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  1. Fred71

    Grand Inn (Updated 2014)

    This hotel was still LB friendly when I stayed there two weeks ago. Small room and some disturbing noise from outside but I think it's hard to find much better at 1120 per night (made the reservation on agoda at the end of March).
  2. I prefer Hanrahans - a real sausage and a good load of beans. But it's rather expensive compared to Bus Stop so I would say Bus Stop gives the best value for money. Don't think I will go back to Charlies for breakfast.
  3. I had breakfast at three places on soi 4 last week. Bus Stop 125 thb. Hanrahans early bird price before 12 is 190 thb after it's 240. Charlies 176 thb.
  4. Fred71

    Na Thapae Hotel Chiang Mai

    Breakfast is served on second floor. They make your choice of eggs/omelette on demand, toasted bread, tea and juice. Good if you wake up early feeling hungry and want a quick meal and then back to bed but otherwise I prefer the options outside. Yes, it's Minnie but she is in the new bar at the night bazar now. Very slow at that bar area most nights the bars are pretty much empty.
  5. Fred71

    Na Thapae Hotel Chiang Mai

    I'm staying there right now. Good location, nice staff and totally guest friendly. I'm in a deluxe room on second floor and have breakfast included but I would not recommended the breakfast option. Hot water OK, not from unit in the room. There is a small safe in the room but not big enough to fit a 13" laptop. 2000 thb/night according to hotel web site but I think it was a little bit cheaper when I made the reservation through Agoda around first week of december.
  6. Fred71

    i Check Inn Soi 7/1

    I was hoping that my experience with the towels was just an unlucky misstake but now I'm really hesitant to go back. To bad because I really like the rooms and the location but I will try to find something else for my next trip.
  7. I think 800-1000 is the overnight price. If you want a room for a ST it's 500 (unless it has changed since August)
  8. Fred71

    Local Thai Eats

    I agree, had a meal there a couple of weeks ago and the food was really good.
  9. I like the thai food at the place first on your right hand side when entering soi 3/1. Nothing fancy just simple good thai food reasonable priced.
  10. Stayed two nights at Da Bed Hotel on my last trip. To summarize I would say it delivers what I expected in this price range. Walk in price was 800 when staying for two nights, probably negotiable if staying longer. On agoda price seems to be 850. http://www.agoda.com/da-bed-hotel/hotel/bangkok-th.html Location close to the action: Walk down soi 4 and turn left into the alley opposite to the Ratcha parking entrance. The hotel is located on the left side at the end of that alley. Small room. No safe in room. Old small TV, never used it but it probably works. Not the most comfortable bed but I have slept in worse. AC and hot water in shower was OK. Friendly staff and of course there is no problem bringing a guest for the night. If you're on a tight budget this could be an option with good location.
  11. Fred71

    World Inn

    I had breakfast there last week and noticed that they are changing the name and it seems like they have upgraded the staff dresscode and the reception since my last visit, can't remember the new name though. Any BM who stayed there lately with intel on current room status? Have they done any work on the rooms too or is it same same?
  12. Fred71

    i Check Inn Soi 7/1

    Stayed there for a few nights last week. I agree with the positive comments made here earlier and will stay there again. Only negative was that they didn't change my towels when cleaning the room but when I pointed that out in the reception someone came to my room with fresh towels after two minutes so not a big problem. I kind of liked that I can sit in the bed and watch my date get ready for some action.