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  1. Robert.Farang

    Testosterone tablets

    Tell that to the diabetics of the world. Unsupervised, unprescribed T-shots are crazy But the are no different than any other intramuscular shot you may take, and very easy to self-administer,
  2. Robert.Farang

    Baan Khanita - Sukhumvit 43

    I ate more than few times at their 23 Sukhumvit location. A hop, skip & jump from my usual Sukhumvit haunts. If I wanted treat & impress colleagues or friends to a spot, this was it. One evening, the day before a Royal Family occasion(a birth celebration, a birhday, something) , a Thai couple/colleagues and I were seated in the garden while a Family celebration dinner was underway in the major room. The older princess and two children from the group came over to our table, reducing my guests to a humbleness, then introducing me "Khun Dr. Bob." I didn't kneel but did perform an appropriate deep bow. Baan Khanita-23 also had a tiny bar upfront that was a welcome, quite respite from the usual haunts.
  3. Robert.Farang

    Antidiarrhea Medicine in Thailand OTC

    See my post above. If my colleague had that stuff. he would have been at lower risk of dying.
  4. Robert.Farang

    Antidiarrhea Medicine in Thailand OTC

    Imodium effectively paralyzes the intestine. Not a go-to remedy. My doctor guided me back to pepto-bismol brand in USA, but any bismal containing concoction wherever you may be). Standard dosage to start, double in an hour if not okay, and then double again as necessary. After that, and nothing works you need a doctor. One time in Bangkok. nothing worked to cure explosive bouts, so to speak. After emptying out, I took a taxi to BNH, emergency. They put me on intravenous fluids and antibiotics, within 30 minutes I was well on path to recovery. A guiding word. I lost a 38 yo otherwise healthy colleague to diarrhea, he was about 18 hours suffering, drinking lots of water but no food. He got up at night, drank some more water, then fainted. . He was driven to a Miami hospital, suffering a heart attack as the car got to the hospital entrance. They used standard emergency procedure, shock paddles, air bag, but he died. The autopsy showed severe loss of electrolytes. Basically, his nerves were firing, but he had limited conductivity to the heart muscles. Parents know, rush a child to the hospital if they show 10% weight loss. It's an adult problem too.
  5. Robert.Farang

    Free Hospitals ?

    18 hours before my flight to USA. I came down with a severe case of diarrhea for which I'll spare the details, but the toilet was a "bridge too far" from the bed, and I had to wait for a lull to grab a taxi BNH. Before leaving gave the desk a message that "clean-up needed on Floor 11." Less than five minutes later after arriving ( I was registered previously over the years) I was in an ER bed. They examined me, did some tests, then an antibiotic mix and fluid dripped in. Temperature normalized and chills disappeared. Went back to the hotel, tipped the maid very well, slept a bit, then out for a night of ladyboys. Made my Bkk-NRT-ATL flight feeling fine, even grabbing a light breakfast selection at the First Class lounge. The entire bill from BNH (including a take-away RX), was $60 or so, reimbursed by my USA employee health insurance as a "emergency!" I did not file it as Workers Compensation
  6. Robert.Farang

    Getting Testosterone Levels Checked

    As flipflops notes. this should be done only under a doctor's care, one well enough acquainted with your medical history to access and advise you regarding the benefits versus the risks.
  7. Robert.Farang

    Testosterone: Beyond the Myths

    Worthy Reading, especially for those of us that are health or baht conscious https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/03/opinion/testosterone-caster-semenya.html
  8. I highly recommend the Dental Hospital that was on Soi 49, now relocated. Top quality work, competitive pricing. Friendly...etc. http://www.dentalhospitalbangkok.com/
  9. Robert.Farang

    Proof of Accomodation

    When at a hotel, I simply enter the hotel name, having the reservation form on my phone "in the event." Similarly, never had a problem when I stay at a Thai family's home(LT friends) in Pathum Thani. "Name + Pathum Thani entered." Street address & phone on my phone, for taxi driver as well. (and, for the driver, a sheet printed in Thai with driving directions...usually there is a literacy gap, so they will call my friends and get verbal directions). 40 trips & no problems.
  10. Robert.Farang

    Traveling with condoms and sex toys

    $3 in tax for a 350 model, so if scanned NP
  11. Robert.Farang

    Dental Hospital Relocating

    Dental Hospital dental@dhbangkok.com> 4:58 AM (3 hours ago) Dear Patients, As many of you may know, our hospital is moving to a newer, bigger and better location next year by the end of February 2018 as attached. We realized that we could not add any more space to improve our dental services and parking facilities for the increasing number of patients at Dental Hospital Sukhumvit 49. Many patients prefer to complete their required dental procedures in a shorter period of time. The important thing is that we do not want to see our patients wasting valuable time for not being able to receive the highest quality dental treatments in a limited amount of time during their visit. We made the decision to move to a new location situated in the T77 Community Sansiri, a rich lifestyle hub on Sukhumvit 77 about 4.5 kilometers from Sukhumvit 49, surrounded by a green environment and conveniently linked to other parts of the city with either the main Sukhumvit Road, On Nut BTS Skytrain Station and nearby Expressways. Access to and from is fast and easy, with benefits from the neighbouring HABITO MALL facility, parking and shuttle bus services including BANGKOK PREP INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, GARDEN SQUARE, PARK COURT and a canal that runs along Sukhumvit 77 (On Nut) Road, making it a popular new location for Thais and foreigners to live, work and visit. Our phone number will remain the same +66 2 260 5000 /-15 until we move to our new location which will take on a new number +66 2 092 2000. Our contact email address will also remain as dental@loxinfo.co.th with the additional new e-mail address as dental@dhbangkok.com . For more information, please view this video about our new facility and location of Dental Hospital Sukhumvit 77. We look forward to serving you with the best dental care and services at our new location next year. Sincerely, Dr. Kriengsak Jaruthavee Dental Hospital Director Dental Hospital 88/88 Sukhumvit 49 Sukhumvit Road, Wattana Bangkok 10110 Thailand Tel. +66 2 260 5000/-15 Fax. +66 2 260 5026 Patient relations: +66 2 260 5029/-30 E-mail : dental@loxinfo.co.th dental@dhbangkok.com Web Site : www.dentalhospitalbangkok.com
  12. Robert.Farang

    Dentist and doctors

    Dental Hospital, Soi 49 http://www.dentalhospitalbangkok.com/ Cheaper outside of city, but here efficient and competent work of all types.
  13. Robert.Farang

    Desktop or laptop replacement

    The Chromebooks, however, have limited processor capabilities that tend to slow things down when movie watching or have more than one screen open.