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My Hotel CMYK @ Ratchada

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Not a bad place for the cost. The idea is each room has a different color on the CMYK color model. But the room is basically gray and white. There is a little write up about each room color. Mine was spring green.. a soothing color.


I had 2 rooms there. One had problems with shower drainage. The water would run over to the toilet and sink area. The drain was not clogged. The floor sloped away from the drain. Second room the key was almost impossible to wiggle out of the door lock.


A box of condoms on top of the safe in each room.


A LB from CL came over with no problem. No need to check in at the desk.





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Not a bad place for a short early morning 3am stroll to Huay Kwhang market for a ladyboy pick up. The market becomes inundated with them at the early hours.

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So on my last trip to LOS I had 22 nights and 8 different hotel stays.

I stayed here for 3 nights.

Backstory - one of the 5 LBs in the Wolf Pack lives out in Isaan and is a 'civilian'. She had implants in BKK a few months ago and so I fly her back to BKK once a month for a few days to have the check ups, do shopping etc. (There are no H&M or Zara stores in southern Isaan).

She chose this hotel, as its very close to the MRT station and 5 minutes walk to the clinic. She also wanted to save me money. As I said, a civilian!

I decided to join her there for 3 nights, so as to avoid any potential problems with the other Wolf Pack members...

How can I describe the CMYK?

A Chinese version of Fawlty Towers maybe? If you were in the right frame of mind, you could laugh it all off and it certainly is cheap. But not my cup of tea.

The guests and staff all stared at me every day as I was the only farang there over 3 nights. They probably wondered if I was lost?

The original room was spartan and had NO windows! It felt like a gaol cell.

I managed to get an upgrade for the next 2 nights, and that room was much better, but the shower flooded every time it was used.

Breakfast was 99% oriented to the Chinese guests, which is fair enough, as they are 99.997% occupied by Chinese mainland guests.

Positives - it was very cheap and clean and walking distance to the MRT.  It is also an experience I can look back at and laugh.

If you walk down soi 4 to the main road and turn right by 7-11 there is a great dim sum place across the street.

If you walk out the hotel and turn right there is a great laundry which did same day service - THB 100 for about 3 Kgs.

There was also a very good chicken noodle soup shop near to the laundry - THB 40!

These prices just highlight the differences as to what farangs pay around Sukhumvit, just 4 MRT stops away.

A really good benefit was the massage joint downstairs inside the hotel. On the first night I went in with the LB and had a great massage from a GG who had great tits. The next night the LB wanted to kip, so I feigned a pulled muscle and headed on back downstairs. Great happy ending massage from the GG. I never got her Line address, damn!

By the back entrance to the hotel is Mr Tip, who runs a tour guide service etc. He was really good and I got a ride from him back to Citrus soi 13 for THB 200 in the pouring rain. Good driver and great English. He is an ex-civil servant.

Would I stay there again?

No chance!

I have booked the LB Wolf Pack member into the place across the street which is more expensive, but looks a lot nicer.

Would I go back to the massage place to find that GG again, oh yes! I would also repeat the chicken place and the dim sum joint.




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