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  1. Let's presume everything is normal in Thailand and domestic flights work normally. I was thinking about the best way to travel in one month's holiday to all these places. Because let's face it, these 3-4 places are where the ladyboys are. Mostly in BKK and Pattaya, yes. But for a holiday it would be nice to visit Samui and Phuket too. If Phuket is no go or not worth the effort, we can drop that. First International flight to BKK, obviously. But where from there? There is an airport near Pattaya, the U-Tapao. ? but I think you can only fly there from Samui or BKK? All the 3 or 4 places are in a kind of " triangle" considering the geographical location. I know maybe it's easiest to spend a couple of nights in BKK and take a taxi or minibus down to Pattaya and go back to BKK and flight to Samui. Or from Pattaya to U-Tapao to Samui and back to BKK? There are many options. Short holidays like 2,3 or even 4 weeks you tend to not want to travel too much It is just a waste of time to sit in an airport or minibus all day. Just asking what the wisest and most cost-effective route to take is? Be free to speculate all the main destinations freely and maybe even visit-worthy places during the travel.
  2. ixix

    Hiv In Ladyboy Scene

    Whatever the numbers or % are. Just wear the party hat When you get used to condom. It's no big deal. You will come as easily as without. You have to just find your size and what style fits your knob. Really try and test many size. When you find good brand and fit you know. If you live in Thailand, order them from where ever. Lots of discussion about this topic in the forum. personally i think wearing the condom and maybe prep is safest thing to do if really mongering. Never done prep but i thinking it good idea. As it is easy to get and should be no side effects. And risk of getting hiv in blowjob is something like same as winning the lottery or lighting strike. Of course don't be stupid. If you have anything wrong in your mouth like ulcer or bleeding gums better to heal first. Or make the partner wear the party hat I hope the Thai government will educate more about STD for coming generations. Lot of nasty things beside Hiv out there.
  3. For backing up your files and data on laptop or desktop. It is easiest to buy some 2.5" external hdd like these https://www.techradar.com/news/best-external-desktop-and-portable-hard-disk-drives any external hdd should be fine. they all work the same. if you want to be really sure no files are lost. Buy 2. tape them together and use windows storage spaces to make them mirror each other.(they have to be empty when you do this) that way you never lose any data if another hdd breaks. other still works. Just buy new one. Also make sure you take "image" from your windows drive to external hdd with programs like this https://www.easeus.com/backup-software/tb-free.html (MAC has similar thing called time machine. works great too.) (that program also works in mac) that way if windows gets fucked up you can easily just go back one or more days when things worked fine. also if your laptop gets stolen or breaks. you can easily put the image in new laptop. with programs like that you can set it automatic to take image every day and backup other files too automatic. No more lost pictures/videos and other important stuff and memories.