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  1. Terminal

    Ambassador Hotel Sukhumvit

    Well, I completed my stay at the Ambassador Hotel, and I have to say, overall, it was a big disappointment. The location is good, close to a few important areas, and offers good access to the BTS. However, the first big letdown for me was the atmosphere. I didn't feel relaxed in the hotel's lobbies; it seemed more geared towards accommodating large groups. So an English guy smoking weed on the lobby steps stood out like a sore thumb. The room itself was a good size and had a small sofa and coffee table, which was a plus. However, the bathroom was terrible. The extractor fan was loud and made the entire ceiling vibrate. The shower head was fixed and sprayed water everywhere. I managed to address this issue by cleaning the head with a dental kit, but the lack of a detachable head was not appealing to the ladies, if you catch my drift. On my final night, the toilet malfunctioned; the flush wouldn't stop, and it took maintenance hours to come and fix it. So, I had one extra day in Bangkok and was determined to free myself from the Ambassador. I tried booking a room at Hotel Eleven, but unfortunately, they had no rooms available. Nonetheless, I did have a good look around, and it seemed much better, with a tucked-away location. In the end, I returned to my old faithful, Dynasty Inn, for my final night. Thanks for the recommendation of Hotel eleven, I will book it next time.
  2. Johnred 23

    Cheapish , but ok hotel between sois 7 and 11

    Because I have two holes
  3. Knobby

    Air China

    I was preparing myself for the worst.
  4. When I was in Bangkok back in July, I visited Soi Thaniya in Silom, which is only 300 meters down from Patpong Road. Amazing how many times I had been to Patpong but didn't know about this place they refer to as 'Little Tokyo' or 'Little Japan' due to the entire street being lined with awesome Japanese restaurants, from Japanese BBQ, sushi, ramen shops and plenty of others. An entrance to BTS SkyTrain Sala Daeng station is just on the corner of Soi Thaniya. I just visited during the day for lunch but heard it is lit up like the streets of Tokyo at night. I just had a ramen noodle soup at a restaurant called Uchidaya Ramen. 270 baht for their Kyushu Tonkotsu 'Special' ramen. Best ramen I have ever eaten! If you love Japanese food then put this on your list of places to visit in Bangkok. Go there for dinner, then head down to Patpong to pick up your dessert. They do have some girlie bars here, located in the top floors above the restaurants at street level. I heard they are very much like the 'hostess bars in Tokyo'. These places cater to Japanese business men. I heard like in Japan, they pay a fee for a girl to sit with them and laugh at their jokes, tell them how wonderful they are and pour their drinks. I been to a few hostess bars in Tokyo and never saw the point of them as you can't bar fine the girls there in Tokyo but I believe you can bar fine the ones in Bangkok but at ridiculous Japanese prices, something like 5000 - 6000 Baht. Screw that! Get down to Patpong to pick up what you fancy for the night, GG or LB at proper Bangkok prices. Definitely worth a visit if you love Japanese food.
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  6. Welcome Mr. Bingo! Hope you'll find whatever it is you're looking for. I think 'levelling up' goes automatic, with you contributing to the forum. Not sure though