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  1. SebasitenWhim

    Dream Hotel

    Thanks for the info here. I’ll be staying there in two weeks so this helps a lot. Especially that tip about the canal. Where do you stay these days? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. SebasitenWhim

    Dream Hotel

    I ended up emailing and confirming. If anyone else is wondering: "Dear Mr Seb, Thank you for your email, Please be informed that there would be no extra charges if you bring an overnight guest to your room, no matter if it is a ladyboy. However, as per policy that guest will have to leave the ID card/Passport at the Front Desk. Best regards, SIMON CAZEAU Duty Manager 10 Soi Sukhumvit 15, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 T: +66 (0)2 254 8500 Ext. 7116 F: +66 (0)2 254 8534 www.dreamhotels.com"
  3. SebasitenWhim

    Dream Hotel

    Has anyone stayed here in the last year or so and brought back an LB? Thinking about booking it for my next trip.
  4. SebasitenWhim

    Changing my Display Name

    Hi there, Is there someone that can help fix my Display Name? When I originally made it I made a typo and decided it wasn't a big deal... now it's just kind of embarrassing... Supposed to be SebastienWhim Any help is appreciated, thank you. Seb
  5. SebasitenWhim

    SM Grande Residence (updated 2015)

    I did one night at this place last week. My regular hotel was fully booked when I wanted to stay one more day so i thought I'd try something a bit cheaper to see if it I would still be satisfies on something a little more budget friendly. Also wanted to try being right on Soi 4. Turns out I would rather pay the extra baht. This place was maybe nice a decade ago or more, but you can tell whoever manages it now doesn't really care and just seems to be bailing the boat. The lobby looks really nice but once you're in the halls and rooms it looks old and in need of renovation. The rooms are huge, like needlessly huge to the point where they echo. My toilet was facing the shower with maybe 10cm in between so you had sit on it with both legs to the side. Which is mostly just bizarre and kind of funny. The shower was old and dingy. The worst thing about this hotel is the multitude of signs everywhere telling you not to break stuff or you'll be charged, followed by telling you they are watching on CCTV. Things that are just common sense and would be comfortable in one paragraph on the waiver you sign when you check in. One example is a sign in the elevator that tells you not to press all the buttons on the elevator or you might break it and they will charge you 5000 baht. First of all, obviously you don't do this and the only one that need to be told are small children. Second, your elevator can't handle visiting multiple floors? Maybe you should upgrade this, let alone multiple things in the hotel before it collapses. Sorry got a little ranty there. The one redeeming quality of this hotel is the really big pool and hot tub with plenty of sunshine... too bad I didn't get a chance to use it. Overall I was embarrassed to bring girls back here and in the future, would rather pay the extra baht and have a nice place.
  6. SebasitenWhim

    Galleria 10

    I stayed at Galleria 10 for 4 nights and was really happy with my accommodations. I paid 1855 baht per night booking right through their website. I think the hotel is well priced coming in a bit cheaper than some of ritzier places like Grand Swiss, Dawin, or Phachara. I haven't stayed at the more expensive places but I have stayed at a cheaper place and can say Galleria is worth the money. My room was very comfortable and inviting. The shower was best I've had in Thailand, the bed was big and comfy, had a nice view of the city on the 6th floor (which i requested), and the safety deposit box was big enough for my 15" laptop. They have a nice system where you flick on a light for Do Not Disturb, or Request Room Clean. This way they don't bug you all the time about it. The pool is definitely too small but not much can be done about that, still nice for a dip after a long day. The roof area is really nice with lots of little spots to chill and zero pressure from the restaurant staff. I would bring up my own beer and food all the time and they never said a word. The place is definitely guest friendly and never said a word about my LB's or girls. It's geared more towards regular tourists so the only weirdness you will get is from them of course. The staff are lovely people. I find I'm torn on whether i prefer a normal hotel that is ok with the guests or a hotel geared towards mongering (basically anything on Soi 4). With Galleria being on Soi 10 it was nice to escape the madness and relax for a while, make eyes with the Swedish tourist girls and be amused by the couples who seem miserable half the time. True enough that the elevator requires a room key so if you have a LB come to see you, you essentially have to go down to the lobby and declare your everlasting love for ladyboys to everyone there. Some of us are more ready for that than others. I would say Galleria 10 is a great option for those newer to the game who want to get in on the shallow end and also need to save a bit of cash. I'm not certain I need to spend more for the nicer places as I felt all my needs were met here. The only thing I would maybe prefer is to be a bit closer to Nana Plaza. I tried a cheaper place for the last night (SM Grande Residence) and it was definitely not worth it. Maybe it was just the place but I felt it better to spend a bit more then to have a bad room you are embarrassed to take the girls.