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  1. milhouse21

    Thailand cracks down on Viagra for foreigners

    Face it, they just dont want us here.
  2. milhouse21

    Don Muang airport to nana

    Done it more times than I can count! After you pick up your luggage head to the upstairs departure area. Head outside and pick up a cab that is just dropping someone off. The actual taxi area on the arrivals side is so fucked up it isn't funny, skip it. After you get a taxi say "meter please" and if he says no get out. After you have a cab tell him "toll way" this will get you on the elevated expressway. If you just tell him "Nana" he will get it! 120 baht for the tollway and usually 250 for the cab ride, well worth it in my opinion in order to simplify getting downtown. Best of luck and have fun!
  3. milhouse21

    I Check Inn Sukhumvit 11 vs Studio Nana by icheck inn

    Stayed at iCheck Inn once and it was probably the worstnight I have ever had at a hotel. Bed was like sleeping on a piece of plywood and the aircon cracked and popped all night. Bathroom is the size of a shoe box. There are other lb friendly hotels in the neighborhood that are more comfortable. Just my two baht worth. MH21
  4. Yep, was there a couple of nights ago. Standard first opening and new staff issues that I am sure will be ironed out but really good food. Had the soft tacos and while you will not get over full from them they were spot on. Excellent salsa! Was never a fan of the automatic service charge as I have always believed that a tip should be a reflection of service and food quality. A mandatory 10% service charge always prevents me from tipping more should I find everything to be good. Best of luck to them though, always nice to have another decent eatery. MH21
  5. Excellent hot wings and they make a more than cceptable Irish coffee. MH21
  6. milhouse21

    Leave No Trace on Computer?

    No such thing as no trace! Leave your work computer for work, as the other responder mentioned use another device. MH21
  7. milhouse21

    Majestic Suites (updated 2015)

    I would say brekkie is pretty decent for a toss in. Eggs how you want them, bacon, beans, toast, coffee or tea. No buffet which I like! My record is three ladys and me in the shower at one time, its about a meter square in the standardroom. Only bad thing I have to say is the crapper, kinda close to the bath base so you need to kinda shit on an angle. Front desk staff and door men are super nice. MH21
  8. milhouse21

    Majestic Suites (updated 2015)

    Nothing but good to say about this place, great location and friendly staff. Cant beat the price really. Two thumbs up from me. MH21
  9. milhouse21

    Tap Water

    Just ask yourself one simple question. Would I rather spend the extra 3 seconds to open the FREE bottled water to brush my teeth or would I rather spend my entire vacation pissing out my asshole? For me the best bet is to treat all water that does not come from a bottle as if it will give you the galloping trots. Most hotels, high and low end, get their water from the municipal water system which is fine if you are a local and possess the necessary bugs in your gut to counteract the creepy crawlies but if you are a pampered visitor just beware. Just consider your potential partner and the embarrasment that could result from loose bowel syndrome right in the middle of a jolly rogering! MH21
  10. Jeez, you guys sound like friggin' Michelin Guide experts. I am a huge fan of the grill-meisters at the entrance to Nana, grab 4-5 chicken or pork sticks with some grilled rice and head in to Big Dogs or the bar opposite for a couple of brews and watch the parade of girls and mongers. They taste delicious, probably shorten your life expectancy and go great with beer......what else could a guy want? MH21
  11. milhouse21

    What's Your Favourite Bkk Hotel And Why?

    President Solitaire, Soi11. Just had two nights there and have nothing but good things to say. Good price, 2499thb for a 50sqm suite. Tuktuk to Suk, comp breaky which was the best free food I have ever had. Truly pleasant service all the way from the doorman to the elevator general, all smiles. Beautiful pool with comfortable lounge chairs and towels. Biggest tv I have ever seen in a hotel room. Nice, big shower stall....nudge, nudge. Highly recommended. LB friendly.
  12. milhouse21

    Lb Friendly Hotels

    Next trip I am trying the President Solitaire on Soi 11, I have some cash to burn. I'll give an update on return with a few pics, hopefully including a lovely or two. Never stayed this far away from Nana before but I'm thinking the walk down Suk will be "entertaing" to say the least.
  13. milhouse21

    Lb Friendly Hotels

    Dynasty Grande gets a thumbs up from me. Really liked the oversized shower cubicle, lots of room for me and Ohm from Guess to suds each other up, gotta have a clean ass crack! Super nice folks at the desk and nothing bad to say about it.