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  1. Jackman11007

    Travel Cameras

    It’s all appreciated thanks mate!
  2. Jackman11007

    Travel Cameras

    Ahhh unsure about that one! Yeh when you put it like that it’s not really worth the risk. Thanks Ropey!
  3. Jackman11007

    Travel Cameras

    I did see some deals at Changi airport... which made me think duty free but I did think if I couldn’t find what I wanted or a good deal I’d be stuck with my iPhone. Obviously I need some decent pics for a trip report haha!
  4. Jackman11007

    Travel Cameras

    Might see what I can get in duty free. Was hoping to not surpass $500 was looking at the canon PowerShot sx 430 as it has good reviews for a novice like myself
  5. Jackman11007

    Travel Cameras

    Smart phones are okay but not great especially when you mirror your movies onto a sizeable TV. Whats a VHS?
  6. Jackman11007

    Travel Cameras

    I’m thinking I’ll be need a half decent camera for this upcoming trip!! Obviously for sight seeing and hopefully some models also what cameras and camcorders does everyone use?
  7. Had some cool Korean and Thai bbqs on the lower level food court can’t reme the exact names but there is KFC also can’t recommend the colonel enough
  8. Jackman11007

    Rooftop bars

    I’m booked in for the continent in November I think I’ll be spending some time in the sky bar with that view!
  9. Anyone have any recommendations for really decent seafood in Sukhumvit?
  10. Jackman11007

    Well hotel Bangkok

    Thansk mate! I checked it out looks decent will be going in July!
  11. Jackman11007

    Well hotel Bangkok

    http://www.wellhotelbangkok.com/ Any BM stay at this place before? Im looking for somewhere decent with no joiner fees, close to the center of it all. I reckon picking a hotel is the hardest part thus far!
  12. Jackman11007

    Sofitel Sukhumvit

    I'll definitely add the Sofitel to the hotel short list! I'd much rather pay the extra for a decent bed and decent shower good to hear they are guest friendly and have a rooftop bar!
  13. Jackman11007

    Desktop or laptop replacement

    I've got an iPad never had an issue don't need virus protection either. Depends really if your a apple product person or a windows android person