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  1. emillion

    Private Pool

    Thanks all. Some great places, but $1'000 a night above my pay grade. I will let you know if I find anywhere.
  2. emillion

    Private Pool

    Hey members. I know this is a long shot. Has anyone found a private pool villa in or near Bangkok. I, trying to avoid the 3 hour drive to hua hin. Eagerly waiting some help here. I've nearly googled my self death over this
  3. emillion

    Banyan Tree Bangkok

    Too far -3ks taxi material or bts
  4. emillion

    Banyan Tree Bangkok

    Haven't been there. Any ladyboy talent. 555
  5. emillion

    Banyan Tree Bangkok

    Definitely I think C&D is a must - more likely to make my selection from there but I may wonder over to the newish Tootsie Bar and have a butchers - its actually hard to get a sense of the girls in C&D - its bit like choosing a fine wine they all seem to have different looks - but chemistry is a key driver - looking forward to meeting Jim he sounds like a scream - will definitely do a TR - have not had a lot of success in BKK getting pictures bit it looks like that may be easier to achieve with C&D ladies stay tuned E
  6. emillion

    Banyan Tree Bangkok

    Siam man. I'm really pleased this is of value. I get a huge amount out of this forum and it's nice to think I'm making a contribution. Stayed at a great place in Phuket a while back so will do up a review on that one. Have gone nuts and sorted a private pool villa for the weekend coming in Phuket. Will review that when I get back. Ciao. E
  7. emillion

    Conrad Wireless Road

    TripleZ. I completely get that. I have had heaps of gg and lb visit me in this hotel in the past. All they need to do is see the concierge and they will call your room You can then either go down to meet them or they will send them to the elevator and let them up to your floor. The only risk in this is that your boss is checking in right at the same time the Amazonian lb says your name right next to him. But hey shit happens. But seriously I have never had a problem with this part of it but it's really what you are comfortable with.
  8. emillion

    Banyan Tree Bangkok

    Sorry guys Correction to my shit typing Its a 1 bedroom suite I'm referring not 2 - see additional pictures of the room
  9. emillion

    Banyan Tree Bangkok

    So this is my second hotel review - first up please don't think Im a rich tosser - most of my travel to bkk is for business which means in most cases I get a budget to spend i.e. its not my money, so this is probably of interest to BM that travel fro business and not on their own coin. I found my self at this hotel a few weeks ago and by using a corporate travel agent managed a 2 bedroom suite for 5200 baht all in including breakfast and internet. I just checked the website and they offer it for 7200 baht with breakfast, so I guess this is really for business travellers - but who said I can't get poked by a lb even if I am working during the day So heres my view Having a suite and the extra space is a bonus - lots more places to screw like rabbits - beds can be so over rated. Bathroom enormous, shower and a spa bath - very luxurious. All important the bath shower head comes off and leave the perfect accoutrement hose to ensure a clean poop shoot for nocturnal nailing Another added touch I liked was the incense in the bathroom and the oil burner in the bedroom - all added to the atmosphere Location is ok but nothing really in walking distance its on Sathorn Road which is pretty close to Silom Road and the action. the one evening around 7pm I was trying to get back to meet my LB friend traffic was a parking lot so I jumped out of my tax and had my first motor bike taxi ride in 20 years visiting bangkok - as the traffic was so heavy it was fine, but I did laugh - Im quite a big bloke, in a suit with my bag over my shoulder arriving at a five star hotel on the back of a taxi to rounds of applause from the 20 guests waiting for a taxi Bedroom and the lounge room are very comfortable - nice lounge for play time in the lounge with a TV - always nice to be bottom and have something to watch The hotel is definitely discretely girl friendly - IM not sure how they would react to a 6 foot amazon in a short skirt - no security i the lifts but you have to get past the guys on the desk at the lift - if the Amazon is on your arm i would guess it would be ok but f she just rocked up they may be a little testy Overall I like the place - location is not great - its a bout half a k to walk to the nearest btw, Silom is an OK walk but not great in the heat If you are in town on business and want to do some mongering with the 3rd sex - I would stay closer to Nana but thats just my preference Hope this helps
  10. emillion

    Conrad Wireless Road

    About time I gave this place a review. My favourite hotel in Bangkok - excellent for the business traveller. Most of my trips over the last yer or so to bkk have been for Business - I get a pretty good rate at the Conrad - here's my list of reasons why I like it: - its about a ten minute walk from Nana - even some LB's on heels have said "lets walk" rather than take a taxi - it definitely guest friendly - I've brought GG, LG and couple snack and never had a problem - Rooms are excellent - the couch comes in handing if you feel like bing pinned or pinning some one to the wall - if I get a regular to come and see me they just go to the desk, the desk calls up and they show them up to the floor even though there is a security access in the lisft - I always order more towels (life can be messy) and never a problem - Glass wall to the bathroom - nothing like watching your date have a shower, a bath or for me I love watching them take a piss - Great bathrooms - shower and a great big bath - Had one of my best experiences in the both with a gorgeous LB from Cascades one night - shower heads come off the hose with ease - a perfect home made bum gun - we all like to be as clean as a whistle when we are a bottom Cost is about 5 - 6000 bht depending on corporate rates And they are discrete So if you are in BKK for business and you want to be close to the action in a guest friendly place - Highly recommended BTW - I know all the reception staff know I have a regular stream of visitors most nights I am in town - they have never been anything but fantastic friendly and helpful - never even a sideways glance as I stride throughout the lobby with my LB on my arm Enjoy - its an excellent place to hang - Ive spent quite a few week ends there (Damn those meetings that start on Friday and finish on a Monday)