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Suvarnabhumi Airport Services

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I thought we had this website for Suvarnabhumi (Swampy) Airport on a thread but I couldn't find it.




Has some great info about the airport and its services. Baggage storage for 100 baht a day, ground transport options, train info, longes in the airport, shopping, VAT, dining, and you can even learn that Swampy earned best public toilet in 2012.


The one thing I couldn't find was an area before immigration where you could take a shower for free. I heard someone mention this before on this site but couldn't find it. Does this exist and anyone use this? Couldn't find it on this site,


The reason why I ask is I have a layover in BKK from 20:30 to 07:45 and I'm wanting to weigh out my options. I could shit, shower shave, store my bags and head to Nana and just use their ST rooms. I'll probably end up just getting a cheap hotel on Soi 7/1 (World or Star Inn) for around 700 to 800 baht and using that as a ST room and clean up there and store my carry on.


Probably won't sleep at all and head to airport around 05:30. Probably find a Nana ST'er then head to Check Inn bar after and see what they have on offer.

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I have never seen any shower area in the arrival before immigration...

Thai Business and First class lounges (in the departure) have showers (there is even a Spa/Massage) but you need to have access to these

Also Emirates traditionally has a shower facility in their lounge.

There are a few "pay" lounges and they might have a shower, but, again, all in departure area, airside

Very unual to have a lounge in arrival

Swiss used (maybe still has it in Zurich) to have a welcome lounge with shower in the baggage area, but that is after immigration and before customs


In BKK you need a valid baording pass to access the departure level from arrival (ie a transit) before going through security upstair.

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