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  1. dav662

    Sofitel Sukhumvit

    I don't like the beds. Too soft for me.
  2. dav662

    JW Marriott Sukhumvit soi 2

    They start very early in the morning too. It's down right horrible with all the noise. Don't believe a word of what they say about not trying to disturb the guests.
  3. dav662

    Sofitel Sukhumvit

    You can actually get access from the basement where the car park is and don't have to go through the lobby.
  4. dav662

    Long thin cocks

    None of these are thin I would say.
  5. dav662

    Hotel near cirb

    I have booked the Paradise. How is the traffic in the early night from the airport to that area?
  6. dav662

    Hotel near cirb

    Thank you very much Oliver. I just wanted to go there instead of moving about the place as then a quick shower and I am there and a decent sleep and ready for my next flight out noon the next day.
  7. dav662

    Hotel near cirb

    I am just stopping for one night. I arrive in the evening and depart the next day at noon. So looking for a decent hotel near cirb. I don't want to pay over the top for just a night's sleep. Any recommendations? Thank you very much.
  8. dav662


    Does she wear dress or dress like a guy?
  9. dav662


    Looks stunning
  10. dav662

    Craigslist ad - Poor Choice of Words?

    Some good looking ones on the back page of Bangkok
  11. dav662

    Nikki (not Nicky) from Craiglist

    They ask for 3000 Lt because they prefer Lt mostly to a short time. Many times the Lt goes into the next day till they have to go back to work.
  12. dav662

    LB ads in Craiglist - Nicky

    Scottie, yes but you are correct. A lot of them do understand what is required and hence keep the make up and other accessories like eyelashes etc.
  13. dav662

    LB ads in Craiglist - Nicky

    Yes some girls when you pick them up look stunning. After a visit to the bathroom and shower a completely different person emerges. Not the beautiful Girl you picked up but a fem looking guy. What a disaster!
  14. dav662

    Using a UK iPhone6 in Thailand

    You can use phone anywhere if it's not locked. Make sure that you get a data package in Thailand and please DON'T register the new number for WhatsApp or Line. Use the original number of WhatsApp and Line.