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  1. iRupert8

    Hotel Check-in Question...

    I only ask this because on my first trip to Bangkok this actually happened to me. I booked a few nights at hotel on Soi 4 (hotel will remain nameless). Anyway, I arrived at 1:00 a.m. in the morning and I was having trouble locating the hotel. Up and down the street I went until the third time I finally found my destination. The lights were blacked out in the entrance as well as the lobby. When I entered in I walked up to the counter only to realize that the receptionist was asleep on the couch. Eventually I was able to check-in but as I prepare for another arrival to LOS I don't want to experience the same thing. I'm assuming that with 99% of the hotels on Sukhumvit there are late check-in's available as long as I have a reservation. I'm thinking of staying 1 night just to settle in and move on to a better hotel the next day. Please advise?
  2. iRupert8

    Heaven @ 4

    This hotel has gradually gotten worse through the years and looks run down in 2023. If you're staying a night or two it'll do but don't be surprised if an electrical outlet or a light bulb is not working. They rarely keep the place up. When you return from the bars at night all the lights in the lobby are out and the time I was there the receptionist was sleeping on the couch. I guess you could say they are guest friendly.
  3. iRupert8

    Heaven@4 (updated 2013)

    Stayed there a few nights in 2018. Great if you're a newbie and want to be discreet. I checked in around 1am and all the lights except for the front desk were turned off. Room was decent but electric plugs were broken. Burned out bulbs were not replaced. Room is great if you'd rather spend on drinks, BF & girl. I guess the only saving grace was that when I brought a girl back we just went right to the room without any check. The receptionist and security were asleep on the coach. So much for security, although I didn't have to face the walk of shame...