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  1. lb_beginner

    Digital nomad courses in BKK

    55555 yeah that was actually my plan to find a gg with no english skill at all. But too much trouble. Signed up for ThaiPop101 now, quite extensive online video based learning system. $1 first 30 days, then $25 (800THB) each month.
  2. lb_beginner

    Digital nomad courses in BKK

    Regarding Thai language courses, any recommendations that speeds up the learning and not only follow the traditional set up of every other course?
  3. lb_beginner

    Mimi (african lb) bkk

    She was koy yes. I think she used her day off to fuck as much and many as possible. She had a night job at some hotel. She have been out for long periods of time, probably with a bf. And perhaps still is since she haven´t been online for a long time. Great cock though. She was into dom so vanilla might not cut it.
  4. lb_beginner

    Mimi (african lb) bkk

    I´ll probably avoid due to all the negative experiences. I do wonder what will get her horny though. A young korean man with loads of cash perhaps? I remember another lb Shisho, a well hung femboy with a regular who occasionally advertised in CL a couple of years back. She was into blindfolding u, handcuffs and ramming u from behind. That was not really my thing so lost interest. But I do wonder if that was fuck therapy for something that happened to her previously. According to sex therapist, or the..rapist, fetishes has an explanation in earlier experiences. So perhaps Mimi is into really weird fetishes?
  5. lb_beginner

    Mimi (african lb) bkk

    Challenge accepted (Barney, How I met your mother) I´ll take one for the team and see if it is possible to lure forward some emotions.
  6. lb_beginner

    TS Dating Angelababy

    Having met quite a few pinos in bkk my experience is that they use old brushed photos and the reality is far from those adding age and weight. They make great ads though since their english is excellent.
  7. lb_beginner

    LB with abs?

    She freelances now, was talk about going a trip to Europe escorting. Don´t know how that played out.
  8. lb_beginner

    Air bnb

    I recently booked an Air BnB for a friend in my condominium where I have a 1 year contract. Interesting interaction. As many says usually handled by the family since many of the owners live elsewhere or abroad. Meet outside somewhere then discreet into the condo. Big signs in room to specify "do not contact staff in condo". And "leave key in basket and door unlocked when u leave" So some owners are aware of the ban policy. And we have huge signs at the elevator with jail and handcuff-images to scare off. But rules not enforced. TIT. Bringing many different ggs/lbs may present a problem since the sheets are not being washed. Perfume smell, hair and cum stains may annoy some of the other guests. You can of course wash the sheets yourself. Other than that no problems bringing girls as long as they don´t make a fuzz or problem. I´d choose Air Bnb for longer stays cause hotel rooms and staff interactions take its toll.
  9. lb_beginner

    8 inch black shemale in BKK

    Wow...are we talking about the same lb? Because when I met her she had only 4 inc, no boobs, short hair and basically looked nothing like a lb. Ruff. I´d say avoid like there is no tomorrow....been with around 500 lbs and she is in the lower 10. Total scammer. If you´re interested in a hung ebony try Leely. Be prepared to pay 6000 though. Had her a couple of years ago half that price. Memorable.
  10. lb_beginner

    Any feedback about Zoe ?

    Between 4 and 6K it seems nowadays. I haven´t asked in a while.
  11. lb_beginner

    Any feedback about Zoe ?

    I´ve been with her before. Massive cock. No rush, cool girl. But nowadays way to pricey (for me at least)
  12. lb_beginner

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    Anyone know why the guest have to be over 20 y old? I´ve stayed in Solo before, but it would be nice to have the option of a 18-19y old.
  13. lb_beginner

    Omni Hotel criticised on LGBT issues

    This sounds plausible and most likely the reason. I´ve lost count of how many times (lower/middle class) indian haggle over price. The most recent one in an 7/11 (!) where two indians tried to haggle down the fixed price of two ice creams...the poor girl at the counter did not know how to deal with it and the line of customers was long. I´m not a racist and work with many nationalities, but there is a reason that a lot of p4p girls don´t accept indians as customers. Arabs is more of the loose of face and social stigma (muslim upbringing) in case they don´t know it´s a ladyboy and finds out in the room. According to an indian friend of mine it is the indian group tours that are the worst, since most have never been outside of India. Like the LeFenix hotel in soi 11 that books those groups. Terrible attitude, and it hurts to see how they treat the Thai staff.
  14. lb_beginner

    HUNG LB's in BKK

    Remind me again who Pim is? I´ve been to CIB many times but do mix up the names.