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  1. jimmi_ripper

    Annoying STD via Analingus: Blastocystis Hominis

    I had it as well, diagnosed at my recent annual checkup at Bumrungrad.... a week on Flagyl for me... wasn't the most pleasant antibiotic.. headaches, nausea and poor sleep for a week. Got e-coli sitting in there as well... not sure how I contracted it, eating ass, Bangkok water, filthy Filipinos not washing hands after toilet in my office there. All occupational hazards!!
  2. jimmi_ripper

    Tablets for sale in Thailand

    remember that you can get the 7% tax back at the airport if the retailer is on the Tax Free scheme
  3. jimmi_ripper

    Vegetarian restaurants

    google May Veggie Home, have been there a couple of times now with LB in tow... can be a bit slow at lunchtimes but food is nice.
  4. jimmi_ripper


    Hola is free, if you use chrome there is a plugin that remembers which sites you view from where.
  5. jimmi_ripper

    Flight ratings (2015 updates)

    lol, thanks!!
  6. jimmi_ripper

    Flight ratings (2015 updates)

    I've started flying Etihad business for my trips home from BKK to the UK. I dropped Emirates after luggage was stolen and they didn't give a shit, and on another flight they charged me excess for 3KG's when others were getting away with it. Like others say, the food can also be hit and miss with Emirates. I now fly BKK to AMS (Where I used to live, so always good to stop on the way back and bone my ex-Thai gf) and then onto Birmingham or Exeter (Depending on which home I'm going to) in the UK. The Etihad return costs only approx 65,000 baht for a business saver fare, flat bed and food is good and cooked when you want it. Then 150 quid return on KLM, great value I think. This is far cheaper than going direct to the UK via LHR or LGW as the flight taxes are another 20,000 at least, so having some fun in AMS pays for itself, also it's a great place to buy quality shoes if you have big feet.
  7. jimmi_ripper


    easy enough to treat with Acicolvir tablets and there are worse things you can catch..
  8. Thats very true, I own a pub in the UK and do the same. Would love to take the menu up a notch, but the punters love their junk. I will say this for the Game, the food is very very good and cheap, both the Thai and Farang. The buffalo wings are simply the best in BKK!
  9. I'm in there most nights after work, my favourtite bar, excellent pool tables...
  10. jimmi_ripper

    Anal douche with Bang Cock water?

    You can always go to home pro and get your own bum gun head.... I also have a shower attachment that i use when the hotel doesn't have a bumgun. Got it from a sex shop in amsterdam, but should be available online. As for the water, I'm not overly concerned, I brush my teeth and rinse with tap water every day... never had a problem.
  11. jimmi_ripper

    Online Flight bookings - who do you use?

    Hey Mardhi, Etihad have got some excellent Business Saver fares on at the moment.... I just paid 65k to get to Amsterdam... then will hop over to my regional airport and stay in the dam on the way back for the weekend.
  12. jimmi_ripper

    Taxi booking apps for BKK

    I've used these in Malaysia and it works well, the difference being that the drivers speak English ok. problem is in BKK, the taxi drivers can't confirm the bookings more often than not as they don't feel comfortable attemping English on the phone, also the times I have used them to book in advance, the drivers have also cancelled at the last minute. There are never a shortage of drivers on the streets anyway at most times of the day and night. If I were to look for positives, possibly a good use would be in places like Soi 11, where the taxi mafia stand around looking for fixed price work. Even passing drivers will try the same and you want to book an airport run.
  13. jimmi_ripper

    Emporium Suites soi 24

    Looks great, a lot of these suites that cater mostly for the Japanese also allow smoking... did you notice any ashtrays in the room or smell? I often use this as an excuse to create a shit storm in order to get an upgrade.
  14. jimmi_ripper

    World Inn

    No, lb's are gifted with the ability to sense ghosts, this is normal
  15. jimmi_ripper

    has anyone caught an std?

    For a dose of gonnoreah or chylamidia, Dr.Jimmi prescribes a 1g (4 tablet) dose, you can try and buy four or bank the remaining two, but the 1g dose will sort it. Should take 3 days before everything clears up 100% but after one day you will notice an improvment. Take on an empty stomach and do not eat at least an hour afterwards. Stay out the sun and off the booze, you may also get the shits. You can try the Pharmacy opposite the Amari in Soi 5 too, although I am 100% certain that they have stock in Ekkamai.