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  1. Search for Silom Pulse clinic. There are now two. One near sala daeng bts stop in Silom and the other on soi 13 Sukhumvit. Sent from my CLT-L29 using Tapatalk
  2. The 1600 baht fine refers to the immigration department requirement that all visiting foreigners be registered on a TM30 form. It has nothing to do with any locals you may have staying with you for the night [emoji4] The bigger issue might be the fact the condo owner is not allowed do short term rentals so you have to pretend to be staying long term if anyone asks you. That applies to most Airbnb lettings and most condos turn a blind eye because most of the condo owners are doing it. Some condos may be more strict and the Hyde stuck me as one of them. Many permanent residents of the more exclusive condos do not want hoards of short stay tourists coming in and out of the condo building. I stayed in an Airbnb in the Hyde a couple of years ago when it first opened and there were signs in the lift saying short stay rental was not permitted. I had to meet the condo "owner" in a bar nearby to get the key cards. Sent from my CLT-L29 using Tapatalk
  3. Gympy

    Buying SIM card after landing?

    I've found it cheaper to keep the same sim and top it up online and then just buy a data package. You can get 5GB for a week for 149 baht from DTAC which was plenty for me and I found the 4G coverage in both Bangkok and Pattaya from DTAC was excellent with very good speeds. I used it as a hotspot for my other devices (laptop and tablet) and it was perfect. There is a DTAC app for the phone which makes adding a data package and checking usage very easy and it's all in English . I've had the same "tourist" sim for 5 years now. Actually I did have to have it changed at one stage to a nano Sim when I got a newer phone and I had to visit a DTAC shop to do that where they also took my passport details as it was not required when I got the sim originally. But I kept the original number. The big advantage of keeping your number is that you don't have to reinstall Line, Wechat, whatsapp etc. I know you can transfer your IDs when you change phone number but it's much easier to keep the same number all the time.
  4. I know most pharmacies are lax about things like prescriptions but are they really handing out ARVs over the counter? I'm assuming you do test for hiv on a regular basis. If not then do yourself a favour and go test. Taking Truvada on its own if you were hiv positive would be a bad mistake. In silom pulse, if you come armed with a couple of recent hiv tests showing you are negative and you take a quick pin prick test they will give you Truvada there and then. They will take a blood sample and email the results of your liver function test within a day. It's not exactly as rigorous as the red cross I suspect but it's better then nothing. Sent from my SGP712 using Tapatalk
  5. Gympy

    re-entry with 30day visa exception

    I think you already have your answer but just to clarify. The fact your whole trip is less then 30 days is not relevant. Each entry will be done under the Visa Exemption scheme and you get 30 days each time. There is no issue coming back a week after you left and entering under a Visa Exemption again, lots of tourists who travel around South East Asia do that as Bangkok tends to be a gateway airport. I'm not sure wikipedia is accurate when they say the Visa Exemption can be used an unlimited number of times as long as you arrive by air. I think they will look at your travel history and if it looks like you are using repeated Visa Exemptions as a way to stay for an extended time in Thailand you will be challenged. I forget what the final conclusion was but there was a discussion on PLB about this very subject. For guys who just come a few trips a year it isn't an issue for sure.
  6. Gympy

    Most expensive hotel LB friendly

    I'd agree about the JW Marriott. As long as you are discreet they don't care and they don't want ID of your guests. You can bring back 2 no problem as their official policy is 3 can sleep in a room. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  7. Gympy

    Phachara Suites

    Not only will you have to go down and get her but the last time I stayed there I had to sign a sheet acknowledging my visitor was my responsibility if there was any issues ! I have not stayed there again. Most new hotels require you to use your room card to use the lift though. It's a reasonable security measure I think. I've never had to pay a deposit though ..did you pay for your room in cash ? I think if you pay by card or have already paid via Agoda then they don't ask for any deposit.
  8. Gympy

    Glitz Hotel - silom

    Exactly, I wish more guys who ask questions about hotels would come back with an update after they stayed in a place .
  9. Gympy

    hotel private access/ discreet entrance

    Yes. JW Marriott. The main entrance on Soi 2 has a door at the left and a door at the right. The door on the left is closed and unmanned after 11 but guests can open it with their keycard. The door on the right is always manned and brings you right in front of the concierge desk. Sent from my SGP712 using Tapatalk
  10. Gympy

    Tapatalk App Not Working

    Works for me now. Using Android tablet. Sent from my SGP712 using Tapatalk
  11. Gympy

    hotel private access/ discreet entrance

    Lohas Suites on Soi 2 has a back entrance leading to Soi 4 and you can walk to the lifts without passing the lobby or reception if you are in the building nearest Soi 4. Even if you are in the main block you can walk to the lifts without too much attention if thats whats you want. I think many 5* hotels also offer discretion. The Marriott on Soi 2 doesn't take a girls ID and after 11PM the door on the left can only be opened by keycard and you can walk to the lifts quite discretely. Up to you if you want discretion. Personally I don't think the hotel taking a girls ID card really protects me from anything and I prefer hotels where it's optional. I usually only barfine from Bars or contact girls I already know on LIne so I don't brink back freelancers I meet on the street.
  12. Gympy

    Farangs to be tracked via SIM

    Will they offer a choice of colours for the collar ? https://tractive.com/shop/en/pet-wearables/1-gps-pet-tracker-9120056450015.html?gclid=CPfko9WmtM4CFUNM2wodHWAMtQ
  13. Gympy

    OTS's Hotel reviews

    We all have our own brand of snobbery P&G. You're clearly a food snob By the way Citrus is about 1500 baht so a bad choice if you're trying make a point. I've stayed in the Marriott (5k a night) but have eaten Thai food at roadside food stalls for 40 baht .... is that a better example ?
  14. I think if she is really non-P4P she won't really want to be seen anywhere near lower Sukhumvit. I think Davvids's suggestion of Asiatique is a good one.
  15. When you are non-P4P those taxi fares can be very expensive.