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I do not see many posts regarding this nasty STD, however, from what i heard and read, it is quite common. Easy to treat if discovered too. I wonder if anyone here had any experience with it?

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Yes. Caught from a well known girl working in a Nana gogo. Showed up afrer I got back home and was quickly treated but the initial shock of seeing a red sore is not something I want to experience again. Told the lb and she said "oh  the condom broke with one or two customers". She got it treated (at least that's what she told me....TIT).

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14 hours ago, tilac4u said:


Went there for HIV Test (500THB) recently, the counseling lady advised me to also to take a Syphilis Test (500THB as well for basic  Test).

HIV was negative but to my big surprise Syphilis was positive (I didn't have symptoms or better said I didn't recognized them as symptoms) :(

The proceedings were very swift and straightforward (they don't want people saying they will come back later and then not showing up), basically its a 1-stop Shop.

Some more details

1. I showed up on a weekday without appointment (you can make an appointment via their website), downstairs is a reception where you have to register (just name/age/email)

2. They ask what Test or Counseling you want and then you get a paper with a queue Number (just like when you got a Bank here)

3. Downstairs is also a very cozy lobby where you have to wait before being called upstairs where the Counter is, Counselors are and Tests etc are taken, the lobby looks more like a pub with dimmed lights. There were TVs on with educational info, when I was there they showed a program about PreP (in English) and also one about gay boys and practicing safe sex (in Thai).

4. After 20 min I was called upstairs and led by a young lady to a counseling room (no windows, very discrete), the lady asked me a couple of questions regarding my previous experiences, tests and recent sexual encounters, all info was put in a computer.

5. After agreeing which test to take another lady came to take blood (just from fingertip), within 10 min the test results came back.

6. After the results were told to me another Counselor joined to discuss treatment (antibiotics) and further blood testing (VDLR/RPR).

7. Besides the blood test I also took an allergy test for penicillin (that would be the antibiotic for treatment)

8. Results of the VDLR/RPR blood test would be emailed the next day and the results of the allergy test were checked on my arm (a punction was made there) and was negative.

9. Shortly after that I was given the penicillin injection in my buttocks (the first of 3, each on weekly rotation). Before the injection they gave me some pills to would suppress the side effects of the injection.

10. The whole procedure took less then 60 minutes, it was from my point of view very professional, medical license info was also visible.

11. Cost for the tests and 1st injection were 3300 THB, the 2 follow up injections are 1300 Baht each.

12. When I was a the counter upstairs I also witnessed 2 'patients' who (probably) took a stash of Prep with them (14-15k THB) for 3 months it was I think, it was very visible around there (posters etc) that Prep was available for sale.

13. I saw 1 farang(M)-Thai(F) couple, the other 'patients' were single (gay) males,about 80% Asian would i say.

My advice: If you plan to got a clinic for a STD Test then consider including a syphilis test as well.



P.S. I'm not affiliated with this clinic, have no commercial interests in it and only wrote this post as informational without judgements or offending anyone; prices / procedures can also vary so please don't tie me on it.

Also I will not disclose more specifics on my case (please don't ask), it should suffice that my impressions and the procedure are described.

Information much appreciated & thank you for sharing . :clap::Surgeon:

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