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  1. DeepnHard

    Dynasty Grande

    Who's forgetting to *close* them... (sometimes I forget to leave mine open)
  2. DeepnHard

    Davin Hotel

    I personally like the tranquility of deserted depressing motels.
  3. DeepnHard

    BKK Craft Beer

    As may be obvious, Thailand has never been colonized, so their beer taste isn't European. Of the surrounding countries I find Thailand makes the worst beer (bland taste as well as the most expensive). Compare Thai beer to Cambodian, Laotian, or Vietnamese (all French colonies). Poor stuff. Indonesian and Malay beer is better too, in my experience. (Everything else is great, though )
  4. DeepnHard

    has anyone caught an std?

    I'm pretty slutty orally. Rimming is what I've got sick on a couple of times, but that's rare (parasites). I suck and swallow too. (As gay sites point out, don't let the cum linger in your mouth: "spit or swallow, don't wallow"). Cumming in mouth is usually low risk, unless you have sores in your mouth (that are bleeding, say) or gums that are bleeding. Then, there's the initial phase of HIV where the HIV count is something like 50 times what it would normally be. This is the first 3 months or so (my understanding, may be longer). During that time, there's more risk of course, though I think with a tight mouth (no bleeding) it's still pretty safe. But then I'm 70 and not as afraid of dying as I once was.
  5. DeepnHard

    Mandatory STD testing in LB bars?

    Right. There's a lot of fakery going around. And go to a legit testing place to, if you want to walk her in for a test. Some are paid off by the girls. Don't go to a place *she* suggests. I played out this scenario in Cambodia and took the girl to my doc, not hers. Positive for both HIV and Hep B.
  6. DeepnHard

    Dentist and doctors

    I feel better already.
  7. DeepnHard

    Dentist and doctors

    But an untreatable gonorrhea has emerged.... http://www.who.int/mediacentre/news/releases/2017/Antibiotic-resistant-gonorrhoea/en/ ...and I've heard from a BM here that the current HIV treatment drugs don't *always* work either (he recently buried a friend). An instant cheap STD diagnosis would be really nice, like a 10 second swab of the arm that would tell whether either of you had anything to fear. I really *hate* to fuck with condoms.
  8. DeepnHard

    Dentist and doctors

    Some of the girls have RABIES?!!!
  9. DeepnHard

    Dentist and doctors

  10. DeepnHard

    Dentist and doctors

    You probably know this, but apparently oral sex in the first few months with people who've just gotten HIV can be quite dangerous. The HIV oral concentration goes up by something like 50 times. After a few months, the virus concentration drops to where oral sex isn't much of a hazard again. Good point about PrEP. I bought some about 4 months ago but haven't used it at all since my sexual encounters (at 70) aren't exactly numerous or planned. One or two times a month is about my average. I used to love to roll cum around my mouth like fine wine, savoring every molecule but since our man from Pattaya (who got HIV orally) clued us in, I've been careful to swallow it quickly, since I permanently have minor oral bleeding on one side of my mouth.
  11. DeepnHard

    Dentist and doctors

    LB cum is known to be good for the teeth. And I try to gargle with it before swallowing too. (I'm just joking. The advice on HIV forums is to swallow quickly or spit it out...so that possible HIV viruses won't enter the body through small lesions in the mouth. (Same same, advice of not brushing your teeth before a LB encounter where you'll be swallowing cum. Brushing can create small temporary lesions (holes).
  12. DeepnHard

    Dentist and doctors

    To me that says "buyer beware" more than anything.
  13. DeepnHard

    Don Muang airport to nana

    Just come in on crutches. I'm serious. I don't need them but I always carry a collapsible set for easy access (just joking, I'm still a backpacker at 70 and my light pack is just filled with condoms anyway).
  14. DeepnHard

    Don Muang airport to nana

    When you can't get it up anymore? I remember the specter of octogenarians clattering down the streets of Florida suburbs on their "walkers", with boners projecting through their hospital robes, terrorizing the local women, thanks to Viagra and testosterone shots. A bit like a zombie flick.
  15. DeepnHard

    Dentist and doctors

    Here's a Thai reddit forum on the topic: http://www.mission-hospital.org/en/ https://www.reddit.com/r/Thailand/comments/20gicw/good_quality_dentist_in_bangkok/ Personally I see Dr. Pissnu at Mission Hospital, and have been for 10 years. He's very good and very thorough, a periodontist though, which may not be what you're looking for. Generally I've found the dentists there excellent and relatively cheap (I also had a girlfriend who had a tooth replaced successfully). There are lots of dentists in Thailand who charge through the nose and aren't very good either. And they'll always recommend the most expensive way to do things. With Pissnu (love the name), he always gives you a choice: "Well, there's a cheap way to do this which works about 70% of the time and a much more expensive way that works 95% of the time." I always go for the cheap option and have never had a problem. A cleaning with him is about 900B, but keep in mind that he's a periodontist, so it would be less with a non-specialist there. Mission Hospital is part of the 7th Day Adventist Hospitals. They're justly famous for their dental work. I haven't gone there for anything else though. I had a partial denture put in by them up in Chiang Mai in 2003 for $150. I asked my US dentist to look at it. He said it was excellent with quality materials. "How much it would be in the US": $1500.