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  1. It's not much of a breakfast but the "Nana Burger" right in front of the entrance to Nana Plaza is delicious. The way they drench the extra sauce on top for your first bite, tasty!
  2. AlexP

    Spy disabled?

    Yes, it should do that. Please PM me a screenshot of what you are seeing.. PS: Will move this topic to the Technology and I.T Forum soon.
  3. AlexP

    Spy disabled?

    The spy button on the menu is still present and the function works. It's inbetween the calendar & chat buttons. Can you check again
  4. AlexP

    Site redirect issue

    Guys, The redirect exploit issue has been fixed since 24 hours ago. Should no longer experience the redirect coming from any search engine directly onto the main page of the forum. It took a lot of frustration, time and effort to get it fixed. Appreciate your patience in this matter and thanks for the support and offered help. Thanks, Alex
  5. AlexP

    Site redirect issue

    Guys, It's been an ongoing issue for about 10 days, managed to fix it approx. 24 hours ago but it came back almost instantly. The exploit is mainly targeting Search Engine traffic to the main page (topics / sub forums) are not part of the exploit. Been working on it with server technicians and Invision Power (IP.Board software owners). Appreciate your patience on this matter, will update when have more information. Thanks, Alex
  6. AlexP

    search function and 3-letter names

    crazycloud, Try searching for: ladyboy toy, pictures toy.. longer search terms generally will give more search results. Not completely satisfied with the forum's search function as it is. Been looking at better options to improve search functionality. So far without success. Thanks, Alex