in to get one swab up one nostril and it is done. So out of there in 20 mins and negative result, which is a good result, in my inbox at 17:15 No fucking about and no extra charge for fit to fly paperwork shit. Highly recommended.