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  1. Kingdomguy

    Dawin since reopening

    Yeah I had no issues with bringing lbs back last year - rooms were nice and comfortable. Also handy to be right across the road from WN04
  2. @Knobby forgot to tag you in above!
  3. It was in terminal B from memory mate! (Think they called it queens terminal!) The entrance to fast track is to the right hand side of the standard security entrance. I just showed the guy at the desk my first class ticket and he waved me through. here’s the website from Heathrow with guidance on what you need to do to get through fast track security mate! was brilliant - through security in under 5 mins! https://www.heathrowexpress.com/the-onboard-experience/business-first-class#/
  4. Kingdomguy

    Sukhumvit nightclubs

    This is fantastic - thanks all for your contributions. I’ve added them to my list!
  5. Kingdomguy

    Sukhumvit nightclubs

    Thanks both @happyone69 @Denbosch1971 - very useful!!
  6. Hey, if you buy a first class Heathrow express ticket from Paddington London to heathrow then you can use the fast track / vip security section at heathrow. i tested it in November and it worked. I was through security in less than 5 mins. Standard class is roughly 25 quid and first class was 32. (Although could always use Elizabeth line but takes an extra 40 mins plus going through normal security). https://www.standard.co.uk/news/transport/heathrow-express-fast-track-london-airport-transport-elizabeth-line-cost-b1032416.html?amp Could be a useful alternative if pressed for time or can’t be arsed with the long waits!!
  7. Kingdomguy

    Arriving In Bkk And Need Taxi?

    Also, make sure to check the taxi is in good condition. The seatbelt in my taxi was not working and the driver was pretty reckless which made for an interesting ride into sukhumvit from the airport lol!
  8. Hey folks, are there any nightclubs you’d recommend in sukhumvit in particular? (LB friendly)