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    i have her line, was planning on calling tomorrow, 4K is a bit over the top though.
  2. lovelbs

    Farangs to be tracked via SIM

    In the US they already track everything. The government pretty much has carte blanche to track your every move. They even have fake cell towers which your phones connect to and they just suck up and save all your communications as it passes through. George Orwell was just a few decades off.
  3. lovelbs

    Hotel solo

    I did have a couple FL lbs outside the park by soi 10 try to pickpocket me one night on my way back to the hotel, 2 were rubbing on me and i felt the third one go for my wallet pocket. I laughed it off and and wished them a good night, but if i'd been up in my tree I'd likely have been short my wallet. In 4 trips to Thailand that's the only attempt made to lighten my pockets that i'm aware of. I generally feel very safe. Don't insult the King and you'll be ok