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  1. Payneless

    Syama Sukhumvit 20

    Hey Guys going to try this new place (for me) right at the end of WhyNot Soi. Anyone checked it out before? Wondering Payneless
  2. Payneless


    Yes I did meet up with her beginning of January. She is clearly new to P4P with Foreigners Her claim that she does everything maybe false as she was only able to bottom and not for very long. She doesn't have much English at all, and believes she doesn't and plays on it. Maybe she will improve this if she has more Foreign customers. I would say she needs training and practice to be up to scratch. The customers that are willing to "train" her will need to be able to speak Thai. I agree with Ropey she is quite manly in person. The photos she puts up have been altered to look more Japanese, I think. Also needs to wax a bit more if she wants to complete with her competition. She fulfilled my Student LB need. She also has potential. But as I often only have Four nights when in BKK I won't be calling her again. Rather Go to WhyNot or Check-In Bar. Payneless
  3. Payneless


    Thats the plan to meet her. We chatted on WeChat for about 5 - 10 mins last week while I was in Vietnam. I said I was ropey's mate (his WeChat handle she has, don't think it was my stunning good looks ) that got a reply. Also got a few cute pics. I will write a review if a get a chance to work/exercise with her. next to find out if she is versatile Payneless
  4. Payneless


    Has anyone followed up on this ad and entertained Bibaw?
  5. Payneless


    She looks a lot like a Chinese teacher I work with in Shanghai. Could be good for me to meet her
  6. Payneless


    Well, I think she looks very cute. Will think about it when I am over in bkk
  7. Payneless

    Looking for Thippy

    Meena Sounds nice Pretty with big cock
  8. Payneless

    Paradiso Boutique Suites, Soi 10

    I stayed at Paradiso last March for three nights. I was unimpressed. I stayed in a deluxe room, but not sure why it was called that. the bathroom was more impressive than the room. no food served although website suggests they have a cafe. no issues with bringing back LBs from CIB or WHYNOT slowest and tinyest elevator in BKK. Staff a mix of friendly and quite (little English) , Doormen were nice chaps. going to try Cozy in June.
  9. Payneless

    Any suggestions for ASOKE hotels?

    I tried Paradiso this last trip, quite soso in my option. Was going to try cozy at ten. But wanted to see if any of you guy had any suggestions. Cheers Cuzzies
  10. Hello Fellas Do you have any suggestions for ASOKE hotels? for playtime with LBs, around 1500bt per night or less. wondering want to be near new fav whynot bar.
  11. Payneless

    Majestic Suites (updated 2015)

    I stayed there in October. I found it a good hotel to stay. The best thing was the location. The staff - especially the short haired receptionist on in the evening, were very helpful and friendly. When I arrived they didn't have the room I ordered ready so they upgraded me for one night (nice) then the next day they moved me to the standard room I ordered. Not too small. I had a lot of fun in that room (Fiat and Everest). I would recommend the place!
  12. Payneless

    Glitz Hotel - silom

    Well I replied because I wanted to help if any other BMs were interested in this hotel. Helping brothers out! not really strange!
  13. Payneless

    Paradiso Boutique Suites, Soi 10

    Ok Paradiso booked for the trip!
  14. Payneless

    Paradiso Boutique Suites, Soi 10

    Great and there I was about to book cozy at ten - now I have to decide again - Arghhh decisions decisions! Thanks for the info!
  15. Going to visit twice in the next few months - Cozy or Paradiso hmm - this one makes me want to decide here Thanks Mardi