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  1. juanrulfo1

    TS Dating Angelababy

    Its a matter of taste actually and yes i do enjoy them. I like my girls with bigger ass than mine.
  2. juanrulfo1

    TS Dating Angelababy

    She was posting in Ts Dating only. She posts only for a few hours then takes it down, probably hiding from some Sponsor, or "S". I reckon she is now in Singapore, doing the circuit. First time or second time she gets out of Manila. Looks exactly like the pictures, but im pretty sure she will be more expensive next time. Is definetly A Grade. i noticed that despite what they say about Pinoys, and i mainly agree on 80% of the cases, there is a niche that can be really stunning, more than the Thai sisters. This definetly is the case.
  3. juanrulfo1

    TS Dating Angelababy

    Did anyone tried this? http://www.ts-dating.com/escort/Angelababy . Sounds too good to be true, quoted me 3k Short Time. Pinoy , really one of the most passable and hot LB i seen in a while. Too good to be true or what? I see no edit in her pictures but she looks stunning.. hopefully someone can confirm it before i arrive in a couple of weeks. Thank you
  4. juanrulfo1

    TS DATING barbiequin

    Ok im willing to try, someone that actually met her wants to duo her with me? I cover all expenses.. PM me.
  5. juanrulfo1

    TS DATING barbiequin

    Anyone know her? Could someone provide some feedback. Ill be in BKK next week.