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  1. mespicy

    Soi 11 Hotels

    Yes i think you are right bullet dodged i think
  2. mespicy

    Soi 11 Hotels

    Apparently the now charge you if they copy ID - What is you guest policy? : Hotel allow you bring joiner in the room but not over night and we have additional charge THB 20.- for copy ID or passport.
  3. mespicy

    Soi 11 Hotels

    Are most hotels not ingrained with hookers sweat in BKK ? Is it really a dive ?
  4. mespicy

    Soi 11 Hotels

    Thanks for all the info guys really appreciate it, take on board about the distance up the soil so looking at Ambassador as it has good facilities , have inquired about there guest policy.
  5. mespicy

    Soi 11 Hotels

    I get that and how the tables have turned with them now playing catch up .
  6. mespicy

    Soi 11 Hotels

    Mercure looks good anyone been here ?
  7. mespicy

    Soi 11 Hotels

    This looks good and definately an option, seems very good value for what you get or is it a bit dated ?
  8. mespicy

    Soi 11 Hotels

    Thanks for this and i did read all way to the end after i had scrolled down for the treat first
  9. mespicy

    Soi 11 Hotels

    Any good recommendations for Hotels on soi 11 wont arrive until November but like to get it organised.
  10. mespicy

    Vaccination clinic recommendations

    Do trouser snakes count ?
  11. Novotel soi 4 is very good i done a report on it and also not far to Chaos 9 from there.
  12. I ate here on my last trip, was quite late at night around 10 i was the only customer, i just didn't want Thai that night and it hit the spot food was good , i only had a main and a Beer and think it was about 800 Bhat
  13. mespicy

    Mimi (african lb) bkk

    I have a brief encounter with her last Month she came up to me couple of times when i was in Nana walking about and when i passed mercury ( i think that's the bar ?) i told her i didnt have much time but went in for a drink with her, she was very attentive good kisser lovely soft lips and nice soft tits and i had a good suck at her very impressive cock had i not had other plans i would have gone with her i gave her a good tip and left after about 30 mins, maybe the back in the loom experience would be different but i would definitely give her a try if i seen her again she gave me her Line ID i messaged her next day but no reply.
  14. mespicy

    Novotel Soi 4

    Sorry i didn't get her name i actually had a 4 hand massage, not that it was much of a massage 1 big 1 small, , she is god looking about 5'8' with long black hair seriously though just ask them they are very friendly and i am sure will point you in the right direction, both had nice bodies firm asses and soft boltons.
  15. mespicy

    Novotel Soi 4

    And i forgot to mention: There is a bum gun and there are 2 packs of condoms in the room (200 baht a box) slippers robe and umbrella