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  1. lb_beginner

    8 inch black shemale in BKK

    Wow...are we talking about the same lb? Because when I met her she had only 4 inc, no boobs, short hair and basically looked nothing like a lb. Ruff. I´d say avoid like there is no tomorrow....been with around 500 lbs and she is in the lower 10. Total scammer. If you´re interested in a hung ebony try Leely. Be prepared to pay 6000 though. Had her a couple of years ago half that price. Memorable.
  2. lb_beginner

    Any feedback about Zoe ?

    Between 4 and 6K it seems nowadays. I haven´t asked in a while.
  3. lb_beginner

    Any feedback about Zoe ?

    I´ve been with her before. Massive cock. No rush, cool girl. But nowadays way to pricey (for me at least)
  4. lb_beginner

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    Anyone know why the guest have to be over 20 y old? I´ve stayed in Solo before, but it would be nice to have the option of a 18-19y old.
  5. lb_beginner

    Omni Hotel criticised on LGBT issues

    This sounds plausible and most likely the reason. I´ve lost count of how many times (lower/middle class) indian haggle over price. The most recent one in an 7/11 (!) where two indians tried to haggle down the fixed price of two ice creams...the poor girl at the counter did not know how to deal with it and the line of customers was long. I´m not a racist and work with many nationalities, but there is a reason that a lot of p4p girls don´t accept indians as customers. Arabs is more of the loose of face and social stigma (muslim upbringing) in case they don´t know it´s a ladyboy and finds out in the room. According to an indian friend of mine it is the indian group tours that are the worst, since most have never been outside of India. Like the LeFenix hotel in soi 11 that books those groups. Terrible attitude, and it hurts to see how they treat the Thai staff.
  6. lb_beginner

    HUNG LB's in BKK

    Remind me again who Pim is? I´ve been to CIB many times but do mix up the names.
  7. lb_beginner

    Aey from CL - any inputs/info/experiences?

    Have meet her several times, 1on1 and 3sum. Highly recommended. Insane sex drive.
  8. lb_beginner

    Looking for Thippy

    Ur way off base there. Thippy runs a lb-webpage and do cam shows. And does not escort at all since she does not need the money
  9. lb_beginner

    "Real" Shemale Pornstar in Pattaya?

    Nice, would have thought she wanted more.
  10. lb_beginner


    One BM here had met her, femboy, but ok. I think it was the TF-thread.
  11. lb_beginner

    LB ads in Craiglist - Nicky

    Ah, sorry. There is one girl at CIB that look like her. Always assumed that it was the CL-girl because of the photoshop possibilities. I see now that she added a photo from the Charades stage.
  12. lb_beginner

    LB ads in Craiglist - Nicky

    She works at CIB soi 10.
  13. lb_beginner

    HUNG LB's in BKK

    To your information there is a search tool up to the right. It´s amazing, you type in "leely", hit enter on your keyboard and you will find a lot of info... But, in the late christmas-spirit, here is the photos you´re looking for: http://www.bangkokladyboys.net/forum/index.php?/topic/5337-black-girl/?hl=leely&do=findComment&comment=45168
  14. lb_beginner

    Ladyboy Service

    This is so true, great advice and spot on!
  15. lb_beginner

    Any info on Jessie (Icecy)

    Since many of us bother to answer your questions, don´t answer like that. Davvid has extensive knowledge about the girls, and have helped out a lot of BM´s. You will find that there are not many lb´s that does girls. But hey, do prove us wrong then