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  1. Maybe I am missing something quite obvious but how on earth do you upload a picture to a private message? Only option appears to be "Insert Other Media" then "Insert Existing Attachment". I don't have any existing attachments and when I go to the "My Attachments" page there is still not an obvious way to upload anything. So (A) I am missing something very obvious (highly probable) or (B) you can only send a picture privately that you have already uploaded publicly in a topic (defeats the purpose a bit)? Help?
  2. Drew69

    Red Planet

    I didn't end up trying ... just used the short time room at CIRB.
  3. Drew69

    Red Planet

    For anyone contemplating Red Planet my impression is that it is not overly guest friendly ... I didn't see a single instance of a working girl being brought in to the hotel. On top of that their internet blocks all sorts of sites (including this forum) as being porn, which is why my trip report is a few days late. The location in Soi 14 is great though as it is almost exactly half way between CIRB and Why Not. Directly opposite Asoke station but far enough away from the main road that it is super quiet ... even the construction near by could not be heard once in the room. There is no restaurant in the hotel though so you have to venture outside for breakfast every day ... unfortunately not knowing BKK very well I ended up at Starbucks most mornings. Not having access to this forum was a pain though so will probably not stay there again.
  4. Drew69

    Red Planet

    Hi fellow BM's, Have booked the Red Planet near Asoke and just wondering if anyone knows if it is guest friendly? Did a search but couldn't find any reports. Seems to be located half way between CIRB and Why Not so a great location as those are where I am heading! Cheers in advance.