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Applying for a Non Immigrant O Retirement visa

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Hi all,

One of the requirements of a non immigrant O retirement visa is to have 800,000 baths security deposit in a Thai bank for at least two months before even applying for a visa. 

Couple of questions I have:

1) Can I just open an online account in Thailand and start wiring money? Anyone trustworthy that you recommend ? Seems difficult to do if one has no physical address in Thailand. 

2) I read that Bangkok Bank has a branch in NYC (and London). Can I open an account in the NYC branch and have it wired to a Thai account instead of the above? 


Thanks for any suggestions. 

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Are you member of the Pattaya Forum Dhana ?

There is a trove of information in the Pattaya forum - as it should be, many expats or would-be expats in this forum - about the process to retire in Thailand. 

Just type "retirement" or "visa" in the search function/button. Or take a deep look at the "Living in Thailand" topic or in the chit chat one.


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Bm Ari is spot on , this lady( pattaya based )  opened my bank account last year as a non resident for me , She does all the paperwork / legwork with the bank and immigration  etc etc , and is a mine of information …



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