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  1. Hi all I live in Laos and am traveling to Thailand this month and back to England before Christmas but I haven't booked my flight to the UK yet. Will I have a problem entering Thailand. Thanks for your answers.
  2. bazza60

    Flight Credit. Anybody got a refund?

    Well my experience was very positive because I booked direct with Emirates last year paid £430 for a June return flight had options to get money back or re book within 2 years of my original booking. I decided to hold out so I called them early this month because I wanted to fly this month to find out how much the flight would be because have been following prices and the dates I wanted were around £1200 so was expecting to pay extra but I did not have to pay another penny !!!! So all I can say is I am more than happy with Emirates and will be my airline of choice in the future
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    Great you have been very helful now another question my other half is from LAOS I am assuming that there will be no problem extending hers?
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    Thanks for your help sounds like a simple process is there any reason why they would refuse to renew an extension? Thanks.
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    OK great that has cleared that up I have never had to extend my stamp before so have done some research and looks like I have to to somewhere near Don Meung, so will go there next month and complete the paperwork I have looked at what is required and looks pretty simple. Thanks for your answer.
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    I do not need a visa I was just asking if the normal 30 day stamp has been extended to 45 days just heard it somewhere else thats all
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    Hi all can anyone confirm if the pass is for 30days or 45 days and also if the pass can be extended as normal at an Immigration Bereau? Thanks,