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  1. rouke

    Paradiso Boutique Suites, Soi 10

    Hi BMs anyone use Paradiso Boutique Suites recently? was thinking of booking a room here for next year Jan (maybe ... .) However, reading Agoda reviews mentioned on construction / renovation ??? nearby ? I also read somewhere that Cozy at Ten no longer operates as a hotel, is this true?
  2. Cozy At Ten Hotel May 29, 2018 7:59:21 PM Dear Mr. XXXXXXXX Regarding from your question about to bring the third person into your room, we would like to inform you that 1 room could fit for 2 persons only if the third person come over to stay in your room we have to charge 500 THB/Night even you want extra bed or not. This is our hotel policy we apology for this cause you inconvenient. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us at all time. Best Regards Cozy @ Ten 'nuff said
  3. Thanks Mardhi , i would just ask them via agoda. Let's see how it goes.
  4. hi BMs Planning a trip to LOS in the last quarter of the year can anyone advise if they have the experience of bringing 2 ladyboys to Cozy, any joiner fee for the 3rd person ? Would it make any difference if I take a bigger room ? Was considering a long time threesome with either Ying, Cindy, Job, Sara/Lisa or ice or the next cute ladyboy from CIB
  5. rouke

    Makkasan to Nana - Taxi or MRT/BTS?

    there are already multiple youtube video which showing how to get from Makkasan station to Phetchaburi MRT Station i find this video the easiest to understand from Phetchaburi MRT Station to Asoke BTS STOP WATCHING THE VIDEO AT 4;33 MIN the video guy has entered the Asoke BTS gantry and had turned towards the right to take the escalator. That is the wrong direction. to go to Nana bts, you need to take the escalator on the left side and it is only one stop away
  6. rouke

    Any suggestions for ASOKE hotels?

    For budget conscious travellers, i would recommend Serene Asoke Suites, formerly known as Wellness Residence Pros Rooms are approximately 700 ~ 900 baht per night, Room size quite big 25 m²/269 ft² less than 50 metres away from Soi Cowboy, about 100 metres away from MRT Despite being near Soi Cowboy, rooms are relative quiet. Clean rooms Cons A lot of rooms are windowless For smokers, this is a no smoking hotel room is a bit aged
  7. rouke

    Buying SIM card after landing?

    FYI, you can also pre order a klook sim card and pick up at at the bkk airports. I think they have a partnership with dtac as it look almost like a dtac sim. If you see the circled drop down option, you can choose to pay in different currency other than thai baht, Just follow the instructions it is very clear and concise. Moreover, they are giving a better discount now. When i last pre-ordered the sim card in March , it was 25% off, whereas now it is 50% off. https://www.klook.com/activity/1235-thailand-sim-card-bangkok/
  8. It looks similar to the Wellness Residence motel/hotel lift near Soi Cowboy.
  9. rouke

    i Check Inn Soi 7/1

    Thanks, Siam Man, and good info. Not sure if I can squeeze in another trip for this year, but if I do, I am sure I would get a room from Checkin 7 or back to the Grand Inn Hotel.
  10. rouke

    i Check Inn Soi 7/1

    Siam Man, I really like the girl pics you took in the rooms. Quality Stuff!. Seeing them gave me an urge to come back to Bangkok to bang Som again . BTW, a side question. The girl on post #8 on this thread is stunning. Is she from Check In Bar as well?
  11. rouke

    Hotel Price Alert!

    Hi Mardhi, fan is free for use, although I would turn it off as it is bizarrely cold with aircon and fan running at the same time, Maybe they intend to keep polars bears in the room, oh wait, polar bears cannot stay in the room as it is too small
  12. rouke

    Hotel Price Alert!

    Room Not sure why they need a fan as the room is very small, aircon is good enough, might as well invest money for internal phone system. TV On wall foldable laptop table safe is big enough to put laptop in
  13. rouke

    Hotel Price Alert!

    Tune Asoke Hotel Previously, I had advised BMs on the fantastic 70% discount offer of Tune Asoke Hotel. Right now, I would advise any BMs to reconsider before getting Tune hotel rooms unless it is really very cheap and you have no other choice. Pros New Hotel, new room, very clean Wifi is good Strong Water flow in toilet flat screen TV No smoking hotel ( for non smokers) Good air con Cons small, think Di Place Hotel rooms. Excluding the toilet/shower area, just imagine a queen size bed with 50 cm or less than 2 foot walking space on both side and the front of the bed, that is how big the room is. If you have a big luggage bag, you may end up putting that in the toilet area No telephone imagine if you make out with any bar girl, how does the below staff make sure there are no issues when the girl is leaving? Well, they don't, as there are no telephone to call you! No complimentary drinks This is ok for me, I can just go to the nearest mart of supermarket to buy which is incidentally 600 metres away, or you can buy bottled drinks from the counter which is almost bar rate except there are no bar girls to serve you No smoking hotel (for smokers, it is going to cost you as fine of 2000 baht if you smoke within the hotel ). No fridge. Only shampoo, no shower gel. There is a piece of hand soap. No cup, no glass Check in time 2 pm Check out time 11 am Early Check in cost 200 baht Deposit of luggage cost 50 baht per item Late check out time till 2 pm cost 120 baht
  14. rouke

    Hotel Price Alert!

    for BMs who are planning for a trip to the LOS, you may find a slightly better discount from the Agoda website as compared to before. Did a random check and found Boss Suites Nana around $43 SGD o($ 34 USD) in August and Ibis Bangkok Nana around the same price in Sept and Oct.
  15. rouke

    Visa Run

    Just read this from Bangkok Post "Immigration police have announced they are clamping down on tourists who remain illegally in Thailand by exploiting permission given to many foreigners to enter Thailand without a visa and remain up to 30 days at a time. The clampdown does not affect holders of non-immigrant visas or holders of tourist visas who still have remaining entries permitted on their legal visas. The crackdown aims at foreign visitors, particularly westerners, who do not hold a visa, but who exit and then immediately return to Thailand every 15 or 30 days to receive another stamp to extend their stay. A loophole aimed at helping short-term visitors allows foreigners from many countries to enter Thailand for between 15 and 30 days without a visa...." http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/asia/409403/thai-immigration-clamps-down-on-visa-runs BMs who do visa runs may need to take some caution. Also not sure how it is going to affect the girls. More Tea/Coffee money perhaps?