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  1. OneTrueSaxon

    COVID-19 Health Issues

    The league as not been cancelled as of yet. Might here something this coming week. Fingers crossed we get promotion
  2. OneTrueSaxon

    COVID-19 Health Issues

    One day we’re on top of the Vanarama National league table and the next we’re top on the Coronavirus table and the epicentre of the virus in the UK
  3. The cream of sum yung thai
  4. Big Dogs.... great for an early drink and watching the parade enter The Plaza on their way to work Bullys.... love the food there, though missed the succulent lamb chops after they were taken off the menu. Pub grub dose what it says on the tin (Barry) Fitzgerald’s formerly Hanrahans.... Like fact you can build your own breakfast there and they do a mean bacon butty as well. Plus it’s good to chill outside having a cigarette & a coffee
  5. OneTrueSaxon

    Rembrandt Hotel Suites and Towers

    I posted about the towers in OTS hotel thread though it was 2013 https://www.bangkokladyboys.net/forum/index.php?/topic/2785-otss-hotel-reviews/&do=findComment&comment=36118
  6. HBD you scouse twat lol 

  7. Long time since I lived in Osaka. But can still hold a conversation in basic Japanese. To bring it back on topic the nightclub between Soi’s 13 & 15 is this the one Jonny from former ladyboy bar Paradise Club involved with a couple of years back ?
  8. Watashi Wa Sukoshi Nihongo Hanashimasu
  9. OneTrueSaxon

    Citrus Suites Sukhumvit Soi 13

    Soi 6 is a much better location for the bars and a much newer hotel than the other two. My own personal preference between 11 and 13 would be 11 as a good location for Soi 11 bars and restaurants and the hotel itself situated in Soi 11 alley. From which you can take a few minutes stroll to Soi 3 then on to Soi 4. I found the rooms so much better than the 13 location as it doesn’t let in as much light and seem dark all the time. Where as 11 seemed much brighter with bigger windows. I’ve always had an upgrade at 11 and never at the 13 location. The only negative with 11 is there is no pool but you can use the Soi 13 pool I’ve done a more in depth view on both in my hotel thread as for what you get from both. Found on pages 4+5 But it’s just personal preference for 11 for me. Each person will have their own different preferences
  10. OneTrueSaxon

    Citrus Suites Sukhumvit Soi 13

    No it’s not newer than Citrus 11, as I was staying in Citrus 13 a few years before Citrus 11 opened. Citrus Soi 11 opened in early 2015 Citrus 13 sometime in 2012 according to my mate who’s office was in the building opposite
  11. OneTrueSaxon

    Legendary pharmacy closes, what now?

    Chemist in Foodland soi 5 it’s just on your left when you enter Foodland.
  12. OneTrueSaxon

    Dynasty Inn, Sukhumvit Soi4

    Just realised it’s been over a decade and half since I stayed there. Though I still often pop in for a coffee and sit outside watching the world go by along Soi Nana. Excellent write up ARI23 The rooms look a lot better than when I stayed there. The old guy crouching down outside as been hanging around Soi 4 begging for at least two decades that I can remember.
  13. OneTrueSaxon

    How to delete post?

    You can only edit a post in the first 48 hours I believe. After that you will have to PM the moderator. Their is no delete function. But edit till their is nothing left.
  14. OneTrueSaxon

    Line Messenger

    The only ones Ive added are by using the mobile number of the lbs I have seen online or in my contacts If you ain’t got their number you won’t be able to do it.