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On 6/27/2019 at 12:21 AM, Panter50 said:

Yesterday, August 24th, was Gaggan's last day of operation in Bangkok. The 4th best restaurant in the world is now history...  


Alternatives to Gaggan's are for example Gaa and Sorn. Sorn seems to be fully booked until October...

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On 7/13/2018 at 8:03 AM, Privateluca said:

Not sure it has been proposed as a thread here or on Pattaya forum, at least in a thorough and descriptive way as I intend it.
I’m a sinful devil bastard and I don’t let lust overwhelm my gluttony. I’m a serious foodie and I’m planning my short trip in September (18-24) accordingly. 3 nights in BKK, 3 nights in Pattaya, I’m almost set. 
Back home I read a lot on the subject and I’m always on the lookout for the latest gourmet novelties, be it higher-end places or cheap holes with exceptional love for what they do. 

I’m an Italian after all. We talk about food even when we are eating. 

In BKK I already enquired for a table at Gaggan, voted World’s best Asian restaurant and I put on my list some of the places A. Bourdain (RIP and Respect bro), visited. 

I was wondering if some of you sinners would like to share some tips on gems to be found while in BKK and Pattaya. 

I’m not afraid of experimenting strangest things as long as it’s really tasteful... 
the same goes for what arouses me in bed I suppose...

Thanks for your insights!

It is a little late in the day I guess but I am quite like you. My gluttony knows no boundaries. My last visit in August saw me visit Nara Thai Cuisine in Paragon for their glorious river prawn in garlic. 3 times!! Fresh prawns, fried till crackling, one could almost down the skin. Just glorious. 

Cozy italia, just in front of CIRB, serves a mean chicken cashew. Spicy and without the usual tomato'ish taste. Their papaya salad is pretty good too. 

I am familiar with Gaggan having eaten there before their Michelin star and then after. I made sure I got to know Anand and later when they were awarded the star, casually called him for a seat with a 1 month waiting list. I think it was ballsy of him to quit at the top of his game. All we now is wait in anticipation for his next project. I tip my hat to him. 

I also quite like some of the food at Or Tor Koh market. Although most of it is largely hit and miss. 


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Good news: Gaggan has just opened his new restaurant, called, well..., "Gaggan Anand"...

It's located on Sukhumvit, but waaay up on Soi 31... Address: 68 Soi Sukhumvit 31.



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Interesting news. I never went to Gaggan, but I always like to know about restaurants that are on the cutting edge. Here is a little more on the Chef's latest effort:


To quote from the article, "

Divided across three zones: G’s Spot, Arena G and My Private Table, the restaurant in Sukhumvit allows patrons to pick a dining experience as per their preferences. The overall idea for the new restaurant, Gaggan explains, is to retain a sense of fun while losing the pretension associated with fine dining. Expect “progressive Indian cuisine,” in a signature Gaggan Anand style. According to its website, the restaurant will serve “communal food” while promising to “stimulate emotions of food erogenous zones of your tongue with texture, temperature, taste and surprise.”

All booking requests can only be made online via the website. Apart from standard questions about allergies and food preferences, you will also have to answer a list of fairly unusual queries (what is your favourite band, cuss word, what your plans are before dinner at the restaurant), etc. A reservation team then confirms the booking. 

Gaggan Anand restaurant is open for dinner six days a week (closed on Tuesday) with five time slots: 5.30pm, 6.30pm, 7pm (G’s Spot only), 8.30pm, 9.30pm. (G’s Spot Table has only seating at 7pm).  8000++THB (Rs18,700) per person for the set menu." 

It seems a little pricey to me, but I would love to hear from someone who has been there and tried the food". 

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