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  1. Desertsandman

    Dynasty inn soi 4

    The Dynasty in Soi 4 reopened in the middle of 2023. I am currently staying in one of the room in the newer wing at the back. The reception area has been remodelled. Not sure if they made any changes to the rooms while the hotel was shut during covid, as my room looks exactly as I remember it from before covid. They still do not supply kettles in the rooms, but they have free coffee available in reception in the mornings. Attached are some photos of my current room.
  2. whiteshirt

    Dynasty inn soi 4

    Haha … uk Thailand in June /July £800 ish mate
  3. Unavowed

    Dynasty inn soi 4

    I use Booking.com to compare options, but also check other aggregator websites and with the shortlisted hotels direct to. Remember that hotels use dynamic pricing based on season and how far out you book. Sometimes it pays to book late as sometimes prices will drop if they don’t meet their booking quota. But your approach is sound if you book in advance with free cancellation so you can check prices closer to the time. Same issue with airlines and they are ripping us off in Aus. But Thai are starting twice daily flights from Sydney and Melbourne and also a flight from Perth. I hope that will push down prices as Qantas is overpriced but I’ve managed to get some business awards flights from them for the past 3 years. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. sydney69er

    Super Pussy Ping Pong Show

    I saw a few shows in Patpong back in the 90's. Ping Pongs, razors, bananas, opening beer bottles and shooting the darts out to pop balloons tied to the roof. Very educational. Saw one girl squirt half a banana out and a guy in the front row caught it in his mouth and ate it. Quality entertainment.
  5. Desertsandman

    Dynasty inn soi 4

    The photos that I posted are of the standard new room (26sq.m). The current rates for the different rooms are: Standard room (20 sq.m. with queen size bed ) is 1,390 baht per night. Standard New room ( 26 sq.m. with queen size bed ) is 1,680 baht per night. Deluxe New room ( 32 sq.m. with king size bed) is 2,000 baht per night. There is a food menu in my room that says that the restaurant is open from 07.00 to 23.00 hours. However, the menu says "Dawin cafe and bar", so I am not sure if the food is cooked at the Dynasty or brought along from the Dawin.
  6. lb_beginner

    Super Pussy Ping Pong Show

    Years ago I BF a girl that wanted to go to a show. Was quite hammered and as it turned out the girls there shot out dart arrows, and one landed right on my table. Sobered up a bit and moved back from the scene. Quite a skill to push them so far out.
  7. GeorgeMef

    Esim lcard for Samsung S22 ultra

    As someone who has always been fascinated by different cultures and societal norms, I find the concept of katoeys in Thailand to be particularly intriguing. The acceptance and integration of ladyboys into Thai society is something that is not commonly seen in many other parts of the world. I am curious to hear from the community about their thoughts on why Thailand has such a unique attitude towards ladyboys, and how this phenomenon has shaped the country's identity and reputation on a global scale. Do you believe that the acceptance of katoeys in Thailand is a positive or negative aspect of the culture? How do you think this impacts tourism and the overall perception of Thailand as a destination? I would love to hear your insights and opinions on this complex and fascinating topic.