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  1. BeachGuySC

    Anyone for Cricket

    All the whores left Canada. Like all good Canadians they now infect, I mean live in the lower 48. They are proud of their heritage though. Always go on and on about how great Canada is. But when I ask “if it’s so great, why don’t you still live there”, I get that 5 mile stare. And they start speaking French.
  2. BeachGuySC

    Anyone for Cricket

    Careful with the US- Canada stuff. On the flight home last week I sat next to a Korean guy who asked me where I was from. Told him US. He then proceeded to ask me if I’d ever been to Canada, which I had and told him I actually lived there a while and had been all over the frozen north. He then asked me what I thought about Canada. So being tired and feeling a little snarky, I said “ only two things in Canada - retards and hockey players”. He was visibly upset with my answer and with a menacing glare retorted “ My wife is from Canada”. Gathered myself quickly and said “ oh yeah, what team does she play for?”
  3. BeachGuySC

    Free Hospitals ?

    As long as he can spend that every week, that’s probably true. It appears from posts he’s there all the time, but even if that were true, he’d get bored or his nest egg would disappear or he couldn’t service all the girls every night at every bar. Or can he......? Its like The car business. If a dealer gets one or two people that pay full window sticker price in a month - out of 200 cars sold - he’s thrilled. Everyone else negotiates. But the persons who paid sticker are thrilled too, maybe negotiation is painful for them. .....sincerely, signed Captain Obvious ! ( I will say this same thing a different way in my next 400 posts in the next 6 minutes). Okay - lighten up, it’s just a joke ..........if we can’t make fun of ourselves, who can we laugh at? Beam? Thailand’s women’s soccer team?
  4. BeachGuySC


    I bought and used PureVPN. Don’t know much about technicalities but seems to work fine. I was able to listen to Sirius XM, watched some espn college football games live and other pro us sports and accessed all other normal stuff I access in US - including the forum- via my iPad. Says it has a separate server for Netflix but didn’t try it. Was 60 dollars US for 60 months. I use it back home too, couple of minor issues but support was very good and issues resolved quickly.
  5. BeachGuySC

    Vaccination clinic recommendations

    Was there 8:weeks ago for the first time, and for a big city, was fairly pleased with how it was kept. Lived in a few big US and Canadian cities over the years and visited most of the others and it was on par or a little better in that regard. Lots of new v old contrast IMO. But as a new board member who just went there this week for the first time aptly put it to me when asked about his first impression - “it’s a different planet man”. Anywho, I see it as kind of an escape into a different dimension. Our own little Star Trek.......or Twilight Zone episode. Keep the good shit coming boys, great reading ! Reality is always stranger than fiction ..........!
  6. BeachGuySC

    Vaccination clinic recommendations

    But you’re saying there is actually a chance for either to happen? Need to adjust my travel insurance for snakes AND martians........... T minus 8 days. Looking forward to some trip reports and bar photos to pass away the waiting time..........
  7. BeachGuySC

    Rooftop bars

    Of course you really meant to say “below zero” fun........
  8. BeachGuySC

    Rooftop bars

    Always! You know us over here in the Evil Empire. Never a dull day PLUS the stock market is through the roof today. Nice - especially 13 days from my next tour of duty in BKK. Drinks on me ! BTW. enjoy all the positive banter and extremely helpful info from you guys.
  9. BeachGuySC

    Rooftop bars

    Just rung that up for them, 350 baht for the room please. You guys need to figure out who barfines who. Or is it whom.?
  10. Also went past it several times a day a month ago, to and from my hotel. Never ever many people in there. But they blared some great 80s tunes on their outdoor speakers. I love Mex, Tex-Mex etc, but can get really authentic eats here in states - when i am flying 9,000 miles to LOS its all Thai street food for this hombre.