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  1. Ate there two years ago. Bit upmarket, no issues, someone else paid ;-) Average, wouldn't go again on my Baht.
  2. finklefoss

    Samed Cabana Resort, Koh Samet

    Thanks SA, Last time I was on Samet was 1992! No idea where I stayed that week, but the mozzies were ghastly. Though waking up to someone cutting your nails was one for the ages!
  3. Nice space. As was said earlier, much better with company. Tata was absolutely primo for me.
  4. finklefoss

    Hotel near cirb

    Stayed at Cozy back in May. Basic , but comfortable. My room looked down on CIB. Was a very short walk! Awesome.
  5. Thanks mardhi for the report, have booked for next April.