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  1. dav662

    Proof of Accomodation

    Ok I got confused with the original statement as it said while staying in Thailand. So I was under the impression immigration was stopping people on the road and asking for proof of accommodation. If it's at the airport then I have no issues with it. Because the landing card itself has a column that's asks for the address.
  2. dav662

    Proof of Accomodation

    I think it's a bunch of bs either by the police or the guy who talked about it. There is nothing in Thailand rules to say you have to show proof of accommodation when stopped on the road. The passport information would show up on their system at which hotel you are staying. Many also stay in condos of friends etc. There is also nothing in the rules to say you have to stay in a hotel. Do you mind putting a link here as I could not find it on the stickman site. I am sure it's there and not doubting you as I simply could not find it. Thank you
  3. dav662

    Suvarnabhumi Airport Services

    It has a lot to do with Aerothai who provides the air traffic services in Thailand. But it's getting overcrowded and the slot coordination committee has to be given credit for maintaining discipline and not giving to airline demands for timings that could mess the whole thing.
  4. dav662

    Suvarnibhumi Airport lockers or storage

    I have used it. It's safe too. They screen your bags before they accept it.
  5. dav662

    Cathay Pacific seat options

    It's tight in EC. Maybe worth it to look at premium economy or the same in Eva Air.
  6. dav662

    Nikki (not Nicky) from Craiglist

    Is Alex out of the business now?
  7. dav662

    Sofitel Sukhumvit

    I don't like the beds. Too soft for me.
  8. dav662

    JW Marriott Sukhumvit soi 2

    They start very early in the morning too. It's down right horrible with all the noise. Don't believe a word of what they say about not trying to disturb the guests.
  9. dav662

    Sofitel Sukhumvit

    You can actually get access from the basement where the car park is and don't have to go through the lobby.
  10. dav662

    Long thin cocks

    None of these are thin I would say.
  11. dav662

    Hotel near cirb

    I have booked the Paradise. How is the traffic in the early night from the airport to that area?
  12. dav662

    Hotel near cirb

    Thank you very much Oliver. I just wanted to go there instead of moving about the place as then a quick shower and I am there and a decent sleep and ready for my next flight out noon the next day.
  13. dav662

    Hotel near cirb

    I am just stopping for one night. I arrive in the evening and depart the next day at noon. So looking for a decent hotel near cirb. I don't want to pay over the top for just a night's sleep. Any recommendations? Thank you very much.
  14. dav662


    Does she wear dress or dress like a guy?