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  1. Felix69

    Public Areas with Free Wifi

    Seems like San Francisco Int'l had free internet, but think that's the only place stateside I've ever found it for free. Forget Dubai, never looked for net in the airport, but hotels $10.00+ per hour, and heavily censored.
  2. Felix69

    BTS Skytrain open to Suvarnabhumi?

    Wow, Finally! Thanks for those updates guys. I missed the opening by a few days, I saw some reviews on other LOS forums indicating the opening was not a very big success, they must have got things straightened out. Good news!
  3. I haven't heard of that, but you if you're changing $1000 US for a 1.5% surcharge, I'd say that's a good deal. Let us know how it works and what bank you're using.
  4. Welcome ballz, I have only stayed at Dynasty Grande in Nana area, I love it. I know some hotels don't charge the extra 500, but a 3-sum is rare for me, so I don't mind paying it on those occasions when it does happen. I guess if you plan on 3-4-5-sums every night, another hotel would better suit your requirements. I'm sure others will have a good answer, if not, you will find an answer in the hotel review threads. Give us a review of wherever you stay after your trip! Felix
  5. Felix69

    has anyone caught an std?

    Been thinking about it, I'm going to change my first answer to "NOT SURE." Two earlier trips I came away with a terrible sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. Cipro cleared it up quick, and I didn't test positive for anything to date. Did I have something in my mouth I shouldn't have???:mellow:
  6. Felix69

    What's Your Favourite Bkk Hotel And Why?

    Yep, Dynasty Grande for me. Although its the only Nana area hotel I have stayed in, its everything I want and need. Once I find something that works, I stick with it. Very decent rooms, kept very clean, very friendly staff. Its not 5-star, but I don't need that. I stayed 5 nights last trip, 1800 baht internet rate per night. The only possible down side I have found is the 500 baht fee for a third party, but that's pretty rare for me, so not a big deal at all.
  7. Felix69

    has anyone caught an std?

    No You didn't ask about unprotected though:blink:
  8. Felix69

    BTS Skytrain open to Suvarnabhumi?

    I got in on the 19th, so it wasn't open yet, but did see a spot on the local news about the grand opening. It was obviously much over-rated and biased coverage. Oh well, guess I'll just stick to meter taxi, never had a problem yet.
  9. Felix69

    BTS Skytrain open to Suvarnabhumi?

    I guess what the lbgf was referring to is the express train from Suvarnabhumi to Phaya Thai station, which is close to her room, but according to the BKK transit authority website, that line doesn't open until 23 August. 250B to the center of BKK, not far from Victory monument. I will look for more specific info when I get to Suvarnabhumi on the 19th.
  10. Felix69


    And the girls in the Top Charoen optical shops are always stunners, if you're into gg's, I'm always looking for a cute LB when I go inside:rolleyes:
  11. Felix69

    BTS Skytrain open to Suvarnabhumi?

    Thanks OZ, Sounds like I'll just stick with the taxi then.
  12. Felix69

    BTS Skytrain open to Suvarnabhumi?

    OK that was dumb, I made a new thread before I noticed the other thread on the BTS. Sorry. But the last post on the other thread was in January... Anyone have any new info??
  13. Felix69

    What's Your Favourite Bkk Hotel And Why?

    I have only stayed at the Dynasty Grande so I can't compare to the Majestic. I'm very happy with it - location, pool, good restaurant if you want to eat, very clean, very friendly staff. A double room runs about 2400b if I recall. There are certainly cheaper places, but I think its a very good value.
  14. My new LBGF tells me the BTS Skytrain is now open from Suvarnabhumi to Sukhumvit. Can anyone confirm, if so, explain how to get to it from the terminal? I will be coming to BKK on 19 August, this would be a great option to the taxi hassle. Felix
  15. Felix69

    Flight ratings (2015 updates)

    Emirates non-stop Dubai to BKK, the only way to go. Qatar and a couple of other airlines have flights out of Dubai, but you have to make a layover. I pay a little extra for the non-stop, I don't want to spend my time in another airport on the way to LOS, I have more important things to do with my time. Emirates is first rate, I got bumped up to business class once, and flew the new A380 back twice now, VERY nice! Emirates is also a partner with Thai Airways, and I have been on their airplanes a couple of times too, also first rate.