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  1. Today is the last day for Artbox before it closes up.
  2. The other thing I noted from Sticks column was he talked about Scala Cinema near Siam Square closing, I was sad to see it go but it was inevitable. I went to see films there a few times, it really had the feel of going to the UK Cinema in the 80s. No computer system for ticketing, they'd just cross off the seats on a sheet of paper. Popcorn for 40B and older style seating. Luckily Bangkok has about 684 soulless multiplexes to choose from instead.
  3. KendoUK

    BTS Skytrain Bangkok

    I got a bus back from Chatcuhak Park during peak hours last week and they'd said "sod it" to the distancing and were just letting all the seats be used.
  4. It's very dark at the back of the park. [emoji6]
  5. I stuck my head in Artbox earlier, wasn't too many stalls open. A few customers at the back seemed to be eating and washing it down with the "amber nectar"....not sure if it was BYO or they'd managed to purchase with their meal.
  6. There was a new night market "Rod Fai" style place that opened almost on my doorstep, I think they only had a few days running before the CV lockdown hit. I hope to road test it if they are allowed to open soon.
  7. KendoUK

    BTS Skytrain Bangkok

    There are plenty of areas of Bangkok that are dead to me if there’s no MRT/BTS link but the map has really grown in the last 18 months. The MRT Blue line is now a full loop, a la the London Circle Line and since they pushed the BTS Green line on past Mo Chit, they've been opening stations every few months. The last stop, Ku Khot, is right near Don Muang....but behind it. I’m sure enterprising taxi drivers and Songtaews will hang out there once it’s open. I don’t think there will be any kind of direct rail from DM to Swampy until the Chinese bullet train from Laos to Pattaya is running...one of those I’ll believe it when I see it projects. I think the ARL to Don Muang is due next year but it well terminate from the new all singing and dancing Rail hub at Bang Sue. Although most of the line and stations look ready, the big hub at Bang Due still looks some way off and CV19 probably hasn’t exactly sped up construction.
  8. I had a quick look around Google. It seems quite a few invision board websites are currently having this issue, not just us.
  9. The BTS Skywalk from Asok station is currently being extended past Robinson/Times Square mall, and now reaches all the way to just outside Artbox on Soi 10. Very handy if you don't like dealing with Bangkok sidewalks and crossing Sois. It probably only leaves about 150m between the furthest Asok and Nana BTS exits.
  10. KendoUK

    New Emoticons!

    Most of the reactions increment your rep score by 1 point. Except Sad and Confused, which do nothing.
  11. My favourite Pizza joint I used to order in from Foodpanda closed but has now re-appeared at Artbox. I'll miss being able to order in but I'm sure they'll do way better for passing trade here than where they were before.
  12. KendoUK

    Email Notifications

    Ongoing problem on both forums
  13. KendoUK

    MRT Subway Underground Lines Bangkok

    4 of the new stations are stunning from an architecture point of view, they've actually made the effort to blend them in with the surrounding area as opposed to just plonking a shiny 21st century station in the middle of the neighbourhood. Good for tourism that Grand Palace and Chinatown are now reachable via MRT/BTS.