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  1. seeker2008

    Check Airfares for 2022

    Thanks Mikel, I will check Sky Scanner. When I checked Thai Airways their fares had increased 100% in Aus Dollars. Planed on travelling in May 2022 Brisbane to Bangkok. Sky Scanner is correct if I depart from Sydney and not Brisbane.
  2. seeker2008

    Check Airfares for 2022

    Hi Members, I just looked on Thai Airways web site to book May 2022. Air fares have jumped from $800 to $1600 AUS. My ticket was purchased in 2020 then extended to Dec 2021 then extended again to Dec 2022. Anyone else experiencing this?
  3. seeker2008

    Proof of Accomodation

    Hi, Sorry about the late reply and confusion. Yes, I meant the Immigration at Passport Control at the Airport - not on the streets. Yes I had filled out the Immigration form stating where I was staying but was still asked to see the confirmation from the Hotel. The reason why I posted this originally was because of the comments posted to Stickmanbangkok. Happy that rayjay cleared this up and gave you the link. Maybe mine was a one off or maybe indication of things to come - who knows. Thanks for your input and apologize for my late reply.
  4. seeker2008

    Proof of Accomodation

    Hi All, Just posted on Pattaya Forum so I thought I would do the same on here. I was reading Stickman web site and was informed that Immigration had requested proof of Accommodation from a tourist whilst staying in Thailand. I always carry accommodation confirmation in my pocket to present to the place where I am staying - so no problem. I do not know if this was a one off or not so be aware just in case. Maybe the rules are changing again this week. I will be going back in June so we will see what happens. By the way I was dressed in trousers and shirt and staying for three weeks.