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  1. KLW


    Annual Update I still have acute HBV it will never be cured but so what, to be honest I feel no different now as I did before it was diagnosed, being tired is down to the fact I am an old fart now and working 84 hours a week is a young mans game, sad cunt ain't I? If I was to follow medical advice I would have died by boredom by now, "STOP DRINKING" fuck off, if I want to cane 3 bottles of Vodka over a weekend it is up to me, the two cases of beer are just incidental, Northern Vietnam close to the Chinese Border is not a hotbed of excitement but the $ is Good, haha Biggest problem with HBV is foreign nations perception of it and not issuing Work Permits / Residency Cards hence the reason I end up working in Vietnam at least the commies still love me haha.
  2. Last time I was there was a couple of years ago and it was just as good as it had been in the previous years.l Now I tend to go to a place nearby about 600 Meters away from Mali head up Sathorn 1 Alley Lane 1 which is in fact Soi Suan Phlu 8 just before getting to Suan Phlu there is "Uncle Johns" on the Right Hand Side A Few reviews on trip advisor http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g293916-d2578972-Reviews-Uncle_John-Bangkok.html
  3. Wallet out in Hong Naam, hmmm drugs maybe
  4. KLW


    Deep, My partner had HBV injections 2 years ago and when I have my annual check up she also has anti body check a simple $50 blood test, well worth it for peace of mind.
  5. KLW


    HBV antibodies last a lifetime, trust me I am somewhat of an expert on this topic!
  6. KLW


    Hugh I will never get better but can try to stay on same level, there are 2 levels of HBV Acute which is curable and Chronic which is with you for life, I am chronic, probably went bareback one too many times, cest la vive. The irony is since I was diagnosed and modified my lifestyle I am feeling a whole lot better than I ever did before and having frequent medical check ups. A bit of a scare last week my CEA Carcinembryonic Antigen count was high, a tell tale sign of cancer, I just paid the £500 had a camera shoved down my throat and up my arse, I was clear but I do have a copy of the camera going up my ass on my iPad great ice breaker haha. I am probably healthier than most other people my age, I know what I have and live life accordingly, I know that I am high risk of cancer and my Doctor tells me stop drinking and smoking and I tell him no, I moderate, people who don't Drink, Smoke and screw around don't live longer it just feels as if they do. I know that my liver is in good health because I have an annual ultrasound, I know I am cancer free because I have had a freaking endoscope up my butt and down my throat, For Fucks sake I am over 50 years old and still playing football (soccer to my USA Cousins) perfect cholesterol levels, perfect Blood Pressure, perfect BMI etc something I get checked every 6 months, and I completed my last marathon in 3:18 still life in the old dog yet. Brings me back to threads about "Retire in Thailand" hell yes top notch health care but it costs money, my insurance does not cover my check ups since it is a pre existing condition, I don't care, I only have one life and I want to go out disgracefully I am working on it.
  7. KLW

    Taxi booking apps for BKK

    Personally never had the need for an App to get a taxi, it would take me longer to whip out my phone and type in the information than it would to walk to the end of the Soi and grab a passing cab. The only time I pre-book a taxi is for Airport but I avail myself to the services of the hotel next door, this reminds me need one for Sunday AM back to Hanoi again to make some sanuk tokens.
  8. KLW


    Well two years on and I am still here living with it. I had my annual medical check up last week and I am in better shape now than I was when I was first diagnosed, all blood counts back to normal viral load lower than it was when first diagnosed etc. I have just moderated my alcohol intake, I.e. Less than one bottle of Vodka / day and keep beer under 12 per day, I jest you not, plus a slightly healthier diet ( no vodka on my cornflakes), Joking aside, where as I used to drink everyday I will now go a few days a month dry and allow the body to recover and have started eating more fresh food, currently in Vietnam there is no fast food so no option but for fresh, feeling as fit as a fiddle for a 50 year old. The only downside is how it is perceived by various Nations, Middle East is a no go area for me anymore as is Australia (Work Permit Wise) even in Vietnam it was a struggle to get medical clearance signed off, now if I worked in F&B, Medical or Childcare I would understand but I design oil Refineries and Power Plants I am only intimate at work with my computers. HBV is not HIV but many countries attach the same stigma against it, but as I said 2 years ago, life is too short to worry, onwards and upwards guys!
  9. KLW

    Narathiwas residence @ Saithorn

    Rod, One of these days you may learn, this is where the action is at, just because the gurlz work Nana / Sukhumvit etc does not mean that they live there, Suan Phlu, Narwatiwas, Thung Maha Mek, Yen Akart etc is Ladyboy central, there are more bolt ons per Square Meter in this district than anywhere else in the world, great district.
  10. Large Posterior Just done it now on my new iPad Air Setings / General / International / Keyboards, Add new Keyboard That Easy
  11. For IOS I use a free app called "Translator" Not only does it give you text but also speech, been having fun with it in Nam using phrases site as Nice Tits and Cute arse, maybe I will grow up one of these days but I doubt it.
  12. KLW

    Narathiwas residence @ Saithorn

    Morten Suan Phlu has 2 sides, the odd numbered soi's i.e. the market side is nearly as rough as my home city where as the even numbered side is affordable middle class district. The odd side is all family owned and operated, the market the tuk tuks and motocycs the Thai Mafia or Koh Lang Wang (thiefs behind the palace) where you think my board handle comes from The big dick is my wifes uncle, his sister (My mother in law) is the loan shark, Bro in Law is the Debt collector and Mrs KLW is the family Lawyer, it's an amazing place
  13. KLW

    Narathiwas residence @ Saithorn

    Morten my friend, Most Patpong gals live East of Sathorn around Suan Phlu area , trust me I know I own and rent out 4 apartments to them, good tenants
  14. KLW

    Narathiwas residence @ Saithorn

    Top Tip To get to Sukhumvit from Narathiwas head away from Silom then go North on Ratchaprasedik, brings you out South Side of Asoke and misses out all the downtown traffic. There are quicker short cuts down the back Soi's which I take, but hell I have lived in the area for over 23 years now so sort of know my way around.
  15. Dick Swaab sounds like a test for an STD