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  1. It's open now. Johnny the Paradise Club owner posted on his visit. A couple of people asked how it was. " It's a must boys - Chili beer is a bad boy . Quesadillas , tostadas and a delicious shrimp Diablo ."
  2. You would increase your odds of finding her exponentially if you posted a photo of her. You would also be better served posting this in the "anyone know this bird.." section of the forum. Alternatively a post on the Charades bar thread would have been your best bet in my opinion.
  3. They must have run into a few problems since their opening date was advertised as October 31st. I walked past a few time's in October and saw them working on masonry inside and noticed the artist rendition on the barrier outside. I thought there was no way they would make it by the end of month for their opening. Both their website:http://http://themexicanbkk.com/ and their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/TheMexicanBKK/?fref=ts say nothing about opening date. For those who may not have known where Paradise club was located here is a map of the area.
  4. Siam Man

    Aspen Suites soi 2 (Updated 2015)

    January is a tough month for for getting upgrades, but worth a try, otherwise you'll need to wedge something around the beds wheels so it doesn't move. You might even talk to the manager and arrange maintenance to rig something. Aum (Thai) and Ning (Lao) from Chaos 9. They are quite keen to work together again.
  5. I ended up going to Above Eleven (located on top of Fraser Suites) after stopping in at the Nest above LeFenix Hotel. There was no live music at the nest, so I wasn't going to pay those drink prices there all night so I took my date (Jell) for the evening to Above Eleven. The drink prices were about the same but Above Eleven offers a better view of the city and I hadn't been before. No worries with a ladyboy, but they have a dress code sign as you enter. The atmosphere is quite nice and comfortable. As we arrived later a table on outer edge was open. The kitchen had just closed so we couldn't order a nibbly. I was quite impressed with the bathrooms as they offered a great view (Soi 11 and city) as well. Would be an even better view during daylight hours, but getting a table may be difficult. It's a pretty nice set up really and would be a great place to take a date for a more quite relaxed evening out. I think I would rather take just one ladyboy rather than a few. Jell had never been either so it was nice for both of us to experience it for the first time together. Provides them a great place to take their selfies of where they are and what they are eating/drinking.
  6. Siam Man

    Aspen Suites soi 2 (Updated 2015)

    I recently stayed in Aspen on three different bookings. During my first stay the internet was spotty at best, which was the case in February. I was upgraded as a return customer and they had rooms to spare. The manager and desk people are all polite and helpful except for the younger male who is a bit unattentive in my estimation. I brought multiple guests without an issue. However they don't seem to be calling up to my room when they leave like they used to. I didn't have the water runoff on the floor from the shower as I experienced in the Deluxe room. The maid staff was excellent as usual cleaning the room whenever I wanted it. I was tipping them daily so was able to extra towels. I managed to make it to a few breakfasts, and would bring up a plate with fruits and yogurt for later. I took off for CM and then London, so I left a bag behind at no charge. I returned mid month and had 3 days booked through Agoda in an executive suite again. I added 3 days on a Qantas awards booking in a deluxe room, but was able to stay in the same room (Executive Suite). Had no problems and little to no wait times for the tuk tuk. I also used i check in and Lohas Suites tuk tuk when I was returning to Soi 2. They are all real good about picking up each others guests I've found. I've found that Aspens prices have been better than i check inns, and is a nicer and bigger rooms in my estimation. Lohas had some specials which were around 80 AUD a night, but opted for Aspen at $65 a night. I noticed more Arabs and Chinese this time around, and with that more kids are present. The beds in the executive suite are huge, but are actually two doubles put together. Spacious, but there is a ridge in the middle which isn't the most comfortable place to sleep if three in the bed. In the executive suite and the bed is pinned in better by night stands, so the bed didn't have near the movement as other rooms I experienced before.
  7. Siam Man

    Club Dang Cabaret Show

    I had a go with Pechey who is still working at Club Daeng. I have another I'm hoping to hook into eventually. They don't make a lot of money from the shows so many work day jobs too. They are ladyboys and like to have fun like the ones in bars. I'm quite certain that several would be willing to go out after the show, but you'll have to pay the price of buying them some drinks at show (300 baht a pop) just to get them out. Doors open at 8:30 for first show and the all you can drink special is now 1000 baht. Drinks for the performers is 300 baht. You can pay 888 baht and get one drink, but they won't sit with you. I usually just tip them which they don't mind and then buy a favorite a drink after. Some photos from a show in mid October. I'll try to post some more later.
  8. I'm pretty sure Nana station will get one eventually if they haven't yet. They had one at Phaya Thai which is where the airport rail links with BTS.
  9. I was quite surprised to read in the BKK post back in January that BTS stations were going to made W/C Accessible (lift's). I was even more surprised to see that they have started to do this. I saw an elevator being installed at one of the stops. I'm not sure if they will be open to everyone to use, which would make it easier for travelling with luggage too and from the airport.
  10. Siam Man

    Swan Inn, Soi 4

    I've stayed at Swan Inn on Soi 4 on two different occasions. It's a very cheap option located just past Rajah Hotel Complex on the opposite side of Soi 4. I had stayed in Swan Inn 2 which is further down Soi 4 and a little nicer and bigger rooms. The first time I stayed there I used it as a day room since I had a midnight flight. My hotel on soi 2 couldn't give me a late check out because they were booked full that next day. I don't think they take reservations and aren't listed on booking sites like Agoda. You basically walk up and see if they have a room around noon. The cost is 700 baht. I think they have 14 rooms total all on the second floor. The internet signal is poor unless you are close to the front. My second day I couldn't get signal in the room. big fridge, 2 free bottles of water, warm water in shower. It would make a a good ST room if you were looking to do multiples near Nana. No safe for valuables. The outlets are antiquated, but I was lucky to have an adapter that worked. The second time I used it when I ended up changing my flight and staying two extra days. My hotel (Aspen Suites) didn't have any rooms on those dates as they were booked full for the Chinese new year. I thought that may be the story at most places on short notice so I went to this place and paid 2100 baht for 3 nights. Nothing fancy, but okay in a pinch.
  11. Siam Man

    Photo uploading problem

    I have inquired about the some of the photos not showing up.. It's the same issue with both forums. Hello, The forum backup was restored, yet not all files could be recovered. Unfortunately there's nothing that can be done. All moderation can do is kindly ask the OP to re-upload the pictures. Only if the files were uploaded to the temp. backup server, I can sync to them to the new server. Thanks, Alex Reply
  12. Siam Man

    Photo uploading problem

    Be patient fella's we have another photo uploading problem effecting both forums. Alex is a aware of it and working to rectify it. Message from about 5 hours ago. Guys, The issue is still being worked on. Will update once the uploads are working again. Do apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thanks, Alex
  13. Siam Man

    iCheck Inn, Ploenchit Soi 2 (updated 2015)

    I don't remember them having wheels, but I do recall those at Aspen Suites having wheels. i Check Inn on Soi has small balcony in that you can smoke on.
  14. Updated thread. More info in these older related threads. Airport train to Apartment in 40 minutes. BTS verses Taxi's Airport Link Maintenance Some outdated threads. Before Airport Link was opened. Sky train to BKK airport (2009) before Airport link was opened. BTS Skytrain open to Suvarnabhumi
  15. Siam Man

    iCheck Inn, Ploenchit Soi 2 (updated 2015)

    Remember the short cut to Soi 4 if going to 7/11, Laundry or other things that Soi 2 doesn't have. You can also take the Hotel Tuk Tuk down to Sukhumvit. I ran until until 11 most nights when I was there. Was great to take down to Rajah Hotel Entrance in front of Majestic Grande. Practically at Paradise Clubs door. You can also play pool for free there too. I've stayed a couple times now for a week each time. I would have stayed in February however there rate increased and Aspen was about the same. Aspen is bigger, and had breakfast so I chose them. I see you booked on Agoda. You can also book them through their website which saves a little, but morte importantly you can get a free upgrade if they have room as a return customer. For future reference.