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  1. So? That may be some porn name that was given to her by some photographer. Or maybe she chose it herself for a porn shoot, who knows? Her name is Everest because that's what she calls herself. If you go to CIB and ask for Micky, you will get a blank stare in return. Everest herself will give you a blank stare if you address her as Micky.
  2. Nothing inherently wrong with freelancers, other than the stuff you outlined. The reason to prefer girls from bars is that if something goes wrong between you and the LB, you can take it up with the bar (mamasan) who will straighten it out for you. When LBs have to worry about their job, they will be less inclined to steal, help themselves to your mini-bar, split early, be unpleasant, etc. Note that even bar girls may try to pull a fast one. Be aware of what's going on when you are with one, particularly if you haven't been with her previously. Always be aware, period. Many older, well known girls with stellar reputations like Everest or TaTa from CIB, Kelly from Temptations, Pay from Cool Sports you don't have to worry about at all. That doesn't mean you don't take precautions, but if you accidentally left your wallet out in the open while you take a shower, you can be fairly sure none of these girls would take advantage of it. Gnarly = manly, old, ugly on a stick or worse. Some guys like 'em this way. Each to his own.
  3. First of all, making a list prior to your first visit is a waste of time. Many guys do that and they all toss their lists out the window when they get to town and see what is available. Your best best is to visit the gogos and observe the girls on stage, which is the best place to observe their bodies. If you are into the more masculine type, there are plenty of freelancers working the streets that fit the bill. However, if you are a beginner you want to proceed with caution using freelancers. On soi 4, the further down the street you go from NEP, the gnarlier the freelancers you will come across.
  4. oliver17

    Traveling with condoms and sex toys

    A man hasn't lived until he has perused sex toys at the Indian street booths whilst Arab women wearing full black burqas pass by. Insider tip for horndogs and mongers: Burqa gals showing any eyebrow are promiscuous. Have fun, fellas.
  5. oliver17

    OTS's Hotel reviews

    These manhole covers. These are smaller ones, raised a bit that almost act like speed bumps. There are larger rectangular shaped covers in the middle of the soi in some spots. Thai construction quality....
  6. oliver17

    OTS's Hotel reviews

    The roadwork on So 13 is complete now. It's still not a smooth road because of the giant manhole / access covers put into place, but is no longer the mess it was. It's concrete, not asphalt.
  7. oliver17

    Zen Rooms /Best hotel for Check inn bar

    The building is undergoing a substantial renovation now. Some of the interior has been gutted from bottom floor all the way to the top. The little restaurant located in the corner of the building facing soi 10 is still operating, but am not sure about the rest of the building. I took these pics last night at 2:00 am and no lights were on so it was hard to tell what if anything was occupied. First shot is facing down the little side soi toward CIB in lower left of pic.
  8. They hate it, as anybody who has taken an LB to Charley Brown's or The Mexican can tell you. There is a particular aversion to corn tortillas, one of the staples of the cuisine.
  9. oliver17

    Long thin cocks

    This probably means she doesn't want or need guys to contact her right now.
  10. oliver17

    Solitaire Bangkok on Soi 13

    Yes I stayed there last week. Walking to Nana is quite a hike and it would take longer than 15 minutes. What google maps don't show are the crumbling sidewalks, Indian trinket booths, food carts, Arabs families loitering, beggars, etc that you have to navigate on the way. You can take a motorbike taxi to Sukhumvit for 20 baht, and then connect whatever way you want from there. There are also cabs and tuk tuks available. If cab is on the meter, NEP would be about 50 or 60 baht. My room was a bit on the smallish side, a mid-priced room I can't remember what is was called. However, the bed was the largest I have ever seen - much larger than a king size. I had 2 LBs spend the night with me a couple of nights and we could have easily accomodated a 3rd girl for 4 people total. The bathroom had very little counter top space, which is something I hate. I like being able to put all toiletries on the counter top next to the sink, but I couldn't do that. The closet was tiny and there really isn't anyplace to store undershorts or socks except in your luggage. 24 hour room service is not available, which is another negative. The restaurant itself is nothing special, but the food is decent both in quality and price. I know this comes off as a negative review, but I wouldn't have any problems staying there again. However, if you want to stay in this area at a similar price you can get more bang for the buck at Grand Swiss on soi 11 or In Residence on soi 13. One last thing: they don't take IDs of guests, which is something to be wary of if you plan on bringing a freelancer to your room.
  11. oliver17

    Mimi (african lb) bkk

    She used to work at Charades and also goes by the name Lookme - as a matter of fact there is another active thread running on her now. I sat with her once and got the distinct impression that she thinks her shit doesn't stink. I don't think it was language issue either. I can usually tell the difference when they are shy with poor English skills and when they have diva complex and she definitely fell into the latter category. Maybe she compensates for it in bed, I don't know. Good sex washes away character flaws, no?
  12. oliver17

    Hotel Guest Policies for Ladyboys

    If you look at post #34 in this thread you will see I emailed them 3 times and they never responded, but obviously that was a few years ago. You should email them yourself and ask them about guest policy and if they don't answer you, I would consider that a red flag.
  13. oliver17

    Grand 5 Hotel - not guest friendly

    It is a prominent hotel, so you did a good deed by pointing it out. I think most guys here already avoid booking rooms in the Arab quarter for just that reason.
  14. oliver17

    Grand 5 Hotel - not guest friendly

    A hint as to the reason why they're not LB friendly can be found when you google "Grand 5 Hotel Arabs" and get 83,500,000 results. Below is a typical review found on tripavisor.com if you need more convincing... https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g293916-d10502996-r613836188-Grand_5_Hotel_Plaza_Sukhumvit_Bangkok-Bangkok.html
  15. oliver17

    Solitaire Bangkok on Soi 13

    I know it's late in the game, so Bwana may have given up on this question. I myself have a reservation at Solitaire for upcoming December trip, so I emailed them to find out their guest policy. Below is their reply. It looks like they frown on getting blow jobs in the restaurant, but everything else is a go ladyboy-wise..... Dear Mr. ******* Thank you for your email to Solitaire Bangkok Sukhumvit 11, The joiner is free of charge however we do require them to present and leave their ID card at reception desk upon arrival and they are not allowed to be in any hotel public area. Should you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us. Best Regards, Natthaphat Santhaphan (Phat)(Mr.) | Reservations Manager SOLITAIRE BANGKOK by Kingston Hotels Group 75/23 Sukhumvit 13 , Bangkok 10110, Thailand T: +66 (0) 2 081 3999 | F: +66 (0) 2 081 3888 | D: +66 (0) 2 081 3922 E: rsvn.mgr@solitairebangkok.com Working Hour: 07:30 – 18:00 hrs on Mon – Fri & 08:00 – 17:30 hrs on Sat