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  1. randyandy69

    Dentist and doctors

    There's me thinking my hairy hobbit legs would be enough to deter any 'would be' ladyboy monger taking a passing fancy to me... But I guess I need to be careful as you did bang Benny from cross roads, oops I mean checkinn
  2. randyandy69

    Dentist and doctors

    I love it when conversations get on to sexual health and nobody mentions hepatitis while banging on about Prep. That disease is for more likely to reduce length and quality of life than HIV these days, anyways, teeth and veneers...
  3. randyandy69

    Dentist and doctors

    occupational hazard, having those veneers knocked out while sucking too much cock eh Lotus?
  4. randyandy69

    Blowjobs & Mouth Ulcers

    It is more of a risk. I couldn't quantify the percentages involved.
  5. randyandy69

    OTS's Hotel reviews

    We need never hunt down a nearby KFC again... Just have some of this 'on hand' for your barfine of the evening and get her to give you the finger when your peckish https://www.rt.com/business/341952-kfc-chicken-nail-polish/
  6. randyandy69

    Annoying STD via Analingus: Blastocystis Hominis

    Just reading the article you linked. It seems incomplete so ive put an addendum ... "Many types of protozoans get into the intestinal tract through oral-fecal contact, such as occurs when a person doesn't wash his or her hands thoroughly after using the toilet before preparing food. " The above can also occur when rimming your parter, or when your partner goes Ass to mouth. To be honest I've always been more bothered about liver flukes as its endemic in the somtam/papaya salad eating brigade when they use uncooked fish. Liver cancer rates are massively higher in Isaan etc as a result. Due to that, I can count the number of times ive eaten ladyboy 'pussy' on the fingers of one fist.
  7. randyandy69

    Hua Hin hotel recommendations?

    Having only been to hua hin once many years ago but with a trip planned in October with another BM, can anyone recommend me a nice hotel to stay? criteria are: Close to town and bars, ie walking distance or a short taxi ride Close to a nice area of beach.... Actually on it even better Swimming pool a bonus Top end budget 5k baht per night ideally rooms need to be nice too and not too old where you get that musty aircon smell some places. Oh and obviously hotel staff that won't make an issue of us bringing ladyboys with us Any advuce appreciated as there are so many places on Agoda I don't know where to start and can't find an easy feature to map location and price.
  8. randyandy69

    Ever Rich Hotel

    Any updates on this place? Need somehwhere for a night or two and bored of icheck inn.
  9. randyandy69

    BKK 7 INN (Soi 7, sukhumvit) - Above Check-In Bar

    Thee is but it was not working when I was there. Depending on floor you may also be able to get check in bars wifi though...
  10. randyandy69

    More spacious rooms with pool on site?

    Thanks for the suggestions all, now booked At Mind Executive suites, crazy low deal in comparison and hope to leave similar favourable review about the place.
  11. My next visit in September won't be my usual 4/5 days then the beach as spending most if my time in bangkok, so looking for something more roomy than normal, definitely with a pool to lounge around and ideally small kitchen area. Price point, don't want to pay more than 2k baht a night though hopefully. Only ones I have spied so far reviewed here are Bless residence on soi 33 and @ mind way out on soi 84 I think. Does anyone have any recent experiences with the above or willing to offer alternatives?
  12. randyandy69

    i Check Inn Soi 7/1

    I'd be careful next time you run in to OTS Siamman... He may try to dry hump then barfine you!
  13. randyandy69

    i Check Inn Soi 7/1

    It's not such a great view when the post anal sex shit is needed though 55
  14. randyandy69

    i Check Inn Soi 7/1

    No hassle with my 5 3somes at icheck inn . Always tip the cleaners though and bring an extra towel in my case! As for sweetheart bar next door,it's tricky as don't want to shit on your own doorstep... But the looks and often conversations they strike up with my barfine are funny.
  15. randyandy69

    Is There a Way to Block an Avatar?

    Damn, like the new avatar, who is she and where does she work? Hehe