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  1. Yeah FT over MBK. MBK is full of tourists.
  2. panlaman

    A7 Hidden Hostel

    Probably many have been here but don't remember the name....like me 5555! One chick took me here recently and it was OK place to get fucked in. Suk. Soi 7/1. https://g.page/a7hiddenhostel?share Nothing spectacular but when you get an impulse while near Nana BTS, it's great to have this place close at hand. 300B ST, 400B if you bring 2. Yes I did!
  3. For you cheap charlies out there (like me) I used Nine Plus Loft in Phra Khanong. Out of the way from prying eyes on a small side soi from Suk., which is good for those of us living here on the down low. Chick came in from Ratchaburi to fuck me and I just handed her a 1000 when she arrived and let her check herself in. I never check in as I don't want my passport used PLUS all the covid tracking now. Sex was very unremarkable so nothing to report there lol, but room was nice and clean. No elevator. Room was 400 and there are 500 and 600B rooms as well despite this being a "hostel". Pro tip: type "love hotel" into google and you'll find everything you need for whatever area you're looking for in whatever price range you set it for. 400 per night is about as low as you can get and this spot was cheap AND convenient for me to get to and escape from. https://www.google.com/travel/hotels/s/R3VbH