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  1. The lobby is small and often very busy. They don't make a habit of asking for IDs and because I knew all girls in pics very well, there was no need to stop at front desk. If you aren't well acquainted with an LB, for your own safety you probably want to have the front desk take her ID. Otherwise, just make a beeline for the elevators. Taking 2 girls to the room are no problem. I don't know about taking 3 guests. Just make your reservation for 2 people, so at least you will be partially covered if questions arise. Good luck.
  2. Citrus 11 is excellent value for the money. The traffic gets backed up on the soi out front, and you can often save time by just hiking down to soi 3 to get a cab there. From Sukhumvit, you can take a motorbike taxi up 11 for about 20 baht. The hotel restaurant is fine, but nothing special. Around the corner is Firehouse Hamburger (one of the best you will eat), The Australian, and other Soi 11 restaurants. A little bonus....Below is a photo I took at Citrus 11 of Sofie a few years back, right after she got plastic jugs installed. Back then she was cute, mentally stable and pleasant to be around. These days she is none of those things, sad to say. But we sure had some fun in that hotel, LOL.
  3. oliver17

    Royal President Bangkok

    This website is better for pics and reviews of hotels. The pics are professional, but they were taken by Oyster instead of provided by the hotel. There are 47 pics of suites. Oyster.com beats the hell out of Trip Advisor, expedia and the others for hotel info. https://www.oyster.com/bangkok/hotels/royal-president-bangkok/
  4. oliver17

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    Do you mean The Continent at Sukhumvit and Asok? I have stayed there once in the past. They are LB friendly. They also don't have a problem with taking 2 girls to your room.
  5. oliver17

    Galleria 10 & 12 in Sukhumvit, Bkk

    I have stayed at Galleria 10 twice. Mikel gets it right. A couple of things to add: The lobby restaurant tends to get overwhelmed at breakfast. It's often hard to get a table quickly and it takes a while before tables are cleaned. The wi-fi on upper floors and at the pool can be dodgy. It's a 5 minute walk up to Sukhumvit or CIB. Galleria 10 gets very little traffic out front, so if you need a taxi to take you and your luggage to the airport, be prepared to wait 15 or 20 minutes for the bellhops to fetch you a cab. Don't know if this is important to you, but they do not take IDs of guests at the front desk. While you don't have anything to worry about with girls from CIB or Why Not, you may want to keep this in mind if you bring in a freelancer.
  6. I can't get past the last sentence. Why are even interested in paying 14k baht to an escort service when you can simply visit one of the many LB bars, choose any 2 girls you want and pay 1/3 what Absolute Ripoff charges? It makes zero sense to use an escort service at all unless you have some reason (i.e. medical disability, etc) that precludes you from getting girls from the bars, freelancers or even TF.
  7. oliver17

    Smack Me , suck me and fuck me

    I have her line ID: lasttimeiwasherewas3yearsago
  8. Without knowing what your budget is, if you are looking for big room( suites are 55 sq m) at decent rates, you may want to look at Citrus 11 on Soi 11. The suites can be had late may for about 2100 baht. They have 2 full bathrooms per suite, which comes in handy when you bring 2 girls with you. I know One True Saxon has stayed here as well, and I think he liked it just fine. https://www.citrus11sukhumvit.com/en/ Below are some pics from my stay a couple of years ago - Amy from Cascades showing her ass and Stephanie from Casanova showing her tits.
  9. oliver17

    Flight at 1am

    Just get a cheapo room at Heaven @ 4 or some such place that charges 700 - 1000 baht per night. There are many such hotels around lower Sukhumvit. There is also a modestly priced hotel across the alley from CIB on Soi 10, some BMs stay there on occasion.
  10. oliver17

    PB Hotel - Short time room

    Why won't they get in the chair?
  11. At Terminal 21 on the very top floor near the movie theaters there is a phone repair shop / accessory store. It's catty-corner from the movie theater and a fairly good sized place. Last year ladyboy JJ's Iphone looked like it had been through a nuclear war with smashed screen and software issues. I thought it was a lost cause, but they fixed it good as new within a couple of hours for about 1200 baht as I recall. There are also several dedicated phone shops for all of the Thai phone companies on the top floor as well.
  12. oliver17

    Hotel near cirb

    I have stayed at Galleria 10, about 1/4 mile down Soi 10 from CIB. Mid-priced hotel with small but nice rooms. LB friendly and I am sure most of the CIB girls are familiar with it. There is also a small hotel (it's not the hostel shown on map) on Soi 10 within rock throwing distance from CIB - I can't remember the name of it, but a BM here posted pics and a brief review as I recall. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g293916-d1950652-Reviews-Galleria_10_Sukhumvit-Bangkok.html
  13. oliver17

    Looking for Elle

    For some reason she just doesn't give off the vibe of being a common university student.... http://shemalestardb.com/stars/N/Nee_4/ If you belong to either Ladyboygold.com or ladyboy.xxx they often provide contact info for their models. If I belonged to either one of them myself, I would post her contact info here. Maybe somebody else here is a member and can help.
  14. oliver17

    New site LadyboyPlay Produce by Ladyboy Thippy69

    My sex dreams never get to the part where I blast a girl with cum, because at that point the clock alarm goes off and it's time to get out of bed and go to fucking work.
  15. oliver17

    Recommended Vaccination clinic Bangkok for Hep A and B

    I did find this, but don't know if it is exactly what you are looking for. Upper right corner is a "send us inquiry" link for email. I am guessing you will have to show them certs from the UK Docs to prove that you have had the other vaccinations in the series. https://www.bumrungrad.com/en/travel-medicine-clinic-bangkok-thailand