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  1. Jackman11007

    Where will Thai LB post now that backpage is down?

    Tsdating.com looks the goods
  2. Jackman11007

    Well hotel Bangkok

    Thansk mate! I checked it out looks decent will be going in July!
  3. Jackman11007

    Well hotel Bangkok

    http://www.wellhotelbangkok.com/ Any BM stay at this place before? Im looking for somewhere decent with no joiner fees, close to the center of it all. I reckon picking a hotel is the hardest part thus far!
  4. Jackman11007

    Sofitel Sukhumvit

    I'll definitely add the Sofitel to the hotel short list! I'd much rather pay the extra for a decent bed and decent shower good to hear they are guest friendly and have a rooftop bar!
  5. Jackman11007

    Looking for Thippy

    Was thinking the same thing! She started in boxing me on line and TF
  6. Jackman11007

    thai friendly girls

    Thanks for the heads up! I'll steer clear!
  7. Jackman11007

    Desktop or laptop replacement

    I've got an iPad never had an issue don't need virus protection either. Depends really if your a apple product person or a windows android person
  8. Jackman11007

    thai friendly girls

    Yeh added her on line looks to good to be true seen her on backpage as well looks like a wild one though!
  9. Jackman11007

    thai friendly girls

    Any reviews on this LB https://www.thaifriendly.com/Candice4u