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  1. MrAnimeLover

    Flights: USA to Thailand

    My last trip to BKK was in Feb/Mar and I flew through TPE in Taiwan for the first time. I'm hoping to go to either BKK or MNL again by the end of the year and I'm not worried about flying through TPE again. In fact it's probably guaranteed if I do go it'll be flying via China Airlines which is based out of Taiwan and uses TPE as their man hub. So I'd be going through LAX--TPE->BKK or MNL depending on which one I go on.
  2. MrAnimeLover

    Monkey Pox

    Here in Los Angeles, California in the US where I reside they started offering the vaccine to these groups below Monkeypox vaccine is now available to the following high-risk groups: Gay or bisexual men and transgender people who had: Multiple or anonymous sex partners in the last 14 days OR (NEW) Skin-to-skin or intimate contact (e.g., kissing, hugging) with persons at large venues or events in the past 14 days. (NEW) Persons of any gender or sexual orientation who engaged in commercial and/or transactional sex in the past 14 days (e.g., sex in exchange for money, shelter, food, and other goods or needs) I am/was past 14 days since I had any direct skin contact with anyone, but given I'm a single guy who's always on the hunt I took the opportunity to get the vaccine especially since I plan to be doing some "high risk" by their standards activity soon lol. I've now gotten my first shot a week ago from today. My arm still is itching, the injection site is a little red, and has a bit of a bump. Now just got to get my 2nd shot 3 weeks from today. I'd rather deal with those vaccine side effects than catch this though. I'd advise anyone else that's here in LA to get it while you can too especially if you like me are hoping to be frolicking with lots of lb and gg between now and the end of 2022.
  3. MrAnimeLover

    Any experience with Mozio booked through Agoda?

    Yes they meet you at one of the gates. All of the non-taxi pickup services meet at the same gate. I want to say it's gate 3 but I'm going strictly off memory so could get another gate number. There has been a person who has names on a list and I go to them and then they radio the car person. So it is a little different than say a uber/lyft which don't have this kind of middle man. For the most part you don't even have to have a phone either. I've always printed out my mozio confirmation stuff anyways although I do always have my phone available too although I haven't used my phone either time.
  4. MrAnimeLover

    Any experience with Mozio booked through Agoda?

    Yes I've booked to have Mozio (via Agoda) take me from BKK to Nana Hotel on both of my previous trips to BKK. I'm going to BKK again in about 3 weeks and will probably use them again. I didn't have any issues. Pretty much just like using Uber/Lyft.